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A Letter To The Neighborhood Aunty From The ‘Girls of these days’

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We are ridiculed, harassed, judged and disrespected at every turn.

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Every time you come to visit us, you tell your son how your heart bleeds to see him cook while his wife relaxes and watches television. I manage a ten member team in a leading media house and my work is extremely demanding and stressful. Get Special reads in your Inbox. Shridhar is not a woman, but being queer he deals with patriarchy in every turn of his life. Lots of them.

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Marriage desp not about providing food, nubers and shelter to women. After you drew the line in the sand about what I should expect from my marriageit became an uphill battle for me to explain to my parents why I wanted a divorce. On the Karva Chauth day you saw my husband in the parking lot and asked him the same question. Shridhar Sadasivan is a writer, blogger and co-editor of Orinam.

Things are changing! You are always in our aubty. You had the extra pressure to prove that you were capable of balancing work and home and that you were a good wife and a good mom. We know you hoped that the courageous soul, who fought until the end, would beat the odds and come out of this.

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