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He has made 5 furnaces, won them all for fun, and foreign in 2: Allsustaining 1. Haughton 1 Global:.

Smooth Tinky 8. Lexinbton, Frances Quirte. Sociable Dares, be, 3, Sociable-Wavy Oy. Ed McNeight, Jr. Rankin Frew Avon Amigo 2. Game Guy Pick 3. Allwin Knick 4. Ensien Paloma 5. Shining 5. Kat Time 6. Santo's Jane 7, Magic Call 8. Sevarno 7. Pull Up 8. Owner, Whispering Pines Farms, lessee. JicariMa Byrd 3. Sandy Water 4. Denriv's Command 5. Owner, Kathleen Mariacher. Si Si Rosita 6, Alfalfa Bill 7. Lord Maurice 8. Olymoic Rob 3. Rustic Painter 4. Son Peach 6. Jal Lai Time 7. Larchmont JoHv 8. Grattan 7. Alamo Ted 8.

Owners, J. Helfeldt, R. McHugh, A. Guindon 1 Sul Key Star 2. Kim's Deal 3. Dandy Renee 4. Crystal J 5. Sharp- way 6, Jakarata 7, Mak Us Famous 8. Owners, Nicholas Moses, B. Prince Ferric 4. Owners, Morris St Betty Miller. Clever Way, bg.

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J Stable. Reynolds 3-year-oId filly trot. The tNevele Impulse, brc. Nevele Pride-Floral Princess G. Sarama 1 Nevele Diamond filly trotted the mile in 2: Harner 2JITI. Ben Hurlock 8. Dancer Stable entry. Owner, Nevele Holiday Stable, Inc. Flicka's Ensign-Hazel Norma J. Owner, C. Treadler Wave 7, Dave Hanover 8. Vance Owners, Maureen Ann 8 Anthony Trabucco. Owner, B. Stables, Inc. Rankin 1Drummer Gauman 2. Sarama 1Booyeh 6, Ferrari 7, Spunk Hanover 8. Tarjet Express 5, Poverty3. Owners, A. Donnelly St J. Owner, Robert G. Stephen Demon 8.

Delgado Owners, Shirley St Joseph Schimenti. Preston Lobell, bh, 9, Overtrick-Pearl Creed. Adios 8. Adios Mir-Lady Debrae. Sarama Owner, James Vincent Nappo. V G 7, Wiscoy Winthrop 8. Swift 1 4. Owners, Bryce St G. Richard Barden. Payne 12,40 7. Stable, Patricia 8c George Ko- zub. Waples 1 B. Owner, Cecylia J. Haughton Stable entry. Owner, W. Okwners, Kenneth St Doreen Kavanagh. Jacobs 1 COND. Armbro Nesblt-Maya Hanover Rankin, A. Owners, F. Stoltzfus 1 CLM. Hie 1Noble Grant, brf. Noble Victory-Dotty Diller Owner, Allan Macklln. McNeight 1Roses Are Red, brf. Meadow Skipper-Rita Belle Meadow Skipper-Best Of Donut. Sarama 2 bez 6, Miss Angela Sue 7.

Owner, Kenneth Andrews. MacTavish, Jr. Owner, Sirocco Stable. Owners, Daniel Vitello, Sr. Hcmpt, owner ofWarranty, bh, 6. Lehigh Hanover-Holiday Girl C. Owner, Van Stables. Duchess Nemo, bm. Johnny Jumoup 5, NilaHerbert 6. Owner, J. TheMelo Knight, brm, 6. Tarport Arnie-Belmont Kelly G. Caz, bg, 4, Pattyhill Mart-Joan Dugan. Some Jam 8. Laspino 1Maid Kidyour 2, Super Hawk 3. Attendance 3,; Mutuel S He defeatedseason in under 1: Tliunderstorms accompanied by strong winds down the E. In those five events, it was typical to see relatively slow first quarters, wind-aided middle halves in the MON. Fight The Foe had cut the pace to thethree-quarter pole in 1: Sparacino 1 All of this made New Lew's world record performance evenmore remarkable.

Wheel A Owner, Royal Shade Stable,ing out of third at the three-quarter pole. New Lew glided Inc. The margin was a comfortable three lengths COND. Glen CLM. Alzan, brg, 5, Speedy Count-Baynie s. Goudreau 2 On the move past the half without cover, Abercrombienever felt the whip while measuring a half-length decision. Winner 8, Mighty Deluxe 9. Impressive two-year-old winners graced the weekday programs headed by the filly Sunburn and the gelding Searights. WithDick Macomber in the sulky. Sunburn went right to the front TIME: Dancer, Jr. Owners, Frederick G.

Campbell 1legged Speedy Crown pacer earned a new lifetime mark of1: Time 9. Doherty 1 Big Boy Bret, brh, 5. Bret Hanover-Maxine Again R. Haughton 2 Field Byrd, bg. Owner, John E. Owner, A. George Shaw, lessee. Keystone Winner, be, Overcall-Keystone Wynnie. DeSantis 1 CLM. Owner, Neil M. Parker, Jr. Owner, Twiggy Stables, Inc. Haughton 1 TIME: Andrews, W.

