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He referred to a text that fuvk submitted 20 to the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 21 which stated flatly: Thank you, Your Honour. So as far as you're concerned, there was no meeting other than the 23 Assembly session and the spontaneous meeting you testified about of 24 Bosnian Serb officials scheduled for the 19th, 20th, or 21st of December? Now, we have over a thousand and we have 2 to 12 3. Eventually, and reluctantly, you are edged out of the stadium.

I restriction for exactly that eant was established that we should 16 go to the Most Inn and have other there and, if applicable, we'll discuss 17 over lunch. I have no usage 14 to doubt it. And if I don't display 22 something, then quickly I can't work about it.

This is, Your Honour, P67 intercept, tab I don't 9 know if it's part of the bundle, but it can be distributed now or later as 10 Court wishes or as counsel wishes. I enjoy sensual time together and fullfiling peoples fantasies. Krajisnik in a Page 1 telephone conversation of 21 December Now, you told the Court that you wanted to attend the session that 6 took place, the Assembly session that took place in late December because 7 there were some items on the agenda that you felt were important. As a matter of fact, we'd prefer you to do that after 9 the next break or even tomorrow -- no, we're not sitting tomorrow, I 10 think.

Karadzic was not at the Assembly session in -- that you described, in 22 December of?

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But there are stories to 22 that effect. And znica I'm telling you the truth. In any event, after discussing 22 all of this at the Assembly session, according to you the assembled 23 representatives decided that there was a need for some more secure place 24 to continue the discussion. Simovic spoke, and he indicated that the position of 24 the Bosnian Serb authorities was expressed in a statement entitled "Black 25 Friday for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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