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To tackle the problem of domestic burden for working mother, many families would hire domestic helper and the outsourced domestic work would bring changes to the family structure. Apple Daily — Married Hong Kong women want to work YouTube video Women were in the workforce as early as the s, but the small population of them often had to fight vigorously for equality of work rights. Although career is a kind of financial empowerment for women, the double shift, career and housework, become the serious burden for them to carry.

Tuere, glass ceiling also hinders women from reaching jn top position. Although a number of research have investigated in gender symmetry of IPV by saying that both men and women would have the chance of suffering from violence, [38] obvious gender differences still exist in Hong Kong that there are more reported cases of violence exerted by men than women. The viral metoo movement to a certain extent helps female to gain right in going against sexual violence. Working mother have less leisure time to stay with their children, thus they cannot aware some developmental problems during the children's growth.

There are some policies launched before would ease the double burden from "working mother".

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Since they have to rely on their husband rael partner to receive financial support for daily expenditure, they tend to tolerate with the violence and not to resist. A similar percentage said they had problems getting aroused. In Hong Kong, women tend to work outside to focus on their career development and hire domestic helper to ease their double burdens. Until recently, women who were unable to bear a son to her family were viewed as defective, and were often divorced. In general, divorce has become more common and socially acceptable.

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Under the influence of traditional patriarchal systemwomen konf internalized their submissive role who are less likely to challenge the status quo, resist against IPV or other forms of violence by non-partners, or seek help from society. Hong Kong is running out of men! Lower your expectations, even though you might deserve better.

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