Harner 2JITI. Jal Lai Better 7.

DeMasi, T. Hall, J. Owner, U. Scarights, bg, Adios Vic-Fur Elise Filion 2 CLM. Sessa 3 TIME: Marks 3Nechako Tar, big. Hi Le Regarded 9, Mighty Tommie Spencerian 8, The Great Gatsby 9. Owner, John R. Owner, Elise Kuebler. Owner, Charles H. Anchor C, be, 3. Steady Star-Hushaby Hanover D. Hogan 1 2nd DIV. Haughton Infernal 7, Everedi Fredi 8, Ookpik 9. Alexis 4, Diane C. Brown 1 TIME: Owner,Jack Sawatzky. Atlasta Feila 7,Dee B. Knight 8, Night School9. Owner,Peter Klradjian. Owner,Leonard Coulson. John Rundle. Owner,Murray Wade. Owner,Domi 2. Owner, Robin Morley. Or call our Ohio office collect Within Kentucky phone - Elsewhere in North America phone - With his solid racingcredentials, plus the strength of his pedigree, he is sure to become one of Ohio's top pacing sires.

Sly Captain stunned the Invitational field, winning in 2: Kerwood 1 O'Neill and driver Keith Kash. TheGolden Harvest Stable. The 2: Brown 1 his second in four tries. Driver Keith Kash co-owns the winner with his fa Owner,Karl Ungerman. Wall 1 for 21 programs. The figures represent increases of8 percent and 10 percent,respectively, over Owner,Cecil Schlueter. Owner,George Davey Stables Ltd. Owners,Steve Condren Stable Inc. Strauss 1 COND. Boes 1fred's Dream 7,Power Bunny 8. Proud Of Her 7,Dapper Danche8. Own ers, W. Condren 1 CLM. Pleasant 1Nadir 7,Our Orsini 8,Recorded 9.

Owners,Charles A. Edwards 1 Bert 0. Owners,ChaFoot N. Tic, C. Tic Keith Hash and C. Dan 6, J. Owner, Bennle R. John D. Bummer 4,Abbe Proof N 5,Verbenia 6. Owners,Richard H. Tic, a four-year-old son of Ben Hur Hanover, is D. Itwas his third success in four tries, this mile in 2: Passing Kash finished second and Doc Falcon third in the exciting photo finish. Ningard 1 C. Blast, a five-year-old son of Blastaway, is also owned K. Lance 8. Blast tripped the timer in an identical 2: Owner, Donald Graham. A pair ofconsistent claimers extended win streaks to three CLM. Owner,Cary E. Action 6,Speedy Min 7. Owner,Stowaway Stables, lessee.

James J. Greene 1Bird House 2, Maxine T.

Blansy 1Daytime Star 8, Mint Proof 9. Owner,Ro Mr. Owner, Bill Blaney. Rask Jr. Time 9. Owner,Patrick Cssual. Owner,Lanny Merriman,lessee. Eidens 1 Rocovlch. Ross Sr. Owner, Richard Miller. Blevins 1 FItzpatrick. Owner, Johnny L. Ross Sr l CLM. Kash 1 Fblkweln. Rjnwano Song 2,Otis G. Owner,John Williams. Bookmyer 1 Little Frank J. Owner,Leo Strang. Turcotte 1 Garney 2, K. Bardot 9. Shy Skipper 7, K. Skipper 8. Owner, Owner,Gerald Goldberg. Cargo Leasing Inc. Turcotte 1 Peregrine's Flight 2, Un. Owner, Leslie Hagara. Owners, Dina M. Medors 1Fortress Almahurst2,E. Amie Almahurst-Sharp Sis G. Fere A. C0, 3. Tom Randall, lessee. Turcotte 1CLM.

Steady High 3. Owner,Harry M. My Boy Bill 2,P. Chester Oueberg. O'Dwyer 1 Knightime Woe 2, H. Owner,Gene Brown. Owners,Deborah Watson, Mr. Jeffery Duncan. Irvine 1 PREF. Freight On Board 4,V. One das SiV mile. In the eventin to start, Freestate Raceway will divide the r lorses must meetat the time of entry or entry will be refused with iRaceway reserves the right to require six sepai of nomination paynomination fees only divided among those decl ig interests or thereiect any entry and return entry fee. Nf in the Potomac,as well as The Lady Baltimore, more than one horse wins such divisions in their respective races,the bonus will be divided equally among such horses.

Box E. Owners, R. Owner,Carriage Lane rarms. Owner, Harry M. LIbtiy's Alicl 7, John R. Ouinton 8, Coal Winner 9. Owner, Richard C. Avon Vickie. Scarl 1 won with Gov. Simcoe in 2: Own ry,came back to score in 2: Stahl 1Trys special 2, Rfth Avenue 3,Georgia 0. Owner,The Magnet Racing Stable. Handsome Lad 2,D. Gregory 1Owner,James C. Curly Collins 2,Brew Master B. Wave 5, Kitty Wil 6,J. Turcotte 1 Kathleen Kelzer. Doherty 1Baitara G. Owner, COND. Bompczyk 1Billie 7, H. Spats 8. Owner,Richard P. Owner, WilShambaugh.

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