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Bachelor Star Lesley Murphy Dating Someone New Months After Breakup From Dean Unglert

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In AprilLesley had both of her breast removed after finding out she had a BRCA 2 gene mutation giving her a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

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They later split in April Lesley, a one-time politico, shared the news online intially, writing: Buzzzz kill. I know. But it's true what they say - knowledge is power. The star dated Bachelorette contestant Dean Unglert pictured together in February above briefly last year after the pair were introduced on the dating show's spin-off Bachelor Winter Games. They later split in April The upbeat beauty said that of the 'few options' she has after the discovery, she's 'decided that preventative surgery' is the way to go, adding: Yep, it's happening. After the mastectomy, Lesley documented her recovery process and showed how 'expander' implants were filled with saline every week to get the tissues to stretch again.

Bachelor Who the is dating lesley from

Obviously the decision to participate in the series proved to be successful in the love department, because she and Dean clearly hit it off and developed a relationship. And according to Dean's recent comments to Us Weekly, he's "incredibly happy" these days. Score one for reality romance! When he's not vying for a rose on national TV, he's hosting his podcast, "Help!

I Suck bachellor Dating. The Arkansas native discussed her journalistic journey in her website's About page, writing, After living and working abroad for a year, Datong had what I needed to start a blog: This site lesleyy my crazy adventures around the world and getting lost in the culture of the people — seeing how they move, what they eat and how they make a living. I try to put is all on paper for my followers to read and be inspired to see the same places I just explored. I like to think I can make a difference one destination at a time. Someone that has a lot of personality. Lesley obviously has passion for adventure and incredible wanderlust, so it sounds like she's checking some of those boxes.

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