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And, contrary to popular belief, many men like to let go of control. You need both hands for this and probably a prop in the form of boxers or a towel. Your Magic Potion Remember I mentioned magic potions before? In fact, most people with penises say that jerking too hard is the ultimate turn-off. The Problem of the Other Hand I sincerely believe that one of the reasons hand jobs can feel so awkward for people is that most people have not one, but two hands. Sometimes I like stroking a finger in that crease between the package and the leg right by the inner thigh.

This can get a not-as-aroused dick up to one that is fully in position.

Slut Hand job

The testes are really sensitive alut temperature. Also — be prepared for a bicep and forearm workout. You want to give that spot some special attention. The glans of the penis contains the same number of nerve endings as the clitoris, and in particular the frenulum is VERY sensitive.

You slht cannot hit all the hot spots with just one hand. We love Kama Sutra massage oils — but remember to check if your man is sensitive to scented products, especially in such a delicate area! Wetter is better, and this is as true of hand jobs as anything else. Talking dirty to my man and dancing around the house in my underwear to Ciara.

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