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Since Violet is a ginger, fucking her up, pushing cock down her throat and basically doing whatever you or your friends have dreams of, is much more fun. Skin Diamond is dominating the amateur pornstar on the left, kissing the thighs in a full videoslowly reaching for the pussy and then going all in. The girl that was on top of me once almost did that, just kept on slapping her, telling to ride faster and harder. That evening was pretty much ruined, and I backslapped the shit out of her next time we fucked. Most women would ask for something way less extreme.

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Plenty of weird, bizarre machines or other inventions. Then things got even weirder. Tied to bed and with a rope around her neck. Magnificent ass and a tight kinky hole.

This position is perfect for oral, vaginal and even anal sex. How awful the sex must be for you, and even better for him. Hopefully, she will not get a heart attack during her next video as it does look like she is about to pass out from all the pleasure. Some random tattoos, but nothing too extreme. Since I am not as educated as you guys, can you tell me what kind of fetish is this?

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This is one of those gangbang rape fantasies that everyone talks about, right? Migrating from performer to director and back. Athena is great at softcore BDSM and there is nothing like fucking skinny hot girl with some aggression. Some weak-minded beta guys will think of this as a torture. When your face resembles a log set on fire, it does not take much to figure out that the only way for this slut to get into porn is through shit that other pornstars hate: Still very much confused what is happening here.

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