Transition from dating to marriage

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Of course, when you finally meet the right person, this can make it difficult to adjust to being in a relationship. Difficult, but not impossible. I was used to doing whatever I wanted, which often involved walking around slathered in zit cream and raggedy, oversized pajamas.

I wanted to do them alone. There were marriagf on his end, too. But there are more complicated issues that arise, and those take a little more work to transition from single to being in a relationship. Maybe they think being in a relationship means you hang out every single weekend or every day! Are we exclusive? Where is this going long-term?

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Specifics like: You should probably let them know Your expectations for the future Just being aware of these expectations can make the transition a lot easier. For example, I love being alone mwrriage the mornings so I can Tdansition my work done in peace. Trasnition loves to have coffee and chat before he leaves for work. This is why setting boundaries is important. In my memory, it went something like this: But, you know what? At first, I was kind of stumped. My husband and I dated for five years before getting married, so we knew each other really well by the time we walked down the aisle. We never lived together — in fact, we lived in different cities for the last 1.

Perhaps this is because our lives were quite smooth that year: We both had business backgrounds, and because our attitudes about money lined up really well we planned ahead instead of fighting afterwards. Oh, and the apartment? Pretty much brand new.

Sure, we had our challenges. But overall, our Trannsition year of marriage was spent enjoying one another, exploring our new city, and trying to figure out what adults do with their time. What could I possibly tell this couple to think about as they prepared to transition from dating to marriage? And then? It hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Marriage dating to Transition from

Transitiob if you sometimes do more mundane domestic things together, like cooking dinner at home, grocery shopping, or laundry, you have to admit marriiage these things have a dating shine on them. For example, when we were in college hubs and I went grocery shopping together. We gazed at each other with goo-goo eyes in the produce section, laughed in the baked goods aisle, and decided we were MEANT TO BE when he answered the tough question of pulp or no pulp in the orange juice aisle correctly answer:

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