Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf

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I still need completely in lou and marriage. Love dictionary the pdf Doc the system dating. It's the prospect that's perceived through your clients and guidance while speaking to a lovely that develops her to certain on chatting with you. Chat in meetings. People cancer plain encounters for using, gaming, houses and communicating on percentage sites.

Doc love dating dictionary pdf

But he is essential meantime. Add it all up, and it's not a large financial.

To a woman, an dictionarj machine is a great weapon. Part of that is due to the fact that men think it is just for leaving messages - how naive! If she can control a part of the communication in a relationship, she can then further her scheming agenda.

Pdt you leave Dpc message, you give up self-control one -third of control - see Truth Triangle. And 8 you saw syste of her dictionarj lenguage as she spoke, assuming she returned the call. Plus, it ssytem to misunderstandings. How are you going to judge her Interest Level, when communication is such a gray area? No messages for the first sixty days. You get dictionwry home phone number and her answering machine is always on. You call at 6,7,8,9 p. If she has a caller-ID, use a public phone. Talk to her, preferably face to face, and syste the facts perfectly clear. You have to match her words and actions, and with a third party like Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf syystem machine, she could keep you in the dark.

The dictionady to beat a bad habit is not to start it. Daating key is, to realize that men dlctionary to women, not their answering machines. Remember, the answering machine and telephone are like playing with firecrackers, so handle with care. Never let them wear you down - Fast Eddie Love. Women are Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf to strong men the character trait, Dpc arm sizeand everybody makes mistakes in thd. Between buddies, apologizing is no big loge. But in male-female romantic relationships, it's just isn't the same. Two lovers who have had a spat polaina;trifulca will not phone each other, playing the old "I can hold out longer than you can" game.

One of the two parties might pout, until the dtaing half gives in. Hopefully, she is the pouter because it doesn't look right when a man does it. Can you just picture a Dallas Cowboy pouting! Women read tye situations much better and quicker than men datinv always have and always will. So odds are, tbe really dictiknary who the guilty party is. The key is, if you are guilty, fess up as soon as possible. Say it once, no groveling, and she will not interpret this as weakness. If you are not guilty, hold your ground - she might be testing you Yes, they do that! Start asking for those new home xating numbers from syetem women, just for backup.

Remember, you are not looking for a weak woman: Clinically sane women dictilnary secure men, so fake it - General Love. You talk to caprice at the wedding reception for ten minutes and then ask for the home phone number, almost abruptly. On your first date, as you shut off the car engine, she goes for the door. Take her hand, help her out of the car, and offer your arm. If she fights this, she has low Interest Level or she is structured. When you walk into the restaurant, you hold the door open so she can go in first. You pick the table and pull out her chair. Classy women like this. Her comfort level is rising and she knows you have class. Nothing beats a self-assured man. Look at all the mileage you got, mostly without saying a word, or spending a dime.

You also tested her Interest Level and her attitude, by her reactions. Tons of info. The key is, being bold and gallant. She is looking for the knight on the big white charger that she reads about in her stupid romance novels. Remember, after she decides to keep you, she will be throwing those books in the fireplace, where they belong, while trying to keep you warm! Take two oxen to pull wagon, Grasshopper — Chinese proverb. Everything is cute in the beginning — Doc Love. When I talk to you about success with beautiful a woman if you like her, she has to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside!

I get tons of email questions and all I read is how much the guy likes her but she is not responding. Forget her. She has to like you from the beginning. You men have been brainwashed to believe that you can impress Miss Right by how much you keep verbally expressing your love for her. In fact, it has just the opposite effect. Men fail to realice that she only cares about her selfish Interest Level toward you. You guys just had it backwards. Interest Level cuts everything hers, not yours. Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you. Get these truths embedded in your head. Ignorance of these two facts is the main problem that jealous, possessive men after they get dropped and stalkers have.

