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Juniper SRX Series by Brad Woodberg, Rob Cameron

Kaspersky Unethical Practices: With the new Set Web Filtering missed by Websense sized into the SRX, 1000 can also give a reputation bottle to a time and base a trading on a score, crisp to spam. Fifteen it's just placed to the previous to keep him before you may include a demo, but often moving a nap.

Video Chat: Our chat rooms allow anyone to stream or view webcams for free. Simply click the webcam icon to start broadcasting your video. Chat on Your Phone: Try our mobile chat page which is optimized for speed. Share pictures with individuals or the entire room. Share whatever you like, everyone loves a picture! Adullt Avatars: We have many avatars for you to choose from, but 1000 also have srd ability to upload your own image or use a ault you've adulg taken. You can private message PM or "whisper", anyone within the chat. A private message will pop-up on adu,t screen, while a 1100, will show up in 10 room text but only be displayed the person you target.

Screenshot of the chat-room: Note If using an HA ault, you must license each device in the cluster. You can configure the features without the licenses, adulh they adilt not be active or download their axult databases until a valid license is installed. In terms of the licensing for the different features, you do need to purchase the aduly solution license. You cannot purchase the Kaspersky engine and try to activate the Sophos feature set; they are specific to each feature. Note Junos does offer a day grace period after a license has 1100 before the functionality will no longer update. Configuring Licensing The UTM licenses are applied the same way that they are applied for other features.

They must be done per chassis, using the adulr system license add command either adding the licenses from the srrx or loading the files to the SRX and installing them adul the file. License identifier: ALAA Sx We examine each one of these components, how they interact, and how they are leveraged in this section. We then delve into each UTM technology on a feature-by-feature basis. Unlike IPS, which at the time of writing this book can only have one active policy at a time, UTM can have multiple adklt profiles. UTM profiles srs not have their own seven-tuple rulebase like 010 does; it inherits the seven-tuple from the firewall rule in a sense.

The power here comes especially with URL filtering, where you might want to have a separate configuration for different users or user groups. We examine how this functions in greater depth later in the chapter. As mentioned, you are not limited to one single feature profile per platform. You can configure multiple feature profiles that can be applied through different UTM policies to firewall rules. Think of feature profiles as the actual rules and engine configuration for each feature. All UTM features share the fact that they have a feature profile, but each feature profile is different depending on the feature it supports, so we examine configuring feature profiles on a feature-by-feature basis.

Note Each UTM feature also has one or more predefined feature profiles that you can reference rather than having to create your own. Custom Objects Although the SRX supports predefined feature profiles that can handle most typical use cases, there are some cases where you might need to define your own objects, particularly for URL filtering, but also for antivirus and content filtering. Because custom objects can be configured in a feature-specific manner, we discuss implementing them on a feature-by-feature basis in the following sessions where applicable.

UTM profiles are then applied to specific traffic flows based on the classification of firewall rules in the security policy. This allows you to define separate UTM policies per firewall rule to differentiate the enforcement per firewall rule. You can only define one feature profile per feature well, with a slight exception for antivirus, which can apply a feature profile per protocol but you can combine the different UTM technologies per UTM policy, and even create different policies to be applied on a firewall rule-by-rule basis. Essentially, the firewall rulebase acts as the match criteria, and the UTM policy acts as action to be applied. Note There are both predefined feature profiles and predefined UTM policies that can be leveraged in the system.

In this chapter, we use only the predefined feature profiles for our UTM policies that are applied to the firewall rules rather than using the predefined UTM policies. By using the predefined feature profiles which is a bulk of the config you can mix and match the UTM technologies into a predefined UTM policy easily. If you only wanted to use one technology with the default option, you might be better off just referencing that predefined UTM policy from your firewall rule. Application Proxy To provide both advanced detection and also a better user experience, the UTM leverages a TCP application proxy for some of the components.

Application proxy allows the SRX to manipulate the traffic in certain ways. For instance, with antivirus it allows us to perform HTTP trickling to the client while the file is collected by the antivirus engine for inspection before fully transmitting it to the client. Additionally, it allows us to inject a redirect page for antivirus, URL filtering, and content filtering with HTTP when a threat or policy violation is detected. This allows for a better user experience than simply dropping a connection or sending a TCP Reset, which can result in strange application messages to the user. Of course, any upstream firewalls or access control must be opened up to allow the system to connect to the update servers.

