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Reception[ illustration ] In its actual airing, "Plugged Towards with Me" was headquartered by 0. Granted the production of the transition "Business Risky", in which an explosive containing reanimated businessmen tokens to the surface of a specific, the show became rather post-apocalyptic; Ward said the short option "just ran with it".

Finn asks to parley with Gumbald, and they finnd to meet him fnins Fern. Jake activates a vial of "Nightmare Juice", incapacitating the five, who awaken in a nightmare world. Bubblegum and Gumbald are forced to experience each other's misery, with Bubblegum as a regular Candy Person and Gumbald as the Candy Kingdom's unhappy ruler. Finn helps Fern kill the Grass Demon in his psyche, freeing Fern from its negative influence but causing him to disintegrate.

Relationships finns time dating wiki Adventure

When they awaken, Bubblegum offers peace to Gumbald, but Aunt Lolly reveals his concealed "dum-dum juice", reverting him to a Candy Person. Lolly wkki to peace in Gumbald's stead, and Bubblegum declares "two Candy Kingdoms". Everyone is about to leave when GOLB appears. Ice King recognizes the deity, having studied it as Simon Petrikov. Bubblegum and her Aeventure fight the creature, but it is too powerful, destroying Finn and Jake's treehouse and nearly crushing Bubblegum. Marceline sees this and smashes the creature in a rage, but Bubblegum recovers and the two embrace and kiss. Jake is despondent at the loss of his home, but BMO sings to him in order to calm him.

In GOLB's stomach—which takes the form of a small room that slowly is getting smaller—Ice King is digested to his prior form as Simon, and Betty is returned to her normal state. She confesses that she summoned GOLB to save him from the ice crown. In terms of tone and genre, Ward—a self-professed fan of ambivalent emotionssuch as feeling "happy and scared at the same time"—has described the show as a "dark comedy".

Aiki like cute stuff and nice things. ClubFonns said the show's writing process usually began with the writers telling each other what they had done the previous week to find something humorous Avdenture build on. He also said, "A lot tims the tjme, if we're really stuck, we'll start saying everything that comes to our mind, which is usually the worst stuff, Adventure time wiki finns relationships dating then someone else will think that's Adventuure but it'll give him a better idea and the itme just starts rolling like that". Adventure Time is a storyboard-driven series.

This means that the storyboard artists are also the writers, allowing them to draft the dialogue relagionships the action how they see fit. After the writers pitched stories, the ideas were compiled onto a two-or-three-page outline that contained "the important beats". While many cartoons are based on script pitches to timw executives, Cartoon Network allowed Adventure Time to "build their own teams organically" and communicate using storyboards and animatics. The artists were then given another week to implement the notes and to clean up the episode.

Specialized artists then created prop, character, and background designs. For instance, the second-season episode " Guardians of Sunshine " was partly rendered in 3-D to emulate the style of a video game. The series' voice actors include: Ward provides voices for several minor characters and Lumpy Space Princess. For instance, in a panel, both Adam Muto and Kent Osborne said the Adventure Time crew often sought out actors who had had roles in the television programs Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Office to play various supporting or background characters.

After the production of the episode "Business Time", in which an iceberg containing reanimated businessmen floats to the surface of a lake, the show became explicitly post-apocalyptic; Ward said the production crew "just ran with it". Inspired by the title sequences of The Simpsons and Pee-wee's PlayhouseWard developed a new title sequence that featured a panning sweep of the Land of Ooo while a synthesizer note rose slowly until the main theme was played. Ward's draft for this idea was handed to layout animators, who then finalized the timing for the sequence. From there, the sequence evolved; while Ward added "silly character stuff", Patrick McHale focused his attention on the Ice King's shot and gave him a "high school [year]book" smile.

The crew also struggled to get the shadows in the shot featuring Marceline correct. For this part of the sequence, Ward was inspired by the "simple" aspects of the introduction to the comedy film Superbad. But hey, he found love pretty quickly, in the form of Turtle Princess.

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It seems that the world of Ooo always needs an Ice King, perhaps to maintain an ecological fins. Lemongrab relationshisp Lumpy Space Princess An unexpected kiss indeed, far more so than the long-awaited moment between Marceline and Bubblegum. But does that mean that the two most eccentric residents of Ooo are now a couple? Nothing in the closing scenes really confirms that, but both are shown to have found peace, finally. But the two were always depicted as outsiders, incapable of finding their niche, even in the odd land of Ooo.

Perhaps they are meant to be in relatipnships sort of relationship, though that kiss looked kind of But the closing scenes not only show Sweet P graduating school, they also show a massive, bearded Sweet P with a sword on his back, looking just like the new Billy. Sweet P clearly chose a righteous path, and looks to be the new guardian of Ooo. Meanwhile, Flame Princess appears to be pursuing a rap career with Neptr, Uncle Gumbald has reverted back into a harmless candy minion, and BMO became the self-proclaimed? King of Ooo after saving the entire world from the embodiment of chaos with a beautiful song.

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