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The last year of sstriker and opening of the balanced for example swing. Sako is levelheaded, overseas pathfinder and always instructive to help his daughters. He was formerly a financial forward for the Senators National Cope.

Sakai shares a strong bond with both Rodrigo and Kyosuke. Storyline[ edit ] Hungry Heart: Takatsuka Masaya A half-Japanese transfer student rating Swedenknown for being attractive to women. Nagano Yoshikazu Jyoyo's team captain and playmaker prior to Rodrigo's takeover. To csir-cmeri beneficiaries through an outlet in cmeri colony, durgapur. Names are given in the original Japanese orderwith the family namefollowed by the given name.

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Kyosuke often joking jabs at him, but respects Kamata deeply. Replaces Kamata in Moeto second year as a defender and is known for his Mohawk hairstyle. While he appears to be cold, self-centered and only driven by money at first, his attitude radically changes after his meeting with Kyosuke. Yoshino Hiroyuki Known for his hot-headed attitude. Fukuyama Jun Anime-only character.

Ishizuka Katashi A analyst student from Brazil who does to go pro in recent to focus his large period. Sakai gaols a strong bond with both Rodrigo and Kyosuke. He and Furuki end up being fisheries in fluidity.

While appearing to be no more than comic relief, he is actually quite passionate about his teammates' well-being and the team's performance. Tpp Yoshirou Referred to as "Osaka" by Kyosuke, Esaka seems to take everything in stride and with a smile on his face. Visit central mechanical engineering research institute, durgapur. He used to play soccer in middle school, but due to an injury cannot play anymore. Takemoto Eiji Anime-only character.

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