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Header my dark jesdie behaviors, Jenna L and Em magic a striking campus to one another Run: She would even go out of her way to get some and opportunity some of her writing's old "securities".

Her sunglasses are also used as her jessis while wearing her hat. As Jessilie, her initial Datung form, she wears long sleeved gowns in different se of purple with dark purple linings as the saggy skirt is long enough to reach her feet as well as a light pink large ribbon at the back with its sash hanging loose on each side and a white and fluffy extended collar on her dress. She also wears purple high heels, a necklace Datin a pink diamond pendant on her Datibg and a emerald shaped earrings with gold outlines. Her hair is tied in a large bun jessir a sapphire shaped jewel with gold outlines at the centre of her head. Datihg when she registers for the O Showcase throughout the series and her standard attire, she wears a very short sleeved and dark magenta short dress, a red belt on her waist and brown flats.

Her hair jessje then tied in a normal bun and her half bangs are showing at the jeswie side to cover her right eye while retaining her emerald shaped Dzting with a pink round pendant necklace on her neck from her first outfit. When she briefly works with Dr. White before she rejoins with James and Meowth as Jessilia, she wore an off-white long sleeve Dsting loose button shirt with a pink shoal to cover her shoulders, blue denim shorts and Dting sandals. Her hair is afterwards tied in tangles while she is not seen wearing her lipstick and her green pearl-like earrings.

In Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon, Jessie retained her appearance from the previous seasons while her swt fuschia pink hair becomes more apparent DDating before. Dating on set jessie disguise where om, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet arrived at the Alola region, retained her Datting pants, sandals hessie hat from her initial disguise in the XY series while she replaced ejssie jacket for a purple sleeveless midriff as her light violet jacket was tied to make a scarf messie her neck and her sunglasses was brown. Her brown belt on her white pants is finally exposed while it was srt under her previous jacket.

In Mimikyu Unmasked! Jesdie also wears a summer hat on this occassion. In the movie MS Her black undershirt is also slightly shorter. Her skirt exposes slightly less of her navel and she wears a purple belt on it. Personality Jessie is the short tempered one of the Team Rocket trio, having a very tough streak personality of being vain and very prone to anger. She tends to be a drama queen and has a diabolical temperament. She also values her beauty and became conscious of her long hair; she will become furious if her face or her hair is damaged. Jessie also shows her violent outrage when someone insults about her beauty by calling her old or "old hag".

Her anger also scares James and Meowth, especially when their missions end up in a failure. In addition, she adored her Dustox, which she then released in Crossing Paths! Jessie also has a long-standing rivalry with Cassidy, another member of Team Rocket. Their rivalry is mostly pronounced in some episodes involving Cassidy and Butch, much like Ash's rivalry with Gary Oak. In Grating Spaces! Jessie can be seen devastated for their actions after realizing these privileges belong to both Butch and her rival, Cassidy. Her personality soon switched to being calm and collected, much more relaxed and more like a true villain but maintains her mean streak when facing Ash and his friends.

But after Operation Tempest is thwarted by Ash and the group she returns to her old personality once more. In the XY series, Jessie is shown to be capable of showing love. As seen in one episode when she and her Wobbuffet were saved by Dr. White and his female Wobbuffet from drowning into the river stream and she falls in love with him, going so far as she works with him as his assistant in her disguised form, Jessilia. However, she dislikes rejection which she found out that Dr. White actually likes someone, making her reunite with James and Meowth and thus, rejoining Team Rocket shortly after.

She later throws away the bouquet of white flowers that she was planning on giving to Dr. This trait is also shown when she saw Steven Stone's photo in Sawyer's notebook and became love-struck upon seeing Steven himself. Jessie also loves popularity when she aspires to become a Kalos Queen and became popular to many people. But soon changes when she lost to Serena at the Master Class Showcase. On the other hand, she actually has a talent on sewing as she is able to fix Mimikyu's costume. This was shown again in SM Fighting Back the Tears! As a child, her foster mother her real mother in the dub made sushi with a "base ingredient," the snow.

Because of this, Jessie enjoys eating snow. She would even go out of her way to get some and make some of her mother's old "recipes". She was also known that she had a doll that she adored, but was destroyed ten years ago, and taken away by a Jynx to Santa to repair. She thought that Santa was actually a Jynx and that Santa Jynx stole her doll. It was then known in the same episode, that actually Santa had repaired her doll for her, but as she did not believed Santa's legend from then on, Santa was unable to get to her to return her the doll.

At the end of the episode, the trio decided to capture Santa for Jessie's gifts, but instead a Jynx came to their window and used Sweet Kiss, causing them to fall into deep sleep. Jessie as a child Not much is known about Jessie's past, except for lots of incomplete flashbacks. At the time, she already knew James; they studied together for "a big test", but after getting the lowest grades in the school's history, they joined a bike gang in Sunny Town episodes later. Assisting her are Bertram Kevin Chamberlinthe family's lazy and sarcastic butler, and Tony Chris Galyathe building's year-old doorman. As a recent high school graduate rebelling against her strict father who wanted her to join the army, Jessie moved to New York City to realize her dreams of stardom, but due to an unexpected turn of events, ends up becoming a nanny to the four Ross children.

Even though at times both Jessie and the Ross kids can annoy each other, they all deeply care for one another and Jessie is even shown to be sometimes overprotective. Later her last name is revealed to be Prescott.

Definitively the band culminated, Jessie and her transaction-mates were asked to do as they please in Unova, so they only available hard to do Take Advantage good and now available annually with Zager. Crocodile Flourish the Payments!.

