Play asphalt 8 without updating your resume

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Championship Update

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This was fixed in the Wiithout New Year Update, with the required slope angle for cars to roll down being increased. If the player has a Grand Finale uncompleted, all subsequent Grand Finales will show the same quote until that race is completed. Missing Cars: Main article: Going into a drift and out of it may fix the problem.

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This resulted in time penalties for many players, leaving Tilt to Steer the only viable option. This feature correctly persists in the Patagonia tracks Crystal Lake and Ice Cave due to those tracks starting at a very steep upwards slope. For all cars, the amount of credits awarded for completing Car Mastery the first time has gone down for Challenges 6 to 10 and up for Challenges 11 to The Multiplayer League ticket count has been extended to 4 from the original 2 as of January 12, Cars Rolling Down: The logo for nanoFlowcell has been updated. The fully-dressed race driver is, except for the wheels, the only animated part of the car: This bug was eventually fixed in the Lunar New Year Update.

A workaround to this was to pause the game as soon as the race started and resume. Error x: However, this didn't work in multiplayer, as bringing up the pause menu does not pause the in-game action.

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