Call log android not updating

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Sometimes, your cache data may cause such problems so clear you cache data. Go to your phone settings Then go to Storage and clear cache data. Restart your Restart Your Phone: Often, this trick works.

Android not log updating Call

To do this just turn off your phone and remove sim cards from it. Switch it ON after three minutes. Ram Memory: If your phone is running on low ram memory then it may cause such problems. Therefore, free some ram memory by uninstalling unnecessary apps or games. You may disable some unused apps from your phone. Clear the cache and data for that app.

There seems to be a cache conflict causing the issue. Then go into the Phone app settings and see if she upadting it to not save logs. Also, apps like CCleaner or CleanMaster will delete old logs if you select the option. She may have a conflict with one of those apps. Yes No I need help Missed calls are not showing up on my phone icon?

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Galaxy S4 my missed calls are not showing on my phone icon. The new update's default settings only show text messages at the bottom of the home screen and omit the count of missed calls entirely. To add the notification go to Settings and tap on Sound and Display. Next, tap on Sounds and Notifications and then tap Notifications.

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