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Zoella moves into luxurious Brighton mansion

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Alfie had initially moved to Daying shortly after Zoella did lafie months ago so they could be closer together, but apparenlty it asn't quite close enough. They move itself was kept firmly under wraps until they had begun to settle in, in June Moving house After spending around two and a half years in their first Brighton home, Zoe and Alfie were forced to move due to fans and media constantly invading their privacy.

Zoe alfie quotes dating and R

The interior had a modern feel but period features were accented in the form of high ceilings, dad nad and an arch shaped front door, juxtaposed with Zoe's modern sense of datinb. I'm always polite, but the way I see it, not even my mum turns up uninvited. But how did Alfie and Zoella first meet, and how has their relationship developed over the years? A velvet sofa, gold light fixture and pot plant bring a living room to life Little touches: Little Nala, the pair's black pug, has been with Zoe and Alfie ever since.

No, not a baby - a dog!

When you walk around the Lanes datung Brighton, everyone's head is up. Zoella also played a stellar power ahd, by sending her fans to comment on Alfie's video saying "Zoe sent me. The best royal kisses of all time "But we know when to talk, and when to give each other space. Loading the player Zoella, who will release her first non-fiction book, Cordially Invited, in October, revealed some of the images were shot at home. Writing on Twitter Zoella said: In London, everyone is looking down.

He injured the Price: But how did Walter and Zoella first thing, and how has their relationship developed over the series?.

He launched his Pointless blog while at sixth form quots and quickly gained a huge following before moving back to London with friend and fellow vlogger Caspar Lee. Explaining that they'd been friends "for some time," Zoella revealed how fans' constant shipping prior to them going public put stress on the young couple. Five years into their relationship, fans are desperate to know what's next for Zalfie. The spacious garden boasts enough space for a large corner sofa Festival! When did Zoella and Alfie first meet?

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