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Elsa and Anna Double Date

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Later, in the castle courtyardthe two skated together, as they once did, all those years ago.

On the day of her birthdayAnna was excited to spend the day with Elsa and anan grateful for all the trouble that her sister had went through to make it memorable. However, Anna noticed that Elsa was sick and concerned herself over her sister's state. When she had to save her from falling, Anna insisted that Elsa return home to rest and was quick to insist that her birthday had not been ruined. After settling Elsa into bed, Anna told her that taking care of her was the greatest birthday present of all. Iduna Iduna was Anna and Elsa's mother.

Like her husband, Iduna cared greatly for her daughters. On the night Anna was injured by Elsa's magic, Iduna took Anna in her arms, concerned that she was "ice-cold". Being more passive than Agnarr, Iduna silently consented to Anna and Elsa's separation, determined to keep Anna safe. As with Agnarr, Anna was close with her mother and mourned her death greatly. Love interest Kristoff Their adventure having brought them together, Anna and Kristoff began a romantic relationship. Anna initially recruited Kristoff to aid her in finding Elsa. When the ice harvester was unable to afford supplies from Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Saunashe bought the supplies in exchange for his services.

Though Anna disagreed strongly with Kristoff's thoughts regarding love and resented his need to expose gaps in her knowledge of Hans, she still helped the ice harvester defend the sled from wolves and saved his life when he almost slipped into a gorge. Anna was also sympathetic when Kristoff lost his sled in the chase, promising to replace the sled and its contents and willing to revoke their agreement. However, to Anna's delight, Kristoff decided to press onward. In spite of their rough start, Anna gradually came to admire Kristoff, realizing that beyond his rugged exterior, the ice harvester was quite sensitive and sweet.

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When Anna was struck by Elsa's magic, Kristoff was at annna side in an instant, helping the princess to her feet. She was also grateful when Kristoff, datinv of sincere concern for her safety, opened up his home, taking annw to the Valley of the Living Rock. Additionally, Anna appreciated Kristoff's outdoor expertise, as it enabled them to survive a two hundred foot drop from a cliff; his knowledge of thermal vents also helped her stay warm, providing a brief respite from the chilling effects of Elsa's curse. However, Anna was unaware of the extent to which she cared for Kristoff, overlooking her feelings due to her engagement to Hans.

After Pabbie revealed that Anna's life was in danger, Kristoff immediately took her back to Arendelle. As Anna's condition continued to worsen, Kristoff did his best to keep her warm, giving her his hat.

And dating Elsa anna

But even with her own state deteriorating, Dzting expressed concern datinv Kristoff's well-being, indicating her growing affection for her companion. When Hans betrayed her and left her for dead, Anna was disheartened and started to abandon faith. However, when Olaf alerted her that Kristoff was returning to Arendelle, Anna realized her feelings for Kristoff, and with amd spirits lifted, she found the datihg to venture out into the storm to meet him. When the storm suddenly ceased, Anna's path to Kristoff became clear. However, when she realized Elsa and anna dating was about to be killed by Hans, Anna gave Kristoff a final look of longing before rushing to Elsa's aid, freezing solid in the datinv.

Devastated by the loss of the woman he had grown so close to during their adventures, Kristoff was immensely relieved when Anna thawed out and gazed happily at her reunion with Elsa. Remembering her promise to Kristoff, Anna replaced his sled and was delighted to inform him he had become the official "Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer". With Arendelle at peace and their Elsa and anna dating behind them, Anna kissed Kristoff Elsw the cheek, prompting the ice harvester to instigate their relationship with a passionate kiss. By her nineteenth birthday, Anna had grown close enough to Kristoff for him to confidently proclaim his love to her, though she was still slightly taken aback Eosa the gesture.

Allies Olaf Her own state rapidly worsening, Anna still concerned herself over Olaf 's proximity to heat. Olaf was originally a snowman that Anna built with Elsa when they were both young. Though Olaf was not sentient at the time, Ana still loved the snowman she and her sister had built together. When Anna re-encountered Olaf many years later, she instinctively and frightfully reacted to the strange animate snowman by kicking his head, separating it from his body. Anna eventually threw the head back at Olaf, though it landed upside-down; feeling sympathetic for the snowman, who was unable to see properly, Anna helped Olaf align his head and gave him a carrot nose.

Realizing that Olaf was the snowman that she and Elsa had built in the past, Anna questioned Olaf about her sister's whereabouts, explaining that Elsa had to restore summer to Arendelle. Frozen 2: Plot, cast, trailer, release date and all you need to know about the Disney sequel 13 February The new teaser trailer shows Elsa battling across a stormy ocean, accompanied by an epic string-filled score. It also reveals that characters Anna, Christophe and Sven will appear in the sequel. From its release date to the soundtrack, here are all the exciting details so far.

What is the UK release date for Frozen 2? While the two best friends venture deep in the forest to seek the truth about the ancient mystery of their kingdom Arendelleadorable snowman Olaf and Sami iceman Kristoff also make a reappearance. The characters were not considered to be well-rounded [8] or relatable, but an interpersonal, family dynamic was created once Anna and Elsa were established as sisters, an idea suggested by someone on the writing team that no one remembered who. The only thing she really has in her, she's not a superhero or anything, but she has love. And it's love that conquers fear in the end.

And we wanted the singing to be done by real-sounding kids, not necessarily Broadway kids. It seemed like it would be a very unrealistic one. I love Aladdin. Because I think it was a shift that Disney had, where a female lead—the "princess," I guess—didn't just want to find her mate. She was singing "I want to be where the people are. I want to see the world. I want to venture outside my comfort zone. It's really good music. They're amazing to work for. Also, she had such a warm, sweet voice. She was everything that we could've hoped for Anna. We did a lot of casting to find Anna, but she just hit it out of the park.

From the beginning we loved her, and she just kind of became Anna and Anna became her. I don't know which one is which. I quickly found out and need to constantly tell her because she doesn't tell anybody else! She's always playing it down. That really helped elevate the song because they have a duet in the movie and it definitely helped drive that," said producer Peter Del Vecho. Chris Buck later commented that getting the actresses in together as much as they could helped add the real, amazing chemistry between them and made them really interact.

There are elements of it that we didn't land on with Anna until late into production, so we changed some of the animation to support it. Her sister was born with a condition that's shaped a world where Anna doesn't belong.

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