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Ravenswood Season 1: Caleb Breaks Up With Hanna — To Be With Miranda?

Bernie later bills with Remy, who is proportional Luke atop her heart's reservations. Ed, Vivien, Remy, Livvy and Will are all published said and nonlinear on the buyer as the car there adders to the bottom.

As a dark shadow passes through the room, the trio feels that they are czleb alone and decide to leave. As Remy drives Caleb and Miranda in her car, she tells them that she believes they are connected to past occurrences in the town. The five teens who died in the boating accident drowned after the sole surviving Ravenswood war veteran came home, Remy says.

And now that her mother, a returning vet who is the sole survivor of mirajda unit, is back, Remy wonders about the connection to these newcomers. As she is relaying her acleb, she sees Olivia and Luke walking and offers them a Is caleb dating miranda. With the five teens piled in the car, Remy heads for a bridge when Miranda sees the same scary woman from the house appear in the middle of the road. Grabbing the wheel, Miranda accidentally steers the car off the road and into the water. Caleb, Miranda, Remy, Livvy and Luke are mranda seen screaming and banging on the datiny as the car slowly sinks to the bottom. Then there's the more extreme, far more awful option.

The Ravenswood pact was the reason why Caleb was lured back to the town — he was one of the five teens slated to die in his generation. However, the show isn't necessarily specific about which teens had to go. What if the town went through with the pact, and Caleb came out unscathed? Perhaps his three friends and two other unassuming teens all died together as the pact warranted, and Caleb, for whatever reason, was spared, possibly due to the wrench that Miranda's death threw in the Pact Maker's overall plan. Caleb may not have technically been responsible for the deaths of his peers, but he would still feel survivor's guilt. Caleb's drinking habit could cover up the guilt he feels for living through the pact that was supposed to be his death sentence.

Whatever Caleb is running from, it's clear that drinking won't solve his problems. Until Caleb reveals the truth about what happened in Ravenswood, we're going to see a lot of brown-bagged rum bottles in his near future. Luke doesn't trust his twin sister's friends, and vows to protect both his mother and sister as the man of their family. Britne Oldford as Remy Beaumont: An employee at the Ravenswood Gazette, the town newspaper, where her father is the editor-in-chief, who helps Caleb find the death record of his look-alike. Remy is Luke's girlfriend and is the first to form a theory about the curse. Luke Benward as Dillon Sanders: Olivia's ex-boyfriend.

In the series finale, he was revealed to be the murderer of Olivia's father, and is hit by a train at the end of the episode.

Merritt Patterson as Olivia Matheson: Luke's twin sister. Olivia is Iss out in the open than her brother. She cares about what people think of her mother, but that doesn't stop her from living her life. Bub number 2, and tess is secretly dating.

Caleb miranda Is dating

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