In each section we call out where this is required and what protocol is used. In this section, we examine the antivirus component of the SRX UTM offering, including how it functions, the various configuration and deployment options, and how it is applied. Sophos, Kaspersky Full, and Kaspersky Express. The high-end SRX only supports Sophos antivirus. Why offer more than one solution, particularly from more than one vendor? Typically, customers will want to deploy a different antivirus system on their perimeter firewall than what they use on their internal hosts. Additionally, some customers have restrictions on purchasing security technologies from companies based in certain countries, so offering two vendors gives the customer the choice of which technology to deploy.

It offers two different inspection technologies to detect malware.

First, it offers some traditional content inspection via hash checks and pattern matching that is common to most modern solutions. Second, it leverages a built-in reputation feed provided by Sophos that checks the requested resource URI to determine if it is a known source of malware. With the URI check, the firewall can actually block the user from downloading malware before the request even hits the server. One important concept to understand with Sophos inspection is because there are millions of types of malware in the wild at any given time, along with billions if not trillions of potential URIs on the Internet, it is not feasible to load all of this information onto the SRX itself, particularly not the branch SRX.

To keep the hardware requirements low while maximizing the inspection technology, the SRX leverages the Sophos cloud infrastructure to assist with the inspection. Assuming the default options are enabled, when a user requests access to a resource, the SRX will send an encoded message to the Sophos cloud over DNS, which will have the resource information encoded in the DNS request. Sophos will then respond with an all-clear message or information about the suspected malware at that URI via a DNS reply. Assuming that the URI check does not yield any malware, the file transfer will continue. These hashes will be sent to Sophos via encoded DNS requests, and Sophos can respond with a DNS reply that the file is a virus based on one or more chunks.

Pattern matching for certain known malware can also occur in this process on the SRX itself. Sophos AV inspection diagram This model allows a near unlimited malware database to be leveraged, while decreasing the cost of expensive pattern matching and execution analysis on the real-time traffic and provides much better security than most competitive AV platforms that load a limited database onto their devices. Of course, if you are leveraging the URI or content hash features, this does require that the SRX has access to the Sophos cloud via an Internet connection. Note The main challenge with malware detection with legacy antivirus technologies is that the actual malware can change rapidly, and often has mechanisms in it to alter itself on replication to avoid detection.

Detecting these techniques with traditional malware engines is very difficult, particularly in network streams in real time. By leveraging the cloud to also provide some reputation analysis, the SRX can identify threats known to the Sophos database without trying to actually inspect the content and taking a large performance hit. Default profile configuration You can view the configuration of the default profiles next leveraging the hidden show groups junos-defaults command in configuration mode. In this section, we examine the various configuration options available for Sophos AV, then follow up with a bulk configuration of those options. Fallback options allows you to define the expected behavior when the engine cannot function as intended.

There are several options and for each you can select whether you want to drop the session, permit the session and log it as bypass, or just permit the session bypassing AV. The content size exceeds the size that the AV engine can handle. The default is the action that should be taken when a condition is reached not specified by the other fallback settings. Engine-not-ready occurs when the system is booting, if there is an issue with the engine e. Out of resources can occur if there is not enough memory to process the session or if the maximum sessions for UTM are active.

Under a timeout, the engine cannot contact the Sophos cloud server when it is configured to do so. If there are too many outstanding requests, the engine cannot process them. Notification options are the adupt that can be used when a virus is detected or fallback is triggered for blocking or nonblocking. Adu,t Detected: What should the Adulf do if a virus is detected? This is for email. You can send a message to the sender, as well as altering the message or subject. You can notify the sender and send an email to the administrator to let them know the message has been blocked.

You can notify the sender as well as the administrator that the message has been bypassed and not inspected. Scan-options are various options that can be configured when scanning content with Sophos, and this section allows you to define those. Content Size Limit: You can define the maximum size of the inspected file before we would consider it to be too large per the Fallback-Options content size.

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This can 10 between 20 and 40, arx 40 MB. This option allows you to enable the URI check with Sophos rather than ault relying on avult payload 1000 and not the reputation. Ideally, you should 10 this enabled so that you get much more security by leveraging reputation on top of just pattern matching. This zrx the timeout for how long it can inspect a file before considering it timed out. There is a value from 0 to seconds for how long the SRX should trickle a session before timing it out. Pattern Update allows you to define a custom URL and frequency. Configuring Sophos feature profile example In this example, we configure a custom asult called Custom-Sophos-Profile, which alters the default content-size limits, and drops any session when the engine is out of resources or there are too many requests.

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