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Off-Road Jack Overview

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Installation is a snap: Check price on Amazon The Roqd is made to be jaack at either end of your Hi Lift and will slide anywhere on its bar. This means that you can swap out the Hi Lift factory base for the JackMate without tools. Of all the Hi-Lift Jack accessories, orf one is probably raod most versatile. Some of the Chinese jacks have inconsistent tolerances such that a Jwcker might not fit or easily slide along the bar. Ovf of these jacks are fine, so if you get a JackMate, you should check the fitment before relying on it. Rescue 42 points out that older, frequently used jacks may have mushroomed ends or slightly bent bars which will make it hard to install the JackMate.

Protect your jack's climbing pins from rust and dirt! The moving parts get covered in dirt and that makes them wear out faster. The only fix is lots of lube and replacement of the climbing pins. The worst part is: What if you could avoid all this trouble? You can! A neoprene cover for your Hi Lift jack is a pretty easy way to keep it protected. The cover fits snugly over the mechanical parts, but does not cover most of the bar or the handle. This means that you can use conventional Hi Lift jack mounts that mount the jack with the holes in the bar.

Check price on Amazon This cover is made from neoprene and zips over your jack. The zipper in on the handle side of the jack, opposite the foot. Neoprene is waterproofbut this cover is not waterproof. For one thing, the jack pokes through both ends of it. Water can also enter and exit at the zipper and the seams opposite the zipper.

We recommend spraying WD or lithium grease on your jacks mechanical parts when you put it away. The lube protects your parts, and the cover protects your lube. These covers last for about years of constant sun exposure. The biggest complaint about them is the seam and material degradation in sun exposure. It's better than stacking rocks and can be used Hi jacker off road jack a shovel if you're in a pinch. You know what's worse than not having your Hi Lift? Trying to lift up your 4x4 and having the jack sink slowly into the ground as you ratchet. If you ever go wheeling in sand, mud, snow, or other soft ground this Hi-Lift jack accessory is worth its weight in gold. Usually you start looking around for logs and rocks that you can stick under your Hi-Lift.

Ah yes, the old Hi-Lift-on-a-round-log trick. What could go wrong? Fortunately, you can buy a wide, lightweight accessory baseplate that will go under your Hi-Lift and make it much more stable on flat surfaces. It has a hole drilled in the center that you can use to mount it to the bar of your Hi Lift. Be cautious: One thing we like is the toothed edge - you can use this to scrape the ground and make it clear for the jack. The cheap solution for a stabilizer: Rescue Mall Crawlers Bumper Lift Hi Lift Jack Bumper Lift The Bumper Lift's hook and chain setup allow it to attach around conventional curved bumpers so that you can lift any vehicle - not just those with a sufficient flat area.

Need to lift a stock curved bumper? Good luck. The pad likes to slip off round axletubes. Try to jack perpendicular to the direction that the jack cylinder is moving. Weld or tape the jack pipe before usage, or at some point you will be forced to crawl under the Jeep to get the other half. Keep filled with hydraulic jack fluid. Keep cylinder in down position with valve open when not in use. Very small package fits in any Jeep. Lots of power for the size.

Can roaad things for field repairs none of these other jacks can. Lifts slinky Jeeps with ease. Low cost. With age they might leak when laid on their side: Huge temperature swings might pop fill plugs out. Might not work in some off-vertical positions. Large minimum height means it might not work with some stockish Jeeps. Small base and small pad can make usage in some situations difficult. If it does start leaking and stops off, only hydraulic fluid will fix it. Who has a stockish Jeep anymore? Rosd a piece of plywood or other item for the base as shown. The chain can then be bolted around whatever you are lifting.

If you are worried about leaks, carry some hydraulic fluid. Airbag Jack What: Air bag jacks have been used for rescue squads and in the Australian Outback for a long time. It has a low minimum lift height, a decent max lift height, and if used at one corner at a time, it is pretty stable for the height it is able to achieve. Bladder jack Price as shown: ARB has a solid reputation. The company is known for making good products that it stands behind. The kit comes with lots of accessories in that convenient carry bag. As it inflates, it grows, and will eventually lift a corner off the ground. We had three Jeeps for the test: Max pressure on the bag is 10 psi, and it took us 8 psi to get that CJ with the V-8 off the ground.

Card table, personal floatation device, night-light Safety tips: Even with the protective black sheet, keep well away from anything remotely sharp. Use the included gloves to hold the cone on the exhaust. The kit includes a patch kit so any punctures can be fixed. Otherwise, we just try to keep the bag clean and pack it back in its included carry bag away from thorns or other abrasive things. Fits easily in Jeep.

Off road jack Hi jacker

Jxck your roadd is cut offf round than ours or you have onboard air, you can lift your Jeep anywhere you need to. The spikes on the bottom of the bag make it stay in place very well. A small piece of oft plywood would help the wrap-around issues on the top of the jack. Floor Jack What: An aluminum floor jack combines lighter weight alloy with all the benefits of a home-based hydraulic floor jack. It is easier to maneuver off-road than some steel jacks while home on concrete Also known as: Floor jack Price as shown: To winch with the Hi-Lift, you need to attach a line or chain to the clamp clevis.

It's rated for pulling lbs. Hi-Lift recommends that you use chain or straps with your jack that are rated for more than the jack. Therefore you need chain that's rated for over lbs. As you might imagine, lbs is not a lot, especially if you have a large, heavy truck. If you want to do better than the of the stock clamp clevis, you can replace it with something like the JackMatewhich has a higher rating and adds versatility to your jack. Ease of Use One other aspect to consider is that a Hi-Lift requires lbs of force to raise 4, lbs.

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If you actually also need to apply 4, lbs. This can be a big problem if the ground is muddy, wet, or otf. All that said, we doubt that most people are going to get into situations so severe that that they need to pull nearly lbs. If you want to use a Hi Lift as a winch, a few things can help you: Knowing your limits is good. A Hi-Lift can probably pull your high-centered Tacoma off some muddy ruts, but it won't pull your sunk F crew cab out of axle-deep mud. Your 4x4 is on wheels that roll. There's a big difference between pulling a lb block and a lb Jeep. You can stack rocks or logs and dig to make ramps to lessen the strain on your jack.

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