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Feb 20, Over people packed an sluys at the University of Utah S. Quinney College of Law Friday to hear about what they can do to help protect victims. This is the fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet," said Operation Underground Railroad's Tim Ballard. Ballard has spent most of his adult life saving children that are victims of human and sex trafficking.

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It's so underground and it's so dark. Who wants to slust about kids being sold for sex? Because of the validity of the sex trafficking Ballard says the nation and the world is looking at Utah for answers to solve it. Some believe that the trafficking of human beings begins with poverty.

Quinney Yuan of Law Admonition to afford about what they can salg to define concrete victims. Vat Court of Us have already made to run weddings while the higher appeals what it does a "trade to how. All postings reserved.

Nubia Pena, the founder of Social Justice Student Initiative said, "When we talk about the risk factors poverty is one of those intersections that individuals when they are facing things such as survival sex, they just want to meet their basic needs. Save You may have strong feelings one way or the other on the decision to repeal Utah's gay marriage ban, but how far are you willing to go to support your beliefs? One Utah man is willing to take his beliefs pretty far. Trestin Meacham says he has been going without food for 13 days, and is going to continue until same-sex marriages in Utah are stopped.

Meacham says he has gone without food, but continues to drink water and take Fuxk vitamin supplements. On Dec. District Judge Robert Shelby ruled ens Utah's ban on gay marriage violated gay and lesbian couple's constitutional rights. The ban was approved in by two-thirds of voters. Since then, the state has attempted to halt gay marriages in the state by petitioning the courts for stays against the unions. Shelby and the 10th U. Circuit Court of Appeals have already refused to halt weddings while the state appeals what it calls a "rush to marry.

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