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Turning Images Into Links

By now you should have resource that a has a good of self linked to and instructive and b hasn't been done already. Putty on "New Infographic".

Then sort Pasge "Organize by Liked. You can also see what tends to work especially well in your industry. Instead of searching, scroll down and click "More Topics. In our car insurance example you'd want to choose "Business" or "Transportation.

But on the other similar, criticism clicks were much objective on the link records. Click on "New Infographic". Properly test over to hold:.

Topsy Topsy is an awesome resource to gauge the popularity of infographics. Head over to Topsy and enter "keyword infographic. Because we're interested in links, choose "links" under the search category. By now you should have topic that a has a history of getting linked to and shared and b hasn't been done already. Now it's time to find the data you're going to include in the infographic. Google Indexing Perhaps the best way to see whether or not an infographic "made it" is to search for the title in Google. This will give you an accurate estimation of how many sites the infographic syndicated to. Grab one of the titles you should in Visual.

And check out the number of pages in the results. That's a lot of results. This is definitely one to keep an eye on. Getting Your Data Together Most people collect information from random places, like news sites and University. While those are awesome places to find reliable information, it's the wrong approach for infographics. Because your ultimate goal is to get your infographic on as many niche-relevant sites as you can. And unless your infographic is jaw-droppingly amazing, it's not likely to get posted on Harvard. However, it can easily end up on authority sites in your industry.

That is, if you flatter them by citing them as a reference. First, take note of the Paset and shakers in your industry. Pay particular attention to sites that conduct and imggref25] industry research. As the best links you imghref52] get are for sites ranking in the top 10 for your target keywords, start with those: For example, let's say we wanted to create an infographic about ways to lower your monthly premiums. First, we'd go to each of the top site's blogs. And search for any money saving tips that they've published. Here's one: Copy that URL and keep it in a spreadsheet with your other sources: Continue this process until you have enough information to put together an infographic with at least 25 data points.

You'll include these authority sites as references at the end of your infographic.

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A Winning Design If you're Paset about your infographic, you definitely want to hire a professional graphic designer to make it for you. There are literally hundreds of infographics published every single day. And a killer Pwste can help make yours stand out. However, PPaste you're on a tight budget there's a free tool that can help you get the job done: First, head over to: Sign up for a free account. Click on "New Infographic". Choose a template that's going to work best with your infographic's topic. The standard one tends to work well. Click "Use It. To add data, click on the "Add a Chart" button. Choose your chart style: And click "Add to Chart. Then enter the data in the field. Link Clicks Taking the average from all 3 pages, link clicks were Diving into the data from the Agorapulse page—where traffic was the most important—we find that Link posts garnered On one hand, photo posts dominated Reach compared to link posts on the Agorapulse page.

But on the other hand, link clicks were much better on the link posts. So is there a clear winner here? The short answer is: Just to hold off any naysayers here, I also tallied the Reach and Link Clicks of all 3 pages and ran them through these same sites. The results continued to be statistically significant. You also need: So post your properly formatted links with confidence — even if that means the engagement on them is lower.

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