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Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution with nostalgia and threats

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Meanwhile, while the hostages revolufion. never seriously injured, they were subjected to a rich variety of demeaning and terrifying treatment. They were blindfolded and paraded in front of TV cameras and jeering crowds. They were not allowed iranlan speak or read, and they were rarely permitted to change irainan. Throughout the crisis there was a frightening uncertainty about their fate: The hostages never knew whether they were going to be tortured, murdered or set free. The Iran Hostage Crisis: In Aprilfrustrated with the slow pace of diplomacy and over the objections of several of his advisersCarter decided to launch a risky military rescue mission known as Operation Eagle Claw.

The operation was supposed to send an elite rescue team into the embassy compound. However, a severe desert sandstorm on the day of the mission caused several helicopters to malfunction, including one that veered into a large transport plane during takeoff.

The US not only lost a key strategic ally against the communist threat, but it also revolktion. a new enemy. Emboldened by developments in Iran, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in This was followed by the eruption of the Iran-Iraq war ofdesigned to bring down the new Iranian theocratic regime. The US supported Saddam Hussein with weapons and training, helping him clinch his grip on power in Iraq. World Trade Centre under attack, September 11, It flamed a regional sectarian cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The religious and ideological cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia continues to this day with their involvement in the Syrian and Yemeni conflicts.

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Another impact of the revolution is the resurgence of political Islam throughout the Muslim world. Throughout the s and kranian, Islamic political parties popped up in almost all Muslim countries, aiming to Islamise societies through the dwting. of state. They declared the secular model had failed to deliver progress and full independence, revolutoon. the Islamic model was the only alternative. For them, the Iranian revolution was proof it could be a reality. Was the revolution a success? From the perspective of longevity, the revolution still stands. It has managed to survive four decades, including the eight-year Iran-Iraq war as well as decades of economic sanctions. On the other hand, Khomeini and his supporters promised to end the gap between the rich and the poor, and deliver economic and social progress.

Today, the Iranian economy is in poor shape, despite the oil revenues that holds back the economy from the brink of collapse. Be self-dependent and do not expect any help from the foreigners.

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Continuation of iranin disaster which irnian unfortunately the objective of some the foreign oriented groups would deal a heavy blow to Islamic Revolution and Islamic Republic fevolution. any indifference towards this vital issue would be great treason against Islam and the Islamic country. This had the unexpected result of exposing many students in Qom to Western thought, so that it is possible to find "clerics and teachers of theology who know something of contemporary Western thought and philosophy. It is described as "the highest body for making policies and decisions in connection with cultural, educational and research activities within the framework of the general policies of the system and considered its approvals indispensable.

The council took its legitimacy from the 9 December decree of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Yet signs of widening inequality, as well as widespread reports of government corruption and cronyism, have weighed heavily on an economy that has been repeatedly hit by international sanctions over the last 40 years. It's not something we should be proud of. People like me have not achieved what they wanted. He added, however, that he has no nostalgia for the days of the Shah, despite wishing to regain the social freedoms that were lost as Iran transformed into a theocracy. His father participated in the demonstrations four decades ago -- to undo what the revolutionaries had done, he argued, would mark "a step backwards.

This is my country and we know what's better for us.

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