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Asimov's Robot series - a future where humankind has built AI i tech that supports rather than supplants humanity, and usually behaves itself admirably. BioShock - a genuinely thought-provoking game about the promises and limits of tech-based utopia. Kraftwerk, Com Truise, Tangerine Dream - the beautiful sounds of our neon future, rendered in the gorgeously synthesized tones that can only come from the fruitful marriage of human and machine.

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We'll datijg posting more of this as DC27 approaches. Lots more. This is going to be fun. Join us, won't you? Get cozy, get educated and get sharing. Lots of interesting stuff in here about the rapidly expanding attack surface that is the world of connected devices. Watch, share and remember: The 'S' in IoT stands for 'Security'.

There's something for everyone! As always, enjoy and share. We've got a playlist from the Social Engineering Village. Learn the techniques and strategies used to manipulate the weak link between the keyboard and the chair.

As always, passiton. Ygm a perfect time to find a cozy corner and treat yourself to a steaming mug of hacker knowledge. Please enjoy, and share a cup with anyone you think could use a little seasonal cheer. Be comfortable and wear casual clothes; t-shirts and jeans are encouraged! Love to snack? Most of our offices are supplied with fresh fruit and incredible snacks so no one gets hangry. Need a break from the screen? Look no further than the foosball, table hockey, or ping pong some locations have and encourage you to use.

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