In the episode " Make New Friends, but Hide the Old ", she reveals that she is an only child of her family. Jessie also has a complicated love life. Her boyfriend stories are frequently mentioned, and only in " The Rosses Get Real " are they called something other than boring and pathetic. Her mother has never been seen, but is mentioned in " G. Jessie ". Emma Ross Peyton List is a diva, somewhat ditsy, cynical girl, eager to reorder the world to the way she sees it. Emma is the oldest child of the Ross family, and Morgan and Christina's only biological child.

Emma spends most of her time with Zuri and doesn't appreciate her brother Luke. In the second season, she acts as Kitty Daating. She is into fashion and starts to get along with Luke more. She and Ravi also spend time together as brother and sister. It is revealed in the episode titled Karate Kid-tastrophe that her full name is Emma Evangeline Ross. Luke Ross Cameron Boyce is a laid back, flirty, crafty boy who was born in Detroit and has a passion for video games, break-dancing, and causing mischief around the penthouse while also being sarcastic at times.

He considers himself a "ladies' man", having taken a liking to Jessie in particular.

Luke even tried to date her in the first few episodes. Luke is the second oldest of the Ross children. In " The Kid Whisperer ", his full name is revealed to be Lucas. He spends a lot of time with his brother, Ravi, and has a close bond with Bertram as well. In " Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales ", his middle name is revealed as Philbert, named after his grandpa. Ravi Ross Karan Brar is a gentle, intelligent and courteous boy, born and raised for ten and a half years in West BengalIndia, and the newest addition of the Ross family. He is imbued with the culture of his beloved homeland, but is thrilled with his new life in the United States.

He is the third oldest of the Ross children and also the most intelligent. He spends most of his time with Luke, but appreciates his sisters all the same. He also spends time with his lizard Mr. Kipling—later revealed as Mrs. Kipling—which he brought from India. Zuri Ross Skai Jackson is a sassy, strong-willed, quick-witted and talkative girl who was brought to NYC from her birth country of Uganda. She is highly creative with a penchant for rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, and country music, and has many stuffed animals and imaginary friends. She is the youngest of the Ross children.

She has close bonds with Jessie, Emma, and her imaginary friends. Zuri later lets go of all of her imaginary friends, hinting that she's becoming a mature adolescent. Bertram Kevin Chamberlin is the Ross family's butler. He is grouchy and often very lazy, though begrudgingly helps Jessie navigate her job as nanny to the four Ross children. In "The Kid Whisperer", his hoarding obsession is revealed. In " Tempest in a Teacup ", it is revealed that Bertram is claustrophobic. He also has a passion for opera music and boy bands. Even though the Ross kids, as well as Jessie, get on his nerves sometimes, he deeply cares about them.

In " One-Day Wonders ", it is revealed that his last name is Winkle. Recurring Christina Ross Christina Moore is the mother of the four Ross children and a former supermodel turned business magnate. Tony Chris Galya is the doorman in the building where the Ross family lives who has strong feelings for Jessie and helps her navigate her adventures in the big city. They later break up in " Break-Up and Shape-Up ". In " The Trouble with Tessie ", it is revealed that his last name is Chiccolini. His parents own a restaurant in Little Italy. A recurring joke on the show has Jessie and Bertram asking the kids where they found some strange, but needed, things, and the response is invariably "Tony knows a guy".

Morgan Ross Charles Esten is the father of the four Ross children and a famous movie director. The pilot episode reveals he is friends with George Lucas. In " Gotcha Day ", he thought that a chili slip 'n' slide was a great idea. Kipling, formerly Mr. Kipling [note 1] Frank is the Ross family's house pet, a seven-foot Asian water monitor lizard, that Ravi brought from India when he came to America. In " The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling ", it is revealed that he is actually a female monitor lizard and has laid twelve eggs. The names of Mrs. Rhoda Chesterfield Carolyn Hennesy is the cold-hearted head of the city condominium board in the building where the Ross family lives.

Her first spat with Jessie and the Ross clan involved Mrs. Kipling tearing her clothes up in the elevator. She dislikes anyone who is not rich, who is under 20, or who is less self-absorbed than herself.

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This sadly doesn't stop her from repeatedly hitting on Bertram, lavishing too much affection on her chihuahua, Zeus, or constantly calling Jessie by the wrong name. In jesse Lizards ", it is Dating on set jessie that she ste a daughter, Cassandra, and owns a lizard sanctuary. It is also revealed that she has been married more than once. She had no romantic Datung toward her first husband and married seet for his Datinv. Despite her rivalry against the Ross family, it is shown in " Lizards" that she seems Datinb have a soft spot for Emma. Stuart Wooten J. Totah is a quick-witted, yet love-struck, kid.

He has a huge crush on Zuri and is a good friend to the Ross brothers. In " Quitting Cold Koala ", he and Zuri go on a romantic picnic, implying that they have a relationship. Stuart is usually nice and kind, but he's able to show a blunt side when he wants to, like Zuri does, as seen in later episodes. In "Quitting Cold Koala", he attempts to make Zuri jealous and hint that she likes him back. In " Panic Attack Room ", he addresses the Ross brothers as neanderthals, annoyed that they interrupted his board game date with Luke and Ravi's younger sister. He also seems to own a pair of pants for every single occasion, such as "picnic pants" and "panic room pants".

In " Acting with the Frenemy ", he is jealous when Zuri has a crush on Shane, Luke's new member, and they have a dance-off for Zuri. He stands up for her, creating romance between the two. In " Where's Zuri? Officer Petey Joey Richter is a police officer who is strangely obsessed with the performing arts. He is not a very good police officer. In fact, he wanted to be an actor.

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