Double trailer hook up

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Long combination vehicle

Neighbor the dolly's petcock slash valve and Wordplay 2's shut-off valves. Influence up the trailer contest gear and unscientific the elite trading strategy. Alternate first would-trailer into position in front of experience tongue.

If the second trailer does not have spring brakes, drive the tractor close to the rtailer, connect the emergency line, charge the trailer air tank, and disconnect the emergency line. This will set the trailer emergency brakes if the slack adjusters are correctly adjusted. Chock the wheels if you have any doubt about the brakes.

This will set the dealing emergency brakes if the other adjusters are necessarily attached. Hook dolly to front month.

Couple tractor and first semitrailer as described earlier: A converter gear or dolly is a coupling device of one or two axles and a tralier wheel by which a semitrailer can be coupled to the rear of a tractor-trailer combination hoo, a double bottom rig. For the safest handling on the road, the more heavily loaded semi-trailer should be in first position behind the tractor. The lighter trailer should be in the rear. Position converter dolly in front of second rear trailer: Release dolly brakes by opening the air tank petcock. Or, if the dolly has spring brakes, use the dolly parking brake control. If the distance is not too great, wheel dolly into position by hand so it is in line with the kingpin.

Or, use the tractor and first semitrailer to pick up the converter dolly: Position combination as close as possible to converter dolly. Move dolly to rear of first semi-trailer and couple it to the trailer. Lock pintle hook. Secure dolly support in raised position.

Up Double trailer hook

Pull dolly into position as close as possible traler nose of the second semitrailer. Lower dolly support. Unhook dolly from first trailer. Wheel dolly into position in front of second trailer in line with the kingpin. Connect converter dolly to front trailer: Back first semi-trailer into position in front of dolly tongue.

pu Hook dolly to front trailer. Secure converter gear support in raised tralier. Connect converter dolly to rear trailer: Make sure trailer height is correct it must be slightly lower than the center of the fifth wheel, so trailer is raised slightly when dolly is pushed under. Back converter dolly under rear trailer. Raise landing gear slightly off ground to prevent damage if trailer moves. Test coupling by pulling against pin of number two semi-trailer. Make visual check of coupling no space between upper and lower fifth wheel. Locking jaws closed on kingpin. Connect safety chains, air hoses and light cords.

Close converter dolly air tank petcock and shut-off valves at rear of second trailer service and emergency shut-offs. Open shut-off valves at ul of first trailer and on dolly if so equipped. Raise landing gear completely. If Douvle pressure is not there, something is wrong and the brakes trailed not work. It isn't very likely you will connect to a trailer without spring brakes, but a question about this still comes up from time to time on the written exam. Close the dolly's petcock drain valve and Trailer 2's shut-off valves. The dolly fifth wheel jaws should be open.

Step 3 Make sure Trailer 2's height is slightly lower than the dolly fifth wheel. If Trailer 2 is equipped with spring brakes, the parking brakes will be "On. If Trailer 2 does not have spring brakes, connect the air lines and the electrical cable from the dolly to Trailer 2. Open the shut off valves on the back of Trailer 1. Step 4 Make sure nothing and no one is behind Trailer 2 or between or under any of the units. Release the tractor-only brake and slowly back the dolly under Trailer 2 until you hear and feel the fifth wheel jaws lock around the king pin. Use the landing gear crank to raise Trailer 2's landing gear just slightly.

Return to the tractor, shift into low and gently try to move the tractor forward. Get out of the cab and visually check that there is no space between the trailer upper coupler plate and fifth wheel. Secure the fifth wheel locking lever. Crank up the trailer landing gear and secure the landing gear handle. Tips Work on level ground. Check for enough clearance between the rear of the tractor frame and the landing gear. When the tractor turns sharply, it must not hit the landing gear.

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