Lauren graham talks dating parenthood co star peter krause

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Lauren Graham on finding love with 'Parenthood' co-star: 'There was no game play'

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He took me to concerts. They made small talk backstage, and right as their names were being announced, he asked her if she wanted to hold hands. She did.

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He had a cameo in the Gilmore Girls reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, as a park ranger, which Graham says fit his character perfectly. And whispers have begun about a follow-up to Gilmore Girls: But that's exactly how Lauren Graham handles our interview. Later, when I mention that I'm heading from her house to a friend's barbecue, Lauren insists I take a Tupperware container of the dip and some spicy tortilla chips. If Lauren is feeling a bit extra domestic these days, there's a reason: After spending her 30s so wrapped up in work that she back-burnered her romantic life, she has finally found love, with her Parenthood costar Peter Krause.

And yes, in a vaguely awkward twist, Krause plays her brother on the show. Lauren's legions of fans are thrilled to see her happily coupled at 43 — and who wouldn't root for her? She's as real and relatable as one of your best friends, the one you just knew had a great romance in her future. Her excellent news takes on a bit more poignancy when you know her childhood backstory: The woman who won our hearts playing moms wasn't raised by her own mother. She grew up in Washington, DC, with a single dad; her mother left the family when Lauren was 5, to move to London and pursue a singing career.

Graham speaks lovingly of both parents her mother died five years agoas well as her stepmother, whom her father married when Lauren was in high school. In her book-filled library, she shows me a framed black-and-white portrait of herself as a baby, being held by her maternal grandmother. They're watching a beautiful dark-haired woman — Lauren's mom — being interviewed on TV. When we settle down to do the interview, it turns out Lauren is as low-key and witty as you'd imagine her to be — with a couple more little secrets to reveal, too. So on Parenthood, you're playing a single mom again. How did you feel about that? When I was considering Gilmore Girls [at age 32], people were like, "You shouldn't play a mom.

People will think you're too old. People are mothers at my age. And when I took Parenthood, people said, "You shouldn't play another mom. Mom isn't an adjective or a personality; they're not all the same.

Graham dating star co krause parenthood peter Lauren talks

Lauren Graham dishes about some of her all-time favorite TV moms. Had you worked xating anyone from stqr cast before? Peter was one of the first people I met Lwuren I came out to L. We dxting an episode of Caroline in the City where he walked on his hands. And now Peter is your boyfriend. What's it like to play the sister of someone you're dating? You can be dismissive and obnoxious to them and no one can blame you — but you can only get away with that on camera. And it's a lot, to work with somebody and then spend time [at home] with them too. What's the story of how you got together?

As I said, we met when I first came out here, but the timing wasn't right. Though I think we liked each other. The year also saw Graham beginning to appear recurrently in The Odd Coupleplaying Gaby, the former wife of the series' main protagonist Oscar, [43] and appear in an episode of the hidden camera comedy Repeat After Me.

In OctoberGraham parentbood in Middle School: As a result of her own distaste for portions of her youth, Graham related to the title, sparking her initial interest in participating. A Year in the Life. The comedic novel is a fictionalization of her experiences trying to become an actress in s New York. In NovemberGraham's second book was published: Smith, [62] Graham's book editor. They first met in when they both appeared in the sitcom Caroline in the Citythen became a couple while playing brother and sister on Parenthood.

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