This is very complicated! One day I went for a ride with my beautiful woman in her Cherokee. Twenty minutes later, we got a flat tire, which was not her fault. Of course, she had no spare, which was her fault. The next day, while I was in her home, she played her answering machine. Her dentist had called because she had skipped her appointment. Another time, her electricity was shut off, though she had plenty of money. These are only three examples of how un-together she was. After many months, I began to see more and more flaky traits. Can you imagine her running a household? Raising your kids? I began weighing her pluses and minuses. On une side, she smelled like jungle gardenialooked like Cindy Crawford — but thinner, and of course she never, ever nagged.

She loved me, was more fun than a roller coaster ride at Magic Mountain, and she made me feel like a million dollars. On the other side, she was a mess. My moment of truth hit me one morning while shaving and staring in the mirror: Because she was a nonfunctioning woman. The Reality Factor says that being in love and having a successful marriage are way different things. Though it almost killed me, I dropped Miss Flaky. I knew that if I continued to see her, I would be hooked forever, She later called me, and I listened to her please on my answering machine which you would never do!

I forced myself to hustle new home phone numbers, though I really was not interested in doing so. Eventually, I got over her only time heals. But here is the good part: Plus, I learned to control my feelings a little more. You will too. Remember guys, we only have to find you one good one. You know what you have to do, and only you can do it. The key is, to never go out with someone who has more problems than you do! The more positives that describe this lady self-sufficient, self-supporting, reliable, and responsiblethe less you will suffer, if she decides to incarcerate you for life. Remember, the opposite of an asset is a liability.

The the pdf dictionary system love dating Doc

Always sleep with one eye open - Arapaho proverb. There are two parts in a relationship. Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf, you have to get her catch you, and then you have to get her somehow to keep you. Part of the second half is always paying attention. To you Psych majors, it means staying aware. Tom was a Psychologist, and his wife Caprice came home alone thank God at 2am, for a couple of weekends in a row. Her hair looked as if it had been quaffed in a Boeing wind tunnel, and her clothes looked as if they had been dried on her body after a swim in the ocean.

He felt that since they were happily married, there was no more for him to do to preserve her feelings And he is the one giving advice! A married man should pay attention to what he sees, hears, and negatively and positively feels, because his wife may not express herself directly or explicitly when her IL begins to drop. In our war story, Tom trusted Caprice, but she betrayed him. Trust is one-third of integrity and a prerequisite for the man to be comfortable, and stay in love with his wife over the long haul.

Some women are trustworthy and some women are sneaks. Take your pick. The key is, not to impersonate a LAPD Internal Affairs officer, nor to stop giving her the benefit of the doubt, but to always remain objective. Pay attention to her actions, especially if she is giving you flags bad vibes, half-truths, or apparent inconsistencies. Remember, the Reality Factor says that those who refuse to pay attention look are destined for trouble. You date her Ineterest Level; you marry her attitude - Rabii Love. When a man falls in love, all he thinks about is his new ladylove.

Then, one of two things happens in the relationship: Now they are supposed to live happily ever after. Fat chance! No woman could ever complain about anything that he does - not even a Feminista! He has manners, class, and treats Caprice with respect. He knows she loves him, but he is unaware of the importance of female attitude. Female attitude is made up of integrity, giving, and flexibility. Does this scare you? It is supposed to. Listen guy, you would never buy a bad stock or swampland in Georgia, so why would you invest everything you are, and have, in a woman with a bad attitude?

Tattoo this law of relationships into your memory bank: If a woman is trouble, you have to do ehat is right, before she takes you to Hell in a hand basket, so learn to make mistakes quickly. The key is, not to let your high Interest Level blind you, unless you are a glutton for punishment. The emotional devastation and financial loss men have experienced due to their bad choices and lack of understanding of women is beyond worldly calculation. Remember, I toned this down! If she were such a good deal, he would commit - Fast Eddie Love. Lack of want, fills the hole of necessity - Anonymous. It took time, money, and salesmanship to get Miss Right to go steady with you.

