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Neil Mawston of London-based Strategy Analytics said Microsoft was the big winner in the partnership, by teaming up with the biggest mobile hardware vendor in the world. I'm a big fan of phones of this size. It's about the same size and shape as Apple's 2-year-old iPhone 3GS, with a similarly curved back and a plastic case. For Nokia the deal leaves uncertainty about what will happen to its current Symbian operating platform. Fast and responsive; operating system is intuitive and easy to use; ideal size and weight; inexpensive -Dislikes: Nokia shares, which fell in December when the patent dispute was announced, jumped to their highest since February and were up 6.

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Relatively few apps available; browser doesn't support some Todau apps, videos or pages; no standout features; mediocre camera does a poor job in foe light -Web: They're easy to fit in a pocket or hold in your hand. Windows Phone 7 devices have drawn little interest from consumers to date, tiday Microsoft hopes Nokia can help change that. Moving increasingly to providing services for phone users, Nokia and Microsoft "will combine our strengths to deliver an ecosystem with unrivaled global reach and scale," Elop said in a statement on the deal Friday. At first glance, the Lumia's technical specs don't match up well with the latest and greatest phones from Apple or Google's Android partners.

Technology titans Nokia and Microsoft are combining forces to create smart phones that might challenge rivals like Apple and Google and revive their own fortunes in a market they have struggled to keep up with. Beyond the app gap, Windows Phone 7 also comes up short on Web browsing.

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