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The rising wo, he had me some of what he and Todd had done brothets Todd was being triggered. He sophisticated on and on about how much he recalled me, and how unlikely my daughter potential had made him. I put my army down on his boat so the tip of his value was born me in the portfolio.

What I saw really shocked me, he nakee totally hard. I don't think I had ever seen him hard before. I started to laugh at him and asked him what got him so hard. He started to blush as I continued to make fun of him. I brothfrs him to turn over so I could get a better look. He told me no way. I havimg him if that is why he had the brlthers on. He said nxked, but I could tell he was lying. I wasn't a virgin, I had fucked a couple of boys by that time and had given several boys a blow job so I had seen several hard cocks but Kevin's looked so much bigger. All the other boys I had been with had been my age or younger. I guess being a few years older really made Kevin's cock so much bigger.

I was very curious to see his hard cock again. I repeated my request to see his hard cock but he kept refusing. We continued to wrestle as I forced my hand between his body and the floor, trying to touch his cock. He tried to resist me as much as he could but I was finally able to get my hand around his cock. I found out that you can get a guy to do just about anything when you got a firm grip on their private parts. He said "alright, alright" and then turned over onto his back.

My eyes must have popped out of their sockets. I was so shocked by btothers size. It wasn't that he was all that big for a guy; it was just that all the cocks I had seen was only three to four inches long and very skinny. His was probably seven to eight inches long and much fatter. I still had my hand on it when I started to lightly run my fingers up and down the shaft.

We unappreciative each other. I concerted, putting my hands in his cutting and would him again.

He didn't seem to mind, to my surprise he didn't try to make me stop. I looked at togetjer. face and he looked like he was really enjoying my attention. I think it took me a couple minutes to realize that I was jerking off my own brother. Realizing what I was doing, I quickly took my hand away and started to apologize to Nrothers. And being a good swimmer, I would always win. So sometimes I would slow down just to feel one of the guys reach around my dangling cock and balls and pull me under. My brother and I always played that game, and traded off winning and loosing. It was part of the fun Todd and I enjoyed together as we entered puberty, and our confusing teen years.

I would always be naked in our room, and the family knew it. They always knocked before entering. Nobody said anything about it. Of course Todd did his share of smacking my butt and goosing me from time to time, but he didn't seem to mind it either. Of course I loved seeing him naked or more often wearing only his jockstrap and dancing around the room.

I loved watching his bare buns. Todd and I did nake usual things, mutual masturbation and shooting Stories of brothers having sex together. naked brothers cum. cum, seex for distance, etc. Then the summer before Todd was to leave for Storries, he and I started doing more things to each other. Instead of smacking my bar- eass, he would grab and hold on, until I stopped trying to get away. Then he would massage my ass, and poke my asshole with his finger from time to time. I acted like I was tolerating it, but I secretly loved it. Of course brotheers cock would get hard, and Todd knew I wasn't too upset.

The week before he was to leave, Todd crawled into my bed, some- thing he had done since we were really young kids. He talked about being scared about leaving home, and I xum. I would be very lonely without him. Throughout the night I awoke and moved so we would be spoon fash- ioned with his cock, usually hard, pressed against my asscheeks. Sunday morning came too quickly, and we were both slowly trying to wake up. Me naked as usual. I noticed Todd, too, stayed naked while packing, and getting ready for his trip away from home. I got in the shower, and was lathering my body, thrilling at the feel of my slippery hands on my tits, and Todd pulled back the shower curtain.

My knees almost buckled, finally living the fantasy I had had, or Storiess least one of them. I turned and did the same too him. I had felt my brother's body over the years, usually during a pretense to give him a massage. Or during havijg past week when togdther. had been sharing a bed and lots of hugs, but never toether. I openly explored his body. And from his moaning, he loved it as much as I did. On my knees, I was soaping his strong thighs, and then his nuts and cock. Now at school, we called each other things like cocksucker, but I knew that was something only queers did. But at this time, I didn't care, he was my brother, and I wanted his cock.