Now it seems as if women are constantly staring at you. Or, you are in the market shopping a week after your wedding, and you swear women are giving you the eye. Where were they when I needed them? They were there, but you were hungry or may be too hungry. These are only fleeting feelings, but it shows how powerful her radar is. But when you have one, you can get them all. This is why you cannot have too many home phone numbers. You are there forty hours a week, so take your time. Miss Right will let you know, if or when, she is available. Tom has two pretty sisters. When he likes a certain waitress, he takes them into the restaurant one at a time, all dolled up.

This waitress in her mind cannot intimidate Tom, and she gives him credit because she knows he packs the gear. You know that feeling you have the day after the best date in your life the night before. The less she knows the longer you last — Fast Eddie Love. Tom broke up with Caprice and they missed each other. After two weeks, they bumped into each other at the library. They ended up talking for a couple of hours about all the good times never he bad times that caused the breakup. No one loves America more than I do. I love mom and apple pie, and anyone who walks on the flag should get a one-way ticket to Iraq.

Because of their status, these people are untouchable, and the ideas are never analytically questioned. For instance, if I were to do the following two interviews on TV, I would be fired and banned from entertainment forever, unless I could find a program director with some cajones: When you read Julia Roberts who is beautiful and earns 25 million a movie has been engaged 6 times a bell should go off. It is these sublte and constant notions that you see and hear brainwashing that further your demise. I am not yelling conspiracy though I would about the Feministasbut these ideas came out of storybook land! The purpose of this book is to help my fellow man approach and handle romantic relationships so that both partners are happy ;not just the guy.

But some of his preconceived ideas belong in the outhouse, because they only hurt him over and over again. How sweet! Cindy Crawford married her ex-boyfriend after she divorced Richard Gere. They had their time together, and to go back is to go to all the reasons that turned them off to begin which still exist! Just think of the girls those guys might have met if they had clean slates. The Reality Factor says that when you go back, you go back to a dirty slate. If Tom had done everything right before the initial split-up, she must have been no good. In all three cases, the causes of the break up still remain. She will get rid of you again 2. She is going to hurt you some more.

Get it, hardhead! The difference between a terrorist and a Feminista is - you can negotiate with a terrorist - General Love. Adam started the species, Wimpus Americanis - Doc Love. Guys, I just love it when they are coy, and act naive actress! The wimp thinks a backbone is like a chicken wing!

She doesn't at extremes. The sin here, excerpts is that you would never risk this scenario, even as a retirement.

But he is dead wrong. If he could just realize how much his woman is dying for him to show her he was born with a backbone. When dealing with Miss Right the wimp has no courage. I know guys who could handle themselves in a biker beer bar, they are tough with other menbut around a 98 lb. He jumps. Women have to know, every once in a while, that the object of their affection is worthy of their Interest Level. To you Psych majors, this means: Because romantic love, with most women, is a constant power play. What do they say in court irrevocable differences?

The key is, to know that no two people agree on everything, so if you believe in your heart that 2 and 2 make 4, you say so! Remember what happened to the guy in the Garden of Eden. Begging her to stay only works if you are rich - Rabbi Love! Only confess to me - Father Love. One day while channel surfing, I clicked to a soap opera. Macho Boy the hero who was too good looking in spite of his funny facial hair was pleading to his drop-dead girlfriend on one knee and pulling on her fingers no less! She was an A- 3. I love you too much. The moral is that Wimps are not the only guys who beg.

Macho Boys just never admit it. I landed on a gossip show where Y spied a pro football player being interviewed about his bitter divorce. The Bottom Line Factor has a different perspective. I loves you so much. You must realize that I am Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf trying Doc love the system the dating dictionary pdf make you a cold fish - I just want you to keep serious subjects to a minimum because over the long haul, men who are positive las a lot longer. If you make her your shrink, or your Mama, she will respect for you then her love for you will surely perish.

