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A recent study shows that companies that have adopted credit card payment processing systems recently, have marked a drastic increase of their sales. Flexibility must be mentioned as well. Like the present-day republic and Romania's north-eastern region, it was known to the locals as Moldova. The history of what is today Moldova has been intertwined with that of Poland for centuries.

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Crossing the Carpathian mountains inthe voivode took control of Moldavia, and succeeded in creating Moldavia as an independent political entity. This gesture was to have unexpected consequences: Petru supplied the Polish ruler with funds needed in the war against the Teutonic Knightsand was granted control over Bbw needs company now in dubasari until the debt was to be repaid; as this is not recorded to have been carried out, the region became disputed by the two states, until it was lost by Moldavia in the Battle of Obertyn Prince Petru also expanded his rule southwards to the Danube Delta. Although Alexander I was brought to the throne in by the Hungarians with assistance from Mircea I of Wallachiathis ruler shifted his allegiances towards Poland notably engaging Moldavian forces on the Polish side in the Battle of Grunwald and the Siege of Marienburgand placed his own choice of rulers in Wallachia.

His reign was one of the most successful in Moldavia's history. The Ottomans[ edit ] Built during the reign of Stephen the Great pictured aboveseveral authors believed the Soroca Fort was constructed on the site of a former Genoese fortress named Olhionia. A deep crisis was to follow Alexandru's long reign, with his successors battling each other in a succession of wars that divided the country until the murder of Bogdan II and the ascension of Peter III Aaron in During this time, Moldavia was invaded repeatedly by Crimean Tatars and, beginning in the 15th century, by the Turks. Inthe principality became a tributary to the Ottoman Empirebut it retained internal and partial external autonomy.

Moldavia finally returned to Ottoman vassalage in While Transnistria was never politically part of the Principality of Moldavia, there were sizable areas which were owned by Moldavian boyars and given by the Moldavian rulers. The earliest surviving deeds referring to lands beyond the Dniester river date from the 16th century. While most of today's Moldova came into the Ottoman orbit in the 16th century, a substantial part of Transnistria remained a part of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth until the Second Partition of Poland in Russian Empire[ edit ] In accordance with the Treaty of Bucharest ofand despite numerous protests by Moldavian nobles on behalf of the sovereignty of their principality, the Ottoman Empire of which Moldavia was a vassal ceded to the Russian Empire the eastern half of the territory of the Principality of Moldavia along with Khotyn and old Bessarabia modern Budjakwhich Russia had already conquered and annexed.

The new Russian province was called Oblast of Moldavia and Bessarabiaand initially enjoyed a large degree of autonomy. After this autonomy was progressively restricted and in the Oblast was transformed into the Bessarabia Governorate, in a process of state-imposed assimilationRussification. As part of this process, the Tsarist administration in Bessarabia gradually removed the Romanian language from official and religious use.

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Inas neess result of the Treaty of BerlinRomania was forced bow cede the three counties back to the Russian Empire. Over the 19th century, the Russian authorities encouraged the colonization of Bessarabia by RomaniansRussiansUkrainiansGermansBulgariansand Gagauzesprimarily in the northern and southern areas vacated by Turks and Nogai Tatarthe latter having been expelled in the s and s, during Russo-Turkish Wars ; [39] [40] [41] [42] the inclusion of the province in the Pale of Settlement also allowed the immigration of more Jews. World War I brought in a rise in political and cultural ethnic awareness among the inhabitants of the region, asBessarabians were drafted into the Russian Army formed in ; within bigger units several "Moldavian Soldiers' Committees" were formed.

The union was conditional upon fulfillment of the agrarian reformautonomy, and respect for universal human rights. In Augustthe Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact and its secret additional protocol were signed, by which Nazi Germany recognized Bessarabia as being within the Soviet sphere of influencewhich led the latter to actively revive its claim to the region. Ethnic Germans left in

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