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Why to Develop Widgets for iOS Apps

Ere, build and run. A Arrangement is highly part of the Needs screen, but it could also part of the Keyguard, which is the last that appears when the vendor is locked.

It is easy to revise any aspect of a Countdown entry date, time, title, etc. I like how I can easily bring in calendar entries into Countdown. I wish it were just as easy to transfer entries from this app to my calendar. The process of setting up reminders is a bit cumbersome. That screen that tells us we don't have any reminders set up seems like an extra step to tap through.

Can the amount of taps necessary to widgdt a reminders be reduced? As long as you use Google Play MusicPoweramp, or another supported service you can put togeether your ideal music controls widget with album tgether. The sheer choice, covering everything from opacity and color to font and orientation, may be intimidating at first, but it allows you to create the eben look you want. There are big widgets, small widgets, and even a round widget. The larger ones display the time, date, and location alongside the temperature and other weather details. The smallest one is a simple temperature and weather icon combo for your location.

You can also get forecasts and other details, and you can track multiple locations. Google Play Google Keep We like to use the Keep widget for shopping lists, as it cuts down on our usual, distracted, aimless shuffling up and down the aisles, but you can also use it for reminders or other kinds of notes. To make it personal you need to let the users set up preferences and configurations. Earlier, when covering the configuration of a Widget, you learned that it can have a Configuration screen. This is an Activity that is automatically launched when the user adds a Widget on the home screen.

Note that the preferences are set up per Tgether because users can wdget more than one instance of a Widget. Togethef this project, the configuration screen could contain a coffee amount limit. Beeen the user logs more coffee than the limit, the Widge will turn into a soft but alarming pink. Creating a preferences screen The preference screen for a Widget is an Activity. When you click Finish, Android Studio will generate the code for the new Activity and a template for Hw layout file, along with adding the registration of the Activity in the AndroidManifest. Now create the layout for the configuration screen.

Know your limits Open CoffeeLoggerWidgetConfigureActivity and add these fields above onCreate developers usually put fields at the beginning of the class: In onCreateadd the following code at the end: Find the EditText in the layout. Get the extras from the Intent that launched the Activity. Extract the appWidgetId of the widget. Below onCreatedeclare the following OnClickListener implementation: Get the text input — the coffee limit. Save the limit to local storage using the Widget id. Tell the operating system that the configuration is OK. Do this by passing an Intent that contains the widget id. Close the configuration screen Attach this listener to the button by adding the following line below setContentView in onCreate: Linking preferences to the widget It is a good idea to refresh the widget after the user saves the preferences.

For this reason, write another method at the end of CoffeeLoggerWidgetConfigureActivity to trigger the refresh: It should be before creating the Intent: Add another widget as before and check that the configuration screen appears. It should look like this: First, get the limit saved by the user for that widget. Decide if the user exceeds the limit of coffee and establish one of the two possible backgrounds: Set the background to the widget's root element. Finally, build and run.

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After the app opens log more coffees than the limit you set. Let's say your limit was As a result, your widget is now pink: Best practices Some final advice before you start adventuring into the world of Widgets: Design the smallest Widget size you can. Don't take up screen real-estate if you don't need it. You can setup one or more widgets for every site in your account.

Decide if the rise exceeds the limit of having and establish one of the two new backgrounds: Make sure you took the official acts for Widget design and former the recommendations.

The widgets are very battery friendly, even when set to pull every 5 minutes. I've been testing it for several months now with very aggressive settings and it's had zero impact on my battery life. Why a widget and not a full blown app? We don't believe our resources are best spent maintaining an app that tries to do almost everything our web site does. Apps are much costlier to write and keep up to date. We are constantly adding new features and reports and tracking new types of data, etc. A simple widget living on your desktop still one of my favorite Android features that lets you keep up with your basic stats with a quick glance, with a few more details available when you click the widget as shown herefits the bill perfectly for us.

Handy dandy installation guide Since this is a beta, we're not releasing it through the official marketplace just yet. So you'll need to enable the option to install apps from "unknown sources" in order to install this on your phone.

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