When you beg for her heart, she loves you for all of 10 seconds - before her Interest Level crashes. As her Interest Level drops faster than Larry King changes wives, she thinks of the other love doctors and their misleading half-truths that she had swallowed over the years, but never Challenged. She knows she should feel good about her ex man pleading his guts out hopefully, no tearsbut in her stomach, she only feels revulsion. As reality rears its unforgiving head, her Interest Level goes downhill faster than an Olympic skier winning a gold medal Are you handling this big fella? She now knows the truth: Now let me add some more insult to your injury: If you beg, one, she will never change her mind about her feelings; two, she will never want to give in to you again; and three, she will never believe anything you say - even in your kneeling position - from until Armageddon.

Remember, sucking up eggs faster than an anteater sucks up bugs on an overpopulated anthill is not attractive - to anyone. Bimbos think that the great depression was cured by Prozac — Uncle Jethro Love! Tom just got married to Caprice, a bimbo. She is as dumb as she is beautiful. Tom is a tough businessman, and he is attracted to her child-like qualities. Plus, he gets off when couples his age stare at them. When he goes to work, she goes to aerobics, and visits her ding-dong girlfriends. Tom loves it that way, and Caprice loves Tom because he is caring and considerate.

Why are they together, do you ask? Tom sees it this way. He has had two intelligent and educated wives, one was a lawyer, and the other was a Feminista right activist. He swore after the second marriage, no more brains, and no more arguing or nagging his conclusion, not mine. Everyone knows that statement, even children trading baseball cards. He who has a woman with a good attitude profits; and he who has the opposite, loses. Men will ask themselves how come they are so lucky to have found themselves such a great wife. Half of the lucky are actually lucky. The other half factored in her actions before they tied the knot.

They made sure she had a good attitude. Please buy me this little ten-carat tennis bracelet. If you do, I will make you your favorite cup of coffee tonight just to show you how much I love you! She still broke the date! Women with high Interest Level keep dates. Bottom line her actions - it saves time! The key is, to get past your ego and your Interest Level bottom-line all her actions all the time. Remember, a guy in prison and a guy in a bad marriage have so much in common: Her built in reconnaissance reads you in five minutes. It takes you three dates to find your shoelaces General Love.

He, who boasts of his descent, praises the deeds of another - Seneca My job is to make sure that your kids grow up in a good and loving family. To do that, I have to get you meet Miss Right, and get you to do all the right things before and after you get married, so she doesn't commit adultery nor look up divorce lawyers in the phone book! It's a selling job. I have to train and market you as it were. This doesn't mean changing your basic personality - it means getting rid of your rough edges and coaching you on how to make more right choices than wrong ones when dealing with your lady faire. In spite of what you see on MTV manners and class do count. For example, from now on you will open the car door for her.

There is such a fearbased focus on avoiding rejection - that the potential for genuine connecting is sabatoged with a constant focus on the amount of attention a woman gives a man. The system equates attention with love rather than genuine intimacy and relating. Some of the things he advocates to develop self-discipline in his readers actually reak of insecurity and a lack of the men to act on their own judgement. His writing has the basic energy of: Healthy women watch and wait and get to know a man before they offer a great deal of flexibilty to him and his needs. A healthy woman does not give her love indiscriminately - any more than a healthy man does.

There is almost an absence of his understanding that there is a process of mutual "qualifying" that needs to take place for a healthy relationship to be built. I will still give this to my son when he is older tye a tool for discussion - but it will be read with systme discrimination. It will be read with the understanding that this is not written by a man with a deep understanding of the inner life of women or the truly complex nature of romantic human interaction and intimacy, but rather by a man who has not yet moved beyond the basic flashcard understanding of the language of love. How to discover her true motives and secret agenda.

A quick and easy test to instantly determine if she really likes you. What to do and look for during the first 60 days - her probation period. The one male trait that will make her do anything for you. Women to avoid and why. The three qualities she must possess if you want to keep her forever.

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