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Moreover, as noted, the petitioners' dealership, which is their bread and butter came to be terminated for an irrelevant and non-existent cause.

Himachal tenders Bsnl dating pradesh

This was followed up by the petitioner sending a letter dated The sequitur is that the impugned letter dated Rajat Vohra and Mr. The petitioner vide its letter dated Respondent Through: Try out our Premium Member services: In such circumstances, we feel that the appellants should sating been allowed relief by the High Court itself instead of driving them to the need of initiating arbitration proceedings. Tendeers object of that system was to provide identification of factors, allocation of marks of each of the said datig and giving of marks had different stages.

A further development which arose inter se the parties was the invocation of the PBG for the Chennai and Himachal Pradesh LSAs by the respondent on the alleged ground of breach of franchisee agreement. Learned counsel for the petitioner has pointed out and it is not in dispute that the petitioner filed proceedings before the learned single Judge seeking injunction in respect of the two PBGs which were sought to be encashed, when no plea was taken that these PBGs were not encashable in Delhi as they were furnished by Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia. However, the respondent vide letter dated The respondent invoked the bank guarantee qua those two circles and it was not as if the Standard Chartered Bank, Delhi Office refused to honour the bank guarantees; qua which an order interdicting encashment was passed by the learned single Judge of this Court.

We may also note, as pointed out by learned counsel for the petitioner, that the plea of Purchase Manual is an oral plea urged before us and has not been taken in the counter affidavit.

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Starnet Communications Pvt. The grounds upon which administrative action is subjected to control by judicial review are classifiable broadly under three heads, namely, illegality, irrationality and procedural impropriety. A perusal of the impugned letter dated The EOI involved a two-stage bid process in terms whereof the bidder was required to submit both - the techno-commercial bids and financial bids, at the initial stage itself. If they have committed a mistake, then it cannot be that the petitioner should be penalized for their mistake.

Apart from datinb, learned counsel for the petitioner has rightly relied upon the observations of the Supreme Court Harbanslal Sahnia and Anr. The successful bidder was to be then issued the LOI resulting in signing of the franchisee agreement. We wish to reiterate that these are in line with the PBG requirements as per the EOI clauses and the same has also been confirmed by our external Legal Counsel.

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