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He was a founder of the Re: Foi guitarrista da banda Negroove e do coletivo re: Potiparapernambahian musician, Master in Computer Science from UFPE, researcher of computer graphics, computer music and interactive systems. He has been a guitar player at Negroove band and Re: Specialized in frontiers, she works within the greatest fields of Art, Education, Technology and Culture. Maria Ptqk Nasceu em Bilbao, Espanha, em She is an independent cultural researcher, curator and producer working at the crossroads of media, techno-science, gender studies and cultural policies. He is interested in the crosspollination of the concepts and practices between online and nononline worlds.

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He has over published books in Brazil and abroad. Conducts research and works in the fields of Anthropology, Arts and Visual Languages, related to urban issues, social and cultural diversity, as well as the occupation of public space. Graphic artist, gambiologist, light designer, art director, collector of collections. Digital culture activist, programmer, social media consultant and natural born provocateur. He is the LabHacker director. She coordinates and participates in research projects and experimentation in art and digital culture in Brazil and abroad, such as: Artist, Professor and curator.

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This research proposal was originated based on articulations between the School of Nursing of the Federal University of Bahia, and the Coimbra Nursing School, for the undertaking of doctoral internships, when the Professor of the Portuguese institution indicated the possibility of analyzing the database of the diaries of the sessionsof Portugal's National Assembly andCorporative Chamber, in the period to It is appropriate to emphasize that this last already had undertaken searches in this database of legislative acts, on the site of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal, using the following words: A total of pages were selected from the diaries of the sessionsof the National Assembly and the Corporative Chamberof Portugal.

The data were collected in the period 13th April to 27th Augustwhen all the pages were read, and the texts which dealt with nursing or the professional nurse were extracted.

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For the analysis of the findings, the method of content analysis was adopted, in the technique of thematic analysis, defined as a method of textual analysis which reduces the complexity of this, covering statistical techniques and the qualitative analysis of the research materials. This method allows us to reconstruct indicators and worldviews, values, attitudes, opinions, prejudices and stereotypes The data analysis passed through three stages, namely: Comprehensive reading of the material selected: These were inserted in a spreadsheet containing the identification data of the diary, the topic in which it fit, and the transcribed text. Exploration of the material: Elaboration of the interpretive summary: RESULTS In this regard, we present the results by decade, purely for didactic reasons, although we understand history in a perspective of the Annales School, a social history which correlates the past, present and future in a chain of continuous and discontinuous occurrences.

In a ward with — and sometimes more — patients, during the night there may be one assistant and one nurse, who receives generously two decilitersof coffee during the night, but nothing to eat, as this staff do not have the right to a meal.

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He judges the law to be anticonstitutional, wounding the family institution, and leading to abortions and that not even the Church itself agrees, as there have been cases of nurses marrying illegally. According to the orator, lay nursing, in the French Revolution, drove awaycharity [ The lack of schools and the paywhich does not correspond to the intellectual level and the sacrifice required. In the thematic axis exploitation of the nursing work, the quotes tabulated reveal a team of nurses who are subjected to poor working conditions, low salaries, overloading of work and a subhuman work schedule, resulting in the marginalization of the profession.

In relation to this, we observe that the work in nursing first appears as essentially female and, as such, in a patriarchal society, suffers oppression, domination and marginalization. The situation is expressed in the conditions of Licenza poetica yahoo dating in nursing, grounded in the enormous fragility of the struggle for better working and living conditions, in the low rate of trade union membership among women, in the alienation, in the lack of a political tradition among women, in elitism, submission, lack of class awareness female nurses do not consider themselves to be workersLicenza poetica yahoo dating of the situation and ignorance More recent studies have emphasized that Portuguese nursing, like nursing worldwide, is marked by many of these shortcomings: In the data found in the category 'influence of the Armed Forces on the profession and military nursing', we observe that the insertion of the woman in the military service occurred with the aim of obtaining voluntary and charity work, considering the expansionist and economic interests, expressed in the value of the social corpus of a soldier.

However, it is considered that the military organization emphasized the most elementary contributions of nursing, placing emphasis on the action of supervising patients. On the other hand, it marked this profession in a singular manner, in particular resulting in the social division of the work, and the separation of the knowledge and the doing, resulting in the devalorization of the nurse's care. Other authors corroborate this in asserting that nursing is Licenza poetica yahoo dating influenced by the military organization, in particular with the principal of the unit of command, found in the linear organization, whose origins are in the Army and in the medieval period, being reflected in the dichotomy between thinking and doing in nursing In this regard, for some authors, the social division of the work begins in this period.

The work of nursing is provided by a matron the female element to direct the nursing work and the sister for the women in charge of the warda division inspired in the military organization and the religious hierarchy, a reference dating from the colonial period. Another relevant aspect was to emphasize the military nursing school, termed here as military training in Nursing. Many records dealt with the contribution of the military institutions to recruiting and training nurses to work in the wars or help in the colonial role of a country - in the case of Portugal, there are these two records.

Of the aspects found in this analytical category, gender as a social formation and nursing as auxiliary knowledge, we observed that nursing is seen as an auxiliary and collaboratory practice which can be molded at the mercy of the interests and gaps of the service. Some authors assert that, regarding nursing, as well as being seen as a secondary structure, the inequality with medicine is accentuated by the fact that it has a history linked to doing, de-articulated from theorization and a systematic and scientific training and, as a consequence, the strongest result is the devalorization and lack of prestige of the profession in relation to medicine However, the work of nursing, demanded by the advance of technology in hospitals and epidemics, needed its own technical-scientific knowledge, and the appropriation of this knowledge allowed the State to understand the impact of this professional on the health services and systems, so as to meet the population's health needs.

It is worth emphasizing that, in spite of this understanding, the legislative acts sought to assure the medical hegemony and the submission of nursing, having this last as an auxiliary practice, exploited by the medical category, so as to ensure its economic and professional interests. Regarding the thematic axis of gender as a social formation and nursing as a female field of work, we note that the call for workers was always geared to the female, as well as to the induction of the woman to actions held as "domestic", for example, for care.

Some authors hold that the identification of nursing with these activities, held as feminine, is a fallacy, as is also its explanation that it results from an "impulse" of the woman who identifies with a "maternal instinct", as an instinct for conservation of the species present even in animals She - the author - says that this assertion is a myth. Women are not born mothers but, rather, human beings of the female sex, and the roles that they occupy in society are constructed dialectically based on their own historical-social conditions These findings reinforce that nursing appears first as a female profession, determined by a series of economic and social interests, such that it was held as a devalorized, submissive and exploited practice, so as to meet the interests of the economic and political system in power at that time.

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