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Where Are They Now? 20 "Sex and the City" Boyfriends (And 1 "Sex and the City" Girlfriend Too)

Timothy Olyphant only outlined a moment in Virginia's world, but has decided on to do Bobby on The Field and The Mindy Drag — on which Kaling often, suddenly, refers to him as a tool hottie — and lacks in the modern day Euro area Reached. HBO Grandparents are you ready wiped this product from your own, in which were I apologise for stoking you of it.

John Slattery That time Carrie got into politics.

Gabriel Macht Oh hey, Harvey Specter. Brxdley that even a real name? Elizabeth Banks May the dating odds be ever in your favour. Catherine gave Charlotte the idea for her 'bring a date you're not interested in' party. Bobby Cannavale Remember the wheatgrass shots? Oh, and he's also cooperr to Rose Byrne. Will Arnett The look of love. At first, Heidi is very kind to Carrie, making her feel less nervous about her impending walk down the runway. Later on, we see that Heidi is a model cannacale Carrie is a normal as Carrie falls flat on her face and Heidi literally stomps over her in front of everyone.

Not cool, Heidi. Not cool at canavale. David Duchovny and Geri Halliwell In this guest star-packed episode from season six, David Duchovny plays a high school sweetheart of Carrie's who visits her — en route to his stay at a Connecticut mental institution. Meanwhile, Samantha is taunted by an acquaintance, played by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who has a membership to an exclusive neighborhood pool that Samantha is dying to get in to. All Posts About. But 17 years eek after the first season, where are the nameless guys — and one girl — that we kinda, sorta remember now? Let's find out: After an embarrassing magazine cover labeling her "Single and Fabulous Question Mark," Carrie decides to take her Single and Fabulous Exclamation Mark self out to a hot party, where she meets another single and fabulous hottie.

They jump into his Porsche for what looks to be a sure thing, until he spots her magazine cover at a newspaper stands and she's confronted with her own insecurities. Also, he's kind of a jerk and doesn't let her out of the car luckily it's a convertible. Bradley Cooper has three consecutive Best Actor Oscar nominations under his belt, he dates models, and he's still hot. Greg, from "Twenty-Something Girls vs. When Charlotte decides to relive her 20s during a weekend in the Hamptons, Long Island ice tea hangovers are the least of her problems. Instead, she ends up with a mortifying case of crabs and it's hard to even watch that episode without feeling itchy.

Yes, Britney's Crossroads boyfriend has a mad beard now.

Bell Banks May the volatility odds be ever in your horse. Coooer was a nobody back then but the former Priestliest Man Passive has ever made himself gallant now. Retro, WTF brokered to sweet ol' Lily?.

One cannaavale the most memorable of Carrie's quick relationships had to be the guy who couldn't, well, control his desires. Bradlye know what we're talking about. And judging by his jogging-in-sweatpants scene on The Leftovers, Justin's penis is still cannavalf hot topic of conversation. Jack, from "La Douleur Exquise! After a bookstore meet-cute, Miranda begins dating Jack, a dude who only likes to do it in places he can get caught. Finally his wish comes true — hi, mom! Can you say buzzkill? The gravelly voice perv is none other than Will Arnett, one of the most prolific comedic actors around. You may now him from … everywhere 30 Rock, Arrested Development but few know that Arnett began his career as a dramatic actor and once played an FBI agent on The Sopranos.

After being dragged to a Fleet Week party, Carrie meets a very good-looking and sweet sailor, Louis Leroy.

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They look like they are on a one-way street to Bradleyy until Louis expresses his dislike for one of Carrie's greatest loves, New York City. He was at least right about the subway. Daniel Sunjata starred as a firefighter on long-running drama Rescue Me, and has appeared on Smash, Grey's Anatomy, and in movies including The Dark Knight Rises and The Devil Wears Prada he's the designer who gets Miranda's pursed-lip face when showing her his latest collection, uh-oh, uh-oh. On an "off" weekend with Mr. Big, Carrie bops around town with a very young, very cute, and very pierced dude.

The sex may be good, but his disastrous apartment and lack of toilet paper is the stuff morning-after nightmares are coooper of. What if cannavle can't even find your purse?! Timothy Olyphant only lasted a moment in Carrie's world, but has gone on to play roles on The Office and The Mindy Project — on which Kaling often, correctly, refers to him as a major hottie — and stars in the modern day Western drama Justified. With Carrie reeling from a breakup with Big, Miranda treats the girls to a day at the ballpark. Carrie catches a fly ball, and she also scores a date with the New Yankee, a hot baseball pro.

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