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Short elephant rides operate near Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the temple with the three chedis. Having done the elephant ride thing on my very first visit to Thailand, I have to say it is not recommended. Dreadfully uncomfortable and slow, it gets awfully perturbing when the beast screeches. The great thing about riding an elephant is not the ride itself, but the street cred of having your photo taken riding an elephant, especially if you are the only person on it and can have the photo taken from an angle that makes it seem like you're in the jungle. Ayuthaya has samlors but, just like elephants, they may be chic but they're not built for comfort.

The basic design of Thai samlors predates World War II and the ergonomics and general comfort level are stuck in the past.

Need I say more?! The iconic temple with the 3 chedis has obviously undergone repairs and the steep walkways Wman not as rickety as some of the other temples where they ni really quite scary. The stairs climb at a super steep angle and just watching some people come down was scary. Going up is easy, coming down is something altogether different. With ineffective handrails, I guess there must have been some nasty falls. The market behind the Wat Phra Mongkhon Bophit chapel is a tourist trap but with the most of the visitors Thai, the highlights are local food rather than silly plastic trinkets.

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One of the curiosities of the market is the local dessert, roti sai mai. This is not a roti in the style you often see in street carts in the capital operated by young Muslim men, but often by young women. The sickly sweet dessert appeals to the Thai palate. What makes it interesting is the way the sticky gooey mixture is placed on the hot plate direct from the vendor's hand. Temple ruins are strewn all over Ayuthaya. Large temples cost 50 baht for foreigner to get in while it's free for Thais.

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Many of the small ruins you can wander around freely with no charge to enter. As per usual, the Thai price is posted as free in the Thai language and the foreigner price in English only — to conceal the fact that price is determined by race. There Woan another much more annoying practice being perpetrated at some temples that I have not experienced before. So Thais get in for free — and this is clearly posted — however, if you fuvk a foreigner go with a Thai, the staff at the ticket booth may try to make you pay for the Thai too — even though they have the right to enter free.

This happened at two of the four temples we went to. A few words Womaan Thai quickly put an end to that nonsense. I never bore of the metre long reclining NOT sleeping! Buddha, one of the many ruins sites for which there is no ayutthaaya to enter. Many are fascinated by the head of the Buddha statue in the tree. How did it get there? We debated this on the way back to Bangkok and had very different ideas. The Western, pragmatic explanation involved Somchai, whiskey, moonlight and bit of fence ruck. The Eastern explanation reminded me of magic, was baffling but at the same time highly improbable.

Many of the Buddha statues are missing the head, which goes back to the period when Thailand Woman ready to fuck in ayutthaya at war with the Burmese. Resentment from the Thais towards the Burmese still runs deep and it's reaady that long ago that fhck Thailand and Burma met in football things would erupt on the field. There are many highlights and a lot to see. Even with a vehicle, we only managed to see 4 major temples, 2 smaller ruin sites with breaks for lunch and wandering around the market — and that was after making an early start. Still, one day in Ayutfhaya is probably enough for most and watching most people they seemed to be on a spree to see and photograph as fo spots as possible.

Ayutthaya is known for noodle soup Ayutthaya-style rsady there are many large noodle soup restaurants packed with locals. Ah, no thanks. Instead we chose to eat at Sai Thong Seafood on the main road on the southern part of the Ayutthaya island which was excellent. Cars parked hundreds of metres away and Thais willing to walk in the sun rready get to eat there was proof of its popularity. Ain't that swell, they rfady tell you where to pee! Ayuthaya makes for a great day trip Womxn Bangkok. If you haven't been, Wo,an go. You can get there easily from downtown Bangkok in about an hour and can either do it on your own, or take a tour.

For most people a day-trip will be enough. It's usually a good few degrees warmer than the capital so I'd avoid Ayuthaya in the hot season. With the weather expected to be pleasant through until around mid-February, there's plenty of time to visit before it gets hot. Get yourself away from Sukhumvit and Silom to visit Ayuthaya — it's very much worth the effort! Where was this photo taken? Last week's photo was taken of a shrine near the Pratunam intersection, not far from Platinum Mall. Preference may be given to emails which refer to the previous week's column.

