Shounen ai dating sim

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Shounen Ai dating sim?

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Ssim about a kid that accidentally killed someone and is trying to start over but can't really. They have a demo out right now. But still I think it looks interesting! It's about an Shounej that is getting stalked. It reminds me of killing stalking a bit! I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but it looks really good. It's a "Mystery in Deep Space" sounds cool, right? It came out before Hustle cat in May of It's a mobile game and my favorite mobile so far. Really, as far as Yaoi games go this one is world famous. It has an anime made in it's likeness although most would argue they aren't very simular.

It's may be more of a visual novel with the way the game play is set up with very little options and a ton of time in between each option. This is a fairly long game. It's enjoyable if you like the more smutty side of yaoi. DRAMatical Murder is a trigger warning on top a trigger warning! Any warning you can think of this game probably has it. It's seriously pretty grimm at times. Anyway, back to the main topic on hand. I will be posting a few games that I have managed to come across that A are dating sim and B are of genre shounen-ai. The first one is not hard to find, but the second one does take a while. Believe me The first one I am really exciting to share, because it's a dating sims based on the characters of FREE!

The funny thing is that I saw the game before I watched the anime. When I was watching the anime I kept wondering how come I felt like I have seen the characters somewhere before Then it came to me that the game is based on the anime very loosely, doesn't really follow the plot of the series. The script of the game is awesome, so this is my number one to share.

I never saw I was that dollar of matching It's in public dissemination, so it's NOT overhead.

Sounen thing I might have to mention is that I am not entirely sure if this datin really a shounen-ai game Now, now, before you start screaming at me because of the title of this post, let me give you my side of the argument. The main character or you is called Mizu Oyogu which sounds like a girls name. So, the main character could be a boy as well! Besides, is FREE!

How it could NOT be a daitng Here is the game for you to play it. It's in beta version, so it's NOT finished But it's definitely worth playing what you can. Again, the scrip is amazing, and it does have a good quality of work in it.

Sim Shounen ai dating

They reactions and interactions are so funny! For some reason the link is not allowing me to put the video here on my blog. Here zi the direct link to watch it on YouTube though. The second game is kinda based on a horror game. Meaning that it is still a dating sim, but it does have the creepy and scary atmosphere that you find in your usual horror games. It was kind of short, but I liked the three different endings that you get. Another thing I really liked was the character design. The main character Frank gets my brownie points due to the second ending.

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