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She plays with her hairy pussy and fingers herself into orgasm. Curious catssby fondled her breasts, two and three, maybe even more hands, se was hard for her to keep count. Her body loower longer belonged to her but eluts the carriage of strangers. One of the extra hands moved lower to where the stranger, 'the captain' was working and the two hands battled for access. The captain's hand won and plunged fingers deep into her, claiming its spoils. Muffled grunts and shuffling told her that people were moving to get closer to her; shoving each other in eagerness to grope her. His fingers stopped moving inside and around her clit and just held her steady while random strangers played with her tits and his hot cock throbbed between her thighs.

She reached for the seat with her left hand to steady her trembling knees and her mind reeled. His cock withdrew and left a cold shadow between her legs as he moved her dress over her arse and down past her thighs till it fell to the floor. She felt his fingers explore the elastic of her knickers and pull it to the side. His hot cock edged in past the elastic and slid slick along the wet lips of her cunt. The heavy throbbing knob of it poised at her opening And the lights came on. David's lady friend gasped and covered the smiling young man's greedy eyes.

A collective murmur fell into hushed nervous quiet as the entire carriage now saw Sue completely naked except for her polka-dot cotton briefs. She had no time to look from eye to eye and see the diverse reactions. She didn't see envy, didn't see lust, didn't see embarrassment or disgust. For the time being all she was aware of was the large throbbing penis wedged firmly between her upper thighs, threatening to penetrate her with every jolt and bump of the train. The huddle of bodies around her felt closer, despite the fact that several people left the carriage at the station. Now and then, a stranger gathered enough courage to reach a hand out and touch her naked breasts or feel along the round of her hips.

A tall African man watched her with inky expressionless eyes and Sues eyes widened at the growing lump in his trousers.

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The stranger behind her remained still with Fines hand on the rail i the slight movements of the train jostle his knob along Sue's wet pussy lips. It took a very long five minutes to reach the next station. Her cheeks fpr red in blush as people smiled and nodded before leaving the train. One or two even silently reached out to touch her tits one last time before disembarking. She almost cried out in protest as she saw a man wave from the platform outside with a floral printed cotton scrap that she knew had been her dress. The carriage only held half as many people standing now. Her arms were no longer pressed to her sides and people could turn fully around to openly ogle her.

She wondered Finss she move ssx from the stranger esx that would expose his cock and people would know slluts not only was she almost catesbj, she sltus close to fucking a slluts. A man to her right was openly cor. He had unzipped his pants catesgy taken out his dick. He rubbed his cock in slow lazy strokes and fed his hungry eyes on her body. A woman in a dark grey business suit made eye contact and licked her lips then smiled and bustled her way a little closer blocking Sues view of the African man's growing third leg. She felt a bit like a zoo exhibit. The naked ape in heat. A sudden lurch of the train interrupts her mental picture as his knob is plunged into her pussy briefly then plops back out.

She wondered if anyone could see the stranger enter her underneath her knickers. She looks from face to face but only the wanker with little white dick out looks back at her with any sort of registered expression. It's all she can do not to reach back and force him back inside her. The slight back and forth of the train and the reciprocal back and forth of the strangers cock have brought her very close to a second orgasm and she knew the smell of her arousal must be quite evident to everyone in the carriage. Her juices have leaked down her thighs and occasionally she thought she even heard the squelchy naughtiness between her legs.

Her breath came in short shallow pants and her knuckles glowed white where she gripped the seat back for support. It had always been a shared fantasy to be publicly used and stripped. They had spoken of it often in their sex play, even planning to hire a bus or booth at the football, but always had floundered when it came to the logistics of crowd sourcing. Whatever he might think of it mattered very little to anyone on that train as it entered the final and longest tunnel. The instant that darkness concealed her, Sue reached back for the stranger's hips and arched her back to angle his cock correctly.

She buried him full to his balls inside her and she came at once. She came far too loudly for public decency. The history of the Fighting Cocks is perhaps the most enigmatic of the pubs in St Albans. A board giving a potted history of the place has hung. All of them, however, are being crowded out of my memory because during our visit we ate at a place called The Cock Inn, and I find that to be. The Cock pub St From Wikimedia.

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