Validating checkbox using jquery

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Getting Checkbox Values in jQuery

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Using jquery checkbox Validating

The error Validting is placed in a span element with the class form-error. The validation procedure will go on as normally if the callback function doesn't return anything. If you have declared several validation rules on a single input you might want to have separate error dialogs for each rule. Both of these class names can be configured using the properties errorElementClass and errorMessageClass. The valid class will only be applied on inputs that is validated. You can also return an array with error objects if you want to add several error messages.

Set the site option addValidClassOnAll to always if you also find the ksing not only any validation rules to get the stock valid when the use gets submitted. Motivated more about future help information.

Validation callbacks There are four different callbacks you can declare when setting up the validation. Add the following stylesheet declaration in the header of your document. Default theme You can use the default CSS-theme if you want the styling of the validation elements error dialogs, icons etc to look exactly as they do here on formvalidator. There are also two types of events triggered on elements when they get validated. Custom methods that handles positioning of error messages There's two configuration parameters that can be used to control how error messages gets added to the DOM.

Use the element datalist to create input suggestions E-mail: Use the configuration parameter lang when setting up the validation if you want to override the default language which is English.

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