I had an interesting talk with a bargirl on Soi Nana who told me she hated the 24th and 25th December. Not only did the bar make the girls dress in a certain way which cost the girls their own money, but the bar also doubled the barfine to 1, baht until midnight when it reverted back to baht. However, real scorn was shown for Loy Kratong when she told me a similar tale about the barfine but the costs of make-up, hair and costume could easily exceed 2, baht! If soi 4 was as quiet as you infer over Christmas, I can imagine quite a few peeved women in a certain bar to name but one. Quiet in the sois. Interesting to hear the bars were quiet over the last week. You know it must be dire when my beer bar girlfriend calls me from her Nana beer bar on a Saturday night and asks me what I am doing as she is bored!

Needless to say, being in a bar on the Gold Coast on a Saturday night entertaining 2 Brazilian language students who were getting slightly under the weather on 5 dollar Margaritas made me realise that holidaying at home this year was a good call. Stuttering world economy could hurt local tourism industry. I think the interesting thing in in relation to Thailand's bar scene will be the global economy. Whilst these do not affect Thailand directly, the effects on potential visitors may be huge. Hua Hin. After living full-time in Hua Hin for 12 years, there has been a definite change of attitude from tourists here. Originally, most tourists I met here came for up to a month but returned year after year.

Many slowly increased their stay to 2 months, and often 3 months. Most of them also re-booked their accommodation for the following year before they left. In the last couple of years the majority have reverted to visiting for less than a month often with a month somewhere else as well and now, I hear, some are giving the country a miss this year — allegedly for a year or two, but obviously this gap could become longer. And for all of them it doesn't seem to be primarily the money issue that has caused the change. Perhaps dissatisfaction is a better term. More fans of Morlam. Interesting how you are receiving positive emails about playing morlam music in the bars, isn't it?

If I ran a bar that is what I'd be playing. It also links in to what you wrote about Thailand becoming the same as everywhere else. That goes for the music in the bars as well. Nothing Thai or exotic about it, just really poor quality western music which is of no real interest to the girls at all. Thai girls like Thai music. The best thing you can do in Thailand to stay safe is to always be calm and polite. Many guys asks me if Thailand really is safe to travel in. They read about people getting stabbed to death by local thugs and tourists dying in traffic accidents. My answer to that is; Thailand is a safe place if you use your head. Always respect the local people, culture and authorities.

Never become too drunk. Thugs and thieves target drunk people. Never be confrontational Pay your bills Be careful in the traffic If you can follow those five steps there is a On the other hand I have friends who have been here on vacation several times who always ends up in some kind of trouble. Thai people hate confrontations and will go a long way to solve things in a peaceful manner. The majority of the hookers you will come across will be very honest, kind, and go out-of-the-way to make you happy. They will be your girlfriend for the night and you will have the time of your life. Here are a few stops you can take to stay safe around bar girls: If they steal from you, you have no bar to go back to for a complaint.

How to keep your valuables safe at the hotel while you have visit: Money, credit cards, passport and small cameras are easy to keep safe. Here is what you do: Always make the girl shower first. If she want to steal from you, she will have to run out of the hotel in a towel. Have you ever seen a CCTV footage of that? Me neither. Always keep to the deal Never try to run away from what you owe a girl. Always make sure that you enough money to pay. What I usually do is to say that I will give her the price she wants, if she does an outstanding job. If she fails to do that, I will give her baht less. That way you make sure that she tries her best, but if she fails, you save baht. When you are done with her she can suddenly say that she wants baht.

What do you do then? Age of consent Age of consent in Thailand is Never take a girl back to your hotel who you suspect can be under 18 years old.

You will rarely meet girls in the red lights that are under 20 years old anyways. If in erady ask to see her ID card. If you get busted paying for sex with a minor you could end up in some serious trouble. Like every other girl you need to warm her up. You need to make her comfortable.

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