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A gas can was found nearby. Linda Gardner also used the name Terry Sykes. Kristine was addicted to drugs. Tamaira transvesite escort orlando 9 Maureen, a struggling mother, escorted off of Craigslist to pay the mortgage on her house, but after successfully leaving the sex industry for seven months Maureen eventually returned to pay her bills after receiving an eviction notice. Her body was found in Decembervictim of the Craigslist killer June 23 Paige Birgfield, Tamaira transvesite escort orlando, Grand Junction, Colorado. Truck driver Lester Ralph Jones, 63, was arrested in May Crystal Dozier, 38, trans, Cleveland, Ohio May 11 Alissa was addicted to drugs. April Barbara Breidor, 42, Atlantic County had been forced to turn to the sex trade for money, body was found behind the Golden Key Motel November Tracy Ann Roberts, 23, Atlantic County, strangled to death, had been forced to turn to the sex trade for money, body was found behind the Golden Key Motel November Molly Dilts, 19, Atlantic County, had been forced to turn to the sex trade for money, body was found behind the Golden Key Motel November Kimberly Raffo, 35, Atlantic County, had been forced to turn to the sex trade for money, strangled to death, was laying face down in run-off water filled with fecal matter and chemical waste, behind the Golden Key Motel August 25 Jessica Foster, 21, Las Vegas, missing.

Before disappearingJessie fell into prostitution, was arrested once for solicitation, and was the victim of battery on several occasions. Summer was drug-addicted and 10 weeks pregnant. In Rodriguez was executed. Tammie had been reported missing by her husband on August 5although he reports having no contact with her since July 23 Her death is estimated tob e between days prior to her discovery. August 8 Melody Wiggins, Melissa Weber, 37, Toledo, murdered by trucker Dellmus Colvin. Melissas body was found under a couch in a vacant trucking terminal behind Matzinger Rd.

Colvin was involved in the death of at least 6 prostituted women and there have been additional rape charges against him May 4 Lindsay Harris, 21, Las Vegas. Her rental car was found abandoned in the south Las Vegas Valley. About three weeks later, police found only her legs in a grassy field off Interstate 55 near Springfield, Ill. It took three years before DNA matches positively identified the limbs as those of Harris. Jennifer Smith, 25, murdered by the john John Boyer, Boyer brought her to an abandoned parking lot just off Interstate 40 where Boyer and Smith argued.

He then apparently strangled her and dumped her nude body from the cab. Jennifer's body was found in in Bucksnort, Tennessee. After two years, authorities matched DNA found on her body to Boyer. Boyer allegedly confessed to the killing and then articulated a rage against women in general. January 14 Melonie M. Bruce January 10 Tawana Louise Beane January Bruce Darci I. She was beaten and strangled with her own clothes. June 28 Deanna D. Howland, 35, at an I rest stop near Wright City, Missouri. Her torso was found headless, handless and legless.

June Noelle lived at a homeless shelter and had problems with alcohol and drugs. She started a new job and wanted more than anything to help provide for her five-year old daughter. March 6 Antonina Brummund, 33, East St. Louis, Illinois, was stabbed to death. In Antonina had been raped by Donald Younge. Isabelle was homeless. Casey Jo Pipestem, 19, was taken from an Oklahoma City truck stop. Her body was found discarded in a creek in Grapevine, Texas, near Dallas, on January 31, January 1 Debbie Harris, Huntsville, Alabama.

Debbie was found dead in her burning apartment November 26 Catherine Lique, 44, Barstow, California, remains found October Jennifer Butcher, 23, Huntsville, Alabama. Jennifers body was found under a house. September 25 Bella Evangelista, 25, guatemalan, transgender, Washington DC, was shot to death at the corner of Arkansas Avenue and Allison Street NW, by Antione Jacobs, who felt deceived upon learning Evangelista was transgender after paying her for a sex act. August 14 Jodi Brewer, 19, Las Vegas. Cops found her dismembered body lying on the side of a road in San Bernardino, California. Jodi was 17, she became caught up in the world of prostitution.

In Augustvandals stole the urn, along with a number of her mothers other possessions, from the Boulder Manor Hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas. July Jessica Taylor, 20, on July 26,her naked torso, chopped in pieces and missing its head and hands, was discovered 45 miles east of Gilgo Beach in Manorville, New York; these remains were identified by DNA analysis later that year. On May 9,it was reported that the remains of a skull, a pair of hands and a forearm found on March 29 at Gilgo belonged to Taylor. Pamela Woodring, 34, Lawton, Oklahoma March 6 Misty Saens, 25, Las Vegas.

Anne was addicted to drugs. Janice Buono Annaletia Maria Gonzales, 26, Albion St. Victoria Lyn Turpin, 32, Albion St. Brenda Beasley, 33, East St.

Yvonne Crues, 50, East St. Betty James, 46, St. Christal had been forced into prostitution together with other teens by a prostitution ring. Christal was addicted to heroin. Michelle Haggadonne, Darlington County, South Carolina, she was strangled and dumped behind the rest area off of I, remained unidentified for more than a decade, was killed by the john John Wayne Boyer, truck driver, he was never charged for this murder July 31 Mary Shields, 61, strangled to death June 22 Tracy Williams, 38, East St. Louis, Illinois, murdered by Donald Younge. Marion was homeless. She was beaten to death and died from upper body trauma. Sexbuyer Rodney Manley 46 years old in was charged with first degree murder in He was linked to the crime via DNA.

Manley says they became involved in a dispute over money. March Seriece Johnson, 33, East St. Seriece was addicted to drugs. Ramona Sidney, 31, East St. Louis, Illionois, murdered by Donald Younge. Ramonas body was found on May 18 Ramona was mother of six children. Delia was found cut in half. Marcus Volke was an ice addict and once brought a gun to Mayang India Today.

Miss Major Artificial Intelligence Lab. Skip navigation Psychology Today. Trans woman s car spray painted with hate speech. Transgender Transsexual Social. Marcus Volke was an ice addict and once brought a gun to Mayang. Marcus Volke was an ice addict and once brought a gun to Mayang Pinterest.

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