My mouth enveloped his thick hard cock, and Nakeed hands held my head as Oof sucked my first cock. From his body's jerking around, I thought I brotherss soon have his cum in my throat, and his hands were holding my head so I couldn't move away. I thought what the hell, and let his cock go even deeper in my throat. I wanted his load to travel down my throat and lodge in my stomach. But Todd stopped and pulled me to my feet. This was what I had wanted while we slept together, but I hadn't quite realized it. Todd hurt me as his cock turned me from virgin into brother into lover. He had reached for my own hard cock, while his other arm held me immobile against his developed chest.

From his sounds I knew brotherly cum was shooting up my asshole, and soon my own body jerked in his con- trol and shot my load against the shower room wall. Not like we had done from time to time during our respective 17 and 18 years, but like lovers. Our tongues saying things to each other we could not say verbally. Todd waved as he went to the car. At the last minute I decided not to ride along with the rest of the family, claiming my stomach hurt. Actually it did. And to cure that, I took another shower, and thought about Todd as I pulled on my cock with one hand, and finger fucked myself with the other.

Todd had left me with more then he or I had planned on. And I already was making plans to visit him as soon as I could. Naked in Todd's dorm School was boring that fall. I felt myself about to cum, so I pulled out of his mouth. Charlie looked up at me with surprise and dismay. Did you… Ummm… Cum? It sounds fun! He moaned lightly as I squeezed it. Any more questions? Can we try it, Cavan? It was really kind of strange. Now, after all those years of mutual aggravation, we made time to get to know one another for real. I was surprised to find that we had practically the same taste in bands and movies, we were both internet geeks, we loved to read and shared many favorite books in common.

The once bratty pain-in-my-ass had morphed into a super-cool and interesting guy. I was both confused and thrilled. The following week, Robbie and I got to spend even more time together. Mom and Dad went back to work and left us to our own designs. We went to the movies a lot, and then hung out at the coffee house to dissect them afterwards. For reasons I understand better now, this casual comment went though me like an electric spark. Robbie and I had already been lightly and innocently flirting a little here and there, but in this case, I sensed clearly that the words were his and not his nerdy pals.

It dawned on me, clear as day, that my little brother had a crush on me. I understood the laws of taboo: I adored him for the effort, and I actually felt myself swoon a bit. The thought did not repulse me in the least. In fact, as soon as the epiphany struck, I felt my pussy throb and grow liquidy-warm. Something clicked inside me. I pretty much made up my mind right then: I was going to let my little brother fuck me if he wanted. That night Robbie went out with his nerd buddies. I hung with the folks for a bit of TV, and then went upstairs to my room to surf the web. I searched sexstoriespost. My slit grew wet and horny as I began to read.

I pulled my panties over my ankles and kicked them aside. The next couple of hours I poured over incest stories while casually fingering my wet hole. Later I heard Robbie come in, but it was late. To tell the truth, now that I had made up my mind to seduce him, I started to feel a little nervous. After about ten minutes or so, he suddenly popped up on Skype. I was debating about texting him when he nudged me on the screen. Almost immediately I heard a faint tap at my door. Rock Steady My name is Shane and I am 16 at the time of the story, and my older brother Eric being Sense I was in the next room, I could hear everything through the walls. At first I heard my brother tell Ian to be quiet, as to not wake me or my dad up, but thinking of how loud they were when they first arrived I wondered if my dad had already been awake.

I then heard Ian say "I really need to take a piss, man".

Naked brothers together. of Stories brothers having cum. sex

At the same time my brother was walking out of the room. As I heard this I jump out of bed, and ran to the door were we had a joint bathroom that nakex brother and I often used at the same time, because like our lf, we were comfortable with each other being nude. I could hear Ian walking to the other side of the room to the bathroom. I got on one knee to look through a key hole in the door. As he lifted the seat and began to unbutton his jeans. He then lowered his boxers and pulled out his huge cock. His cock was semi-hard as he took a piss. I could do nothing but gaze with exitment. I then remembered how big his boldge was when he got out of the pool after we all practices for the swim team.

As I kept looking he finished up, and then he looked at his cock, which was about 8 inch, then he started to stroke himself, my dick instently got hard, and I had wished that I was in the room to help him. He was in the bathroom for about minutes jacking off, when my brother walked in.

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