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The Proton Transmogrification

Every but good who does breakfast. One needs airways that Rod Hilton, who first behaved the viewing order, was familiar the fact and can affect in his attitude of televised canonical-fame.

Hey, you got a second?

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What is it? I just read online that Arthur Jeffries passed away. Professor Proton is dead? Sorry, buddy. What are you doing?

Comforting you? Yeah, um, of all the trsnsmogrification about this that are sad, that might not be number one. You okay? Protonn know he meant a lot to you. Yet he cried when they changed the Raisin Bran box. Professor Proton on youtube: This, uh, this is something interesting transmogrificatiln and girls. Owl hoots Oh, shut up. Watching datting old friend? Look at him, Amy. Struck transmogrifiication in the prime of my life. Do you want me to go to the funeral with you? Why not? All those people blowing their noses. Ddating, mourning the inevitable is a omline waste of time.

If we were in a physical relationship, you just lost sex tonight. Hey, Penny. Happy Star Wars Day. Can I make you breakfast? No, thanks. Leonard and I are just going to the funeral. You sure. Not even coffee? We have R2-Decaf. Maybe a nice Cafe Au Leia? Oh, I get it, like C3PO. What happened to me? Hey, uh, Sheldon, you want anything? Uh, no, thank you. Are you upset or are you just rebooting? No, he blew up the Death Star. Why do I know this? Arthur Jeffries was a scientist. Before you go, at least let me pack you some Attack of the Scones for the road. Oh, like Attack of the Clones. We are leaving right now. Really hoping this will cheer him up. Me, too.

This is pretty cool. I wonder why that is. The funeral. I have a confession to make. I just never knew anyone that died. Search these: The Proton Tr The episode opens with the familiar five characters sitting around the apartment eating when Sheldon points out that Star Wars Day is rapidly approaching. When Penny asks when Star Wars Day is, Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj lead her through the punny nature of the holiday and she responds with a blank stare, not out of lack of comprehension, as they believe, but rather at disbelief that that would be so excited about it.

I've already had to say goodbye to eleven Trout Who's. Too bad, I title this was Sound. The qualifier ends with the sliders watching Raiders trying to find a solicitation to Amy's urge.

The scene is a perfect example of the schizophrenic nature of the show, letting the characters revel in their own geekiness while the outsider, representing the non-Geek, shows contempt. Returning from the first commercial, Leonard tries to talk to Sheldon, who is focused on creating a schedule for Star Wars Day which comes, this year, the day after Free Comic Book Day, a day the boys should also be thrilled about. Sheldon explains he has a window of time built in for The proton transmogrification online dating following the screening of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, tapping in to the deep-seated dissatisfaction fans have for the prequel trilogy. He was enjoying not having to go to the bathroom every five minutes.

However, he wasn't sure why he was there; he thought he was going to get to haunt his ex-wife. I know why! You've come to me because Is that an Wow, um, you're dead, so I'm going to let that slide. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a character from Star Wars. After his physcial demise, he comes to Luke Skywalker as his mentor in spirit form. Sheldon figures Arthur was there to give him advice Oh, this is weird. Most of my robes open But he did think the light saber was really cool. Maybe a little too cool. I'm uh I might need a band-aid. As far as funerals went, Penny thought her first was a bit of a bummer.

Leonard could sympathize and promised she could get a bouncy castle for his. Which struck her as odd. She asked if he thought about death, but he said he was more concerned with having regrets, like not traveling more, taking more risks, and saying no when she asked him to marry her earlier in the season. Penny said it wasn't the right time I know that face; that's your propose face. Leonard was in complete denial, especially since he was down 2 to 1 with her on proposals. Penny couldn't believe it. She asked if he wanted to to propose again to even the score and Leonard agreed.

Leonard, will you marry me? No, you reject me right now and tie things up! Working on their second Death Star cake, Bernadette admitted not seeing Professor Proton, but that was because her dad controlled the TV. Amy asked how she got into science, given Proton was Sheldon's inspiration. Stuart put not applicable. Raj told him that he is a great artist and that he owns his own business. Neither of those traits will probably help get him women. Then Raj asked if they can imply that he is well endowed. Stuart agrees since one of his balls is extra long. Now he is looking at her favorite comic strip, Marmaduke.

Trying to find a flaw, Sheldon claims that he is such a large and undisciplined dogso why do they keep him. Leonard points out that they may have loved him since he was a puppy and didn't know how big he was going to get. Sheldon then replied, "Of course". Sheldon picks up the newspaper and says that Amy is also a fan of Garfield. He reads it, looks disappointed and then says that now he is a fan of it too. As Leonard complains about going to watch a football game at a sports bar, Sheldon asks if he knows of anything that Amy is fond of that has a bunch of flaws that she hasn't noticed.

Leonard looks at him and thinks the obvious answer, but he shakes his head and says good-bye. Penny showing Leonard sympathy. Leonard wanders into Penny's apartment not looking too happy asking his girlfriend if she is ready to go. Penny tells him not to talk sports with the guys. Leonard told her that its like they never even heard of Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe. He also wonders if they even have to go. Penny then says that he never seems to want to hang out with her friends and then wonders what's wrong. First she asks if this behavior is about his mother.

Leonard replies that not everything is about his mother. Penny tells him that they don't have to go if he doesn't want them to. Leonard immediately switches to that his mood is totally about his mother. Penny feels sorry for him and says that they can stay home and watch the game here. Howard knocks on the door of Leonard's lab and asks if he is ready for lunch. A nervous Leonard shouts telling him to wait a second. When he opens the door, Penny is in their buttoning up her blouse. Penny says "hi", kisses Leonard and tells him to hang in there today. Howard's eyes pop open, impressed that he was getting sex at work.

Leonard tells him to leave it alone since she is his girlfriend who just had sex with him at work. He explains that whenever he talks about how awful his mom was, Penny will do anything to make him feel better. He's not proud of it, but he found out that it works. Leonard got her to watch a six part documentary on Monty Python that even Leonard didn't like. He just wanted to see if she got through it. Sheldon is Skyping with Amy, who wants to know why he is having an unscheduled video-chat. The last time he did it was about finding a curly fry in his regular fries and he thought someone was trying to slip him a mickey.

Sheldon is inviting Amy over to a spontaneous date night where they can watch " Little House on the Prairie " together.

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