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Helens finally exploded after months of intense gaseous buildup, Intimidating photos erupted in an 80,foot column of gas in the sky causing ash to be deposited into eleven neighboring US states. A natural stimulus or one inflicted by humans can set the right or wrong series of events in motion, causing the snow to come tumbling down the mountainside at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, giving anything in its path little chance for survival. With forces equivalent to several large-scale bombs, they are powerful enough to destroy large vehicles, trains and buildings with ease. In this image, the scope and size of the avalanche can be seen in its comparison to the highway adjacent to it. Tornados often forming in the midst of powerful thunderstorms can cause even stronger downpours and bring along thunder and lightning while they tear their paths of destruction through whatever lies ahead.

As we saw earlier, anything residing in the path of a tornado has very little chance of remaining intact following its short but powerful appearance. Even though it may seem like they are becoming more and more common, the power of these storms is unimaginably great with wind speeds capable of exceeding miles per hour. What makes these events truly dangerous is the immense size of a hurricane which can easily cover an entire state, often visible from space with ease as can be seen in this monumental image from above. The winds over ocean waters make them even more dangerous as flooding is often the most damaging effect of the storms. This usually means deserts or regions that are near deserts.

The phenomena are caused by strong winds which kick up dirt and sand particles and carry them long distances, depositing them after the wind settles down. While this is occurring the storm itself can look intimidating because of its grand size and dark appearance, limiting those in its path to low visibility.

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Infimidating this eerie image, a sandstorm looms large over an Arizona town, engulfing everything in its path. An earthquake that takes Intimisating at sea can often be far more dangerous than those on land because phoos can still knock down buildings, but also adds the waves of a tsunami which cause mass flooding and can destroy everything in its path through sheer force and volume. In this stunning photo, the beaches of Hawaii brace themselves for a massive wave. Although no damage was done to the surrounding areas, residents are always on edge when the volcano wakes up and becomes active. These events can sometimes be a sign of something much bigger in the near future.

The ash cloud over the mountain stretches high into the sky reminiscent of an atomic bomb cloud, making for a scary image. The day after Japan was hit by the powerful waves and trembles of the earthquake which took over 20, lives, relief efforts were underway in the town of Sendai which was nearly completely submerged in water with massive fires breaking out throughout the city because of damage to buildings and infrastructure. As can be seen in this image, wildfires can be truly haunting as the effects can be devastating. Despite this climber's oxygen mask, full-body gear and multiple layers, this climber managed to do the unthinkable Our hats are off to you, humble hiker.

Either way, it's downright scary. Grizzly bears are notorious for protecting their young and being avid hunters, one of which you definitely do not want to tangle with. The strength of their jaw power alone is enough to rattle us and we can't imagine this guy was any more comfortable being within yards of one. The setting appears to be Alaska and up there, these grizzlies don't mess around If you are one, however, then by all means!

This guy doesn't seem to be phased in the least by the spewing hot pit that's raging behind him but Intimidating photos still took a fairly large risk. The suit he's wearing is specially designed to withstand the heat and coupled with an oxygen mask, he's probably pretty safe But talk about having some guts! Regardless, it's an awesome picture and one that most of us can't say we'd ever be brave enough to take. With all of the innovative qualities that selfie sticks brought to photography, taking gravity-defying shots has become all the rage.

We can only assume it was windy enough at this height to bring on the face coverings and sweatshirts which means they're fairly high up. The beauty of selfie sticks is that you don't need to risk reaching your arm out to get the photo of a lifetime, something these kids made evident via a humble thumbs-up. Even the most experienced of divers still discover new things and we're not sure which of the two this diver is, but they sure are gutsy. Diving down into a plume of jellyfish isn't something we'd recommend even if you are super experienced. There were any number of things that could have gone wrong in this photo but if you don't think about that, it's definitely a cool aesthetic.

We can't imagine it can be totally safe flying via parachute above these peaks but wow, what a tremendous experience. The detail in these ridges is simply unreal and the expression on this parachuter's face says it all when it comes to a once in a life time experience such as this.

It really gives a Intumidating new meaning to having the wind in your face, although we're sure this was probably a bit more nItimidating than just cruising with the windows wide open. Regardless, it's a very James Bond-esque photo op and we applaud the sense of calm that Initmidating from his face. You'd never be able to photps that this guy was a phhotos height off the ground, but we're sure you're probably too distracted by that crystal-clear, aquamarine water to notice anyway. This is island beauty at its finest and we're kind of wishing we were boarding one of those ships below right now. Thompson spent weeks gaining the approval of churches, authorities, and even a priest, before making the venture up to the top of this iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Evidently, he wasn't even going to take a selfie at first as it turned out to be a last-minute addition to what would prove to be an unforgettable experience. Many others aren't so lucky, but now, we can treasure this feat and its view for all eternity thanks to his last-minute thinking. The country's mountain ranges are like no other and Matterhorn is incomparable to any other mountain on earth with its brazen peak and snow-covered cap. This selfie was taken by a travel blogger named Kristin, who writes a blog called Be My Muse.

Photos Intimidating

Not only is her foreground a stunning choice for a selfie, but it's also unmistakable and iconic Lest we forget, this is also a very innovative way of using a selfie stick and a pop of color via her magical hat. Well, you're looking at the result of one of them! Not only is this picture the perfect demonstration of an invasion of privacy, but it's also a perfectly-timed selfie. We never thought an animal and a human being could be more evenly matched but here it is -- proof that evolution doesn't always make us so different. Here's to hoping that giraffe had a breath mint for breakfast and eased up on the oats.

Well, unless you're paranoid about Roman-era gladiators coming to life and charging you from across the street, that is.

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