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Good things come to those who wait sure but like I said earlier first impressions are everything now these days especially in anime. And with all that being said overall not taking the worst of the worst or the best of the best from an animation laatino into more consideration that the other on a regular basis the anime's art style and 161 wasn't anything to brag or complain about to be honest and if you take that into consideration if the worst of the worst is averaged in with the best of the best you get the score I came out with which is a solid 7. I personally think it's fair since the best of the best is some of the best I've seen in all of Dragon ball animation and I personally feel it outweighs the worst of the worst this anime has shown.

From the openings to the countless endings, voice acting JP VAsound effects and background music I felt they were all great in every department in the sound category. They also did a great job and from the little that I've heard from the English Dub, it sounds like everything is great over there also with some extra flair to it's dialogue script. But sadly over the time majority of the characters has failed to develop, impress or even stay relevant.

But now in Dragn days of Dragon Ball Super it's basically "if you ain't Goku you ain't shit". Now we know the ultimate formula of layout of a Dragon Ball Z arcs for the most part goes bad comlleto show up Vegeta and maybe Piccolo compldto a fight, a win or two in until they get mopped then Goku shows up and takes it from there. Majority of the time this formula can be seen in all of the movies. When it came to Dragon Ball Super this formula never really is show cased. And I'm not counting the first two arcs since both of those were movies originally titled with a Z in their names vs a Super. Even though we don't see this predictable by now formula in Super doesn't mean it's for the better or worse as changing from it only showcased it's pro and cons.

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One Pro is that since it isn't following that formula, it's hard to predict exactly will datnig next, which is good to some degree. The capitull show themselves a bit differently as each compleho has it's new narrative content but from a story standpoint based on what the characters decided to do they have lead the story down such inconsistencies or disappointments that are capituo though out each arc. With that being said we all know characters in the Dragon Ball Universe aren't that impressive but we can agree that the characters are better and more interesting than the story they exist within right? Either way I'm not going to break down the issues I have with every single character that I thought had an issue with new or old that Super has showcased as this section is already long enough for you to understand where I'm coming from.

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