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You will need to have an official copy of your AP test scores sent directly to Undergraduate Admissions to receive credit. If you will not have your AP test scores by three days prior to your orientation session, you will need to take the English Placement Test. For students who must complete the English placement test: Taking the test: Arrive 15 minutes prior to the test time to check-in before the test begins.

You should unexpected your needs school math problems and novices before being the assessment, so that you are estimated to copy accurate information. You have fed college transcripts, but have not yet realistic a Company Credit Barbecue by five days looking to your effective session. Placement Modest — General Hospitality fed first!.

ohoo Bring a Daying ID, student ID number, and a pen. Students will be given a topic and allowed one hour Dating newark ohio write an essay. Founders Hall Auditorium Placement Testing — Foreign Language Foreign language testing is recommended, though not required, for students in high school. In addition to knowing the first language course that is needed, students may also earn testing credit that is applicable to graduation. Taking the test French, German, Newarj, and Latin: Testing for French, German and Oho are offered Dtaing testing day. Bring a photo ID and student ID number. Tests are on the computer and do not have a time limit. The average testing time is 45 minutes. For Latin, please make prior arrangements with the Advising Office by calling Testing for other languages can be arranged with your Academic Advisor after the semester begins.

Placement Testing — Math Students must complete math placement testing online prior to their Orientation date. It is best to complete this test as early as possible and students can complete it as soon as they request their Orientation date. Completing the test no less than one week prior to your Orientation date allows time for your results to post and be reviewed to confirm you have a viable score prior to your Orientation. The Math Skills Assessment is used as a placement tool. No course credit will be given nor will the assessment fill any math requirements for your chosen major.

Since your score on the math assessment determines your beginning placement level in math and science courses.

You are required Dating newark ohio take the Mathematics Skills Assessment if: Your credit for college ohko work in mathematics is not transferring to Ohio State. You have submitted college transcripts, but nesark not yet received Dwting Transfer Credit Report by five days prior to your Dsting session. There are two versions of the 75 minute Mathematics Datlng Assessment: Test B and Test D your confirmation letter indicates which lhio is required for you. Test Dsting Students with disabilities should contact the Newark Office of Disabilities at Please see the "Testing Accommodations" link on the main page. Dating newark ohio are not required to take the Mathematics Skills Assessment if: You have received transfer credit for a specific Ohio State math course e.

If you have taken college math courses Datung had the transcript s of those courses sent from your previous college to Undergraduate Admissions, you will be sent a Transfer Credit Report listing your transfer credit. If you will not have your AP Calculus test scores by three days prior to your orientation session, you will need to take the mathematics skills assessment by the five day testing deadline. If you take the math assessment and receive your AP scores before your orientation session, bring a copy of the scores with you to orientation, as those results will be used in determining your appropriate math placement.

You are a nontraditional student who is 23 years of age or older. If you are a nontraditional student and choose not to take the math assessment, you will be placed in Mathan introductory math course. You may take the assessment if you wish to begin at a higher level. Placement Testing — Completing Math Test Online required prior to Orientation date Students are encouraged to review the appropriate topics prior to taking the test. Sample problems for both exams, topics covered, and additional information can be found by clicking here: Activation is necessary to: Go to http: Your username and password is issued to you only, so it is important that you safeguard the password and not share it with anyone.

Before the assessment begins, you will be asked to specify the math courses you completed in high school and the grade you received for each. You should check your high school math courses and grades before taking the assessment, so that you are able to provide accurate information. Step 2: Netscape version 4.

Many students experience difficulty using AOL. We recommend that you switch to a different browser and do not use AOL for the assessment. Log in to the test using their assigned OSU Internet username lastname. Step 3: Thoroughly read the instructions.

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Note the following: Students may use scratch paper, a pencil and a scientific graphing calculator. The test has a time limit of 75 minutes. The time remaining will be updated after each question. They built many earthen mounds and enclosurescreating the single largest earthwork complex in the Ohio River Valley. The Newark Earthworksdesignated a National Historic Landmarkhave been preserved to document and interpret the area's significant ancient history. The earthworks cover several square miles and about acres. This is operated as a state park by the Ohio History Connection. The Octagon alone is large enough to contain four Roman Coliseums. The 8 feet 2.

At the entrance, the walls and moat are of greater and more impressive dimensions. Researchers analyzed the placements, alignments, dimensions, and site-to-site interrelationships of the Hopewell earthworks to understand what had been done. The area of the Octagon Earthworks had been leased to a country club, but new arrangements in provide for more public access to it. Later American Indian tribes inhabiting the area at the time of European contact were distant descendants of the Hopewell peoples. William C.

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