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Because of budget, I knew that my conference choice was an important one.

I wanted to max out the student ministry and leadership knowledge that I would be exposed to, as well as have the opportunity to build relationships that would continue to challenge me after the conference was over. This difficult conference decision ended for me when I found the Youth Pastor Summit. Here are the reasons why I loved this conference as a student pastor, and why I believe you should make Youth Pastor Summit your conference of choice for student ministry and leadership growth: The content is focused on youth pastors. What you hear and experience at YPS will directly apply to student ministry and will help you grow as a student pastor and a leader.

It is put on by two organizations who are deeply committed to serving you as student pastors and have a high respect for your role in discipling students and their families. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with other youth pastors. These relationships can be an excellent source of ongoing growth, challenge, and fresh ideas for you as you continue to build the relationships that begin at YPS. You will hear from some of the top student ministry leaders and leadership experts in the country. Breakout sessions are specifically designed for you as a student pastor. No fluff or randomness in the breakouts here. They truly are power packed sessions where you will be challenged and provided with applicable material.

It is a two-day experience not on a Wednesday or Sunday.

This was important for me because it meant that I could get back to my church relatively quickly without missing those two very important days. It will also make this an easier conversation with your pastor or direct supervisor. You will be encouraged. You will be poured into by the conference leaders. We hope to see you there. Can my organization be an exhibitor at this event? Can my spouse attend? Of course! We love when couples do ministry together.

That is one of the controls of this blog: That bullish conference decision on for me when I found the Primary Pastor Summit.

Each account is linked to an email address. Do I have to register in advance for this event? We strongly recommend that pastpr register early for YPS as some events do fill up within hours or days. Yet, we will keep registration open until we are full. And if there is space avaiable, we do allow walk-ups. We only accept cash and exact change for Walk-up registrations. Do I need to sign up for breakout labs in advance?

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On the day of the event, breakout labs will be on a first come, first serve basis. Scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Register Now" button. Individual Registration:

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