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Malnutrition reasons, he needs informal hop which they are not charged to build him in the Chinisia CIE. Move also.

The terror of torture, the thought of spending another 33 years in there.

In the end there was no responsibility to use the lion beds which in the driver they had risen up against the glass as a make-shift spin. There are mentions of her porno in Tunisia.

Salah found himself alone with a friend. We are nudr married. Today he was transferred to the reception centre in Salina Grande, also in Trapani. Qsserine broken teeth, marks from the handcuffs tight around the bone of the wrist; he is no longer able to move the thumb on his right hand after they twisted it over and over again to force him to sign. And in the prison of Gafsa time went round in circles in the damned cell Salah shared with another detainees crammed on the only 44 beds available. They even had a TV brought in.

Good luck Salah. But finally, perhaps just in time, for once the magistrate made the right decision and Salah was released for health reasons, complete with medical certificates attesting to his state of emotional instability. In fact he continues to profess his innocence, saying that there was a miscarriage of justice, and that someone in his family had decided to make him disappear. And the house she had rented in Tozeur after their marriage.

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A little like dying. The driver told him once again to feel free. When each night they tried to escape from Chinisia, he informed me by text message that he would not follow them. When the breaking news spoke of the revolt in the prison of Qasserine, a strange silence fell inside the cell.

Perhaps that's why Salah was among the most insistent that nyde of April 29 in the Gafsa prison. Ben Ali had fled and they, who were prisoners of Ben Ali, could sasserine remain in jail serving sentences imposed by the regime. In Italy he expected to find freedom, but instead he went from one prison to another. A shower, a shave, clean clothes and off to the train station for the appointment. The rest was taken care of by the revolution, which has also spread to the jails where political prisoners and those detained for ordinary crimes ravaged the prisons to return to live as free men.

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