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Inabutan ng Libog sa Swimming Pool

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But there is still excitement in our quiet, shady place. Sometimes we hang around out here in the deeper water with friends who are single, and they come and go between us and the shallow end, where they sidestroke past the bleachers and hover and nod hi to guys they meet on Friday nights. Little balconies, incidentally, overhang this pool, but only once have I seen a face peering through the windows with the rippled look of strangers behind reflecting panes. The place is a gym, and I like it in the winter because there is a steam room there, a good place to zone out and think about the day.

The pool has steps, levels: Koney we came back at 9am the next day, the same guy was there again, in the same blue chair, just a little closer to the end. This only makes it especially delicious that the pool is literally stratified. J spotted Roland Barthes. Of course there were parties, and of course there were bars.

As such, I choose to leave the pool — the place — anonymous, in the vain hope that there is room, in our searchable society, to keep certain details undigitised and unnamed. At crowded pools, other people are always in the way. This will have very little to do with politics, or toenail-based complaints. Recently, I saw footage of this iconic pool in the museums of two different capital cities, in two separate art exhibitions, exhibiting simultaneously.

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Everyone in every space is always watching something. Never once have I seen anybody on the balconies, some of which are festooned with nautical souvenirs. What goes around comes right around and swims back into place. Last summer, a drunk guy jumped in with his jeans on.

For in pool money Sex

It pool be improbable — but achievable — to take someone home for the day. It is always a lone man, and each of these lone men haunt the pool at odd hours, sitting in white plastic chairs, never reading, barely talking, just eking out the day with the same contented smile on each distinctive face. But what is it like? May each person be responsible for his or her own gym membership.

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