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It was all so casual. She was straight up deepthroating him. My eyes glazed over.

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I was naked. Simply put, Riviera Maya is livelier and attracts a relatively younger crowd, whereas Pearl is more subdued blowjbo tranquil, and most guests are ready to go to sleep by midnight. Interestingly, being nude in public didn't feel weird or uncomfortable at all. I thought he was sunbathing or something and taking in how beautiful the beach is Aaand everyone was obviously wasted.

Who woulda thunk it? Another couple was going the slow and sensual route and grinding at a glacial pace. How are you this morning? Yeah, it was a little overwhelming at times and I can never unsee some of the things I saw there, but it was worth it.

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I suspect the copious amounts of alcohol I drank played a part in that, but nonetheless, it was incredibly freeing, and the warm water felt absolutely spectacular against my skin. It was amazing. A middle-aged man, butt-naked save for a twill bucket hat, flip flops, and a towel draped over his shoulder, was casually walking towards the pool, his flaccid junk flopping around with each step. When Angie came back with some drinks, the old man took a hint and kissed my hand, and returned to his equally old wife. This is my husband, Ben. And likewise, nobody in the crowded pool area as much as looked in their direction.

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