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It is sc to significant that such a good-strapped bomb is consistent with the indicator good story seen, which Do General Partin, one of the top interfaces experts in the latter, says is not amenable with an ANFO retrofit bomb. Phase this in organic, Roadways seeks to take 'delivery-to-get' photography so as to buy people through these methods.

He described this kind of activity as "hot spots". Of course I questioned him as to whether this manifestation was a blight of some description. He stated that the objects were in fact real mass, that they were non-conventional aircraft that were overseeing activity in this so-called "hot spot". He claimed on two occasions there were between eight and twelve autonomous aircraft manoeuvring at velocities which defied our understanding of conventional aircraft manoeuvrability. He retired from the Navy in the early s and has pursued a similar, but much lower profile as Bill Cooper. I thought this material may interest some of your readers. Regards, Shane S. Tell them that you would like all segregable portions of the document that can be declassified—even the title page.

Michael Ravnitzky, Casual sex dating in marty sd 57361 ix. Roosevelt Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its powers, but the truth is It controls everything here [Congress] and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks govern ments at will. It is designated as Information Report 00B I believe that it is not currently and properly classified, but they have not reviewed it adequately for possible declassification because they have not even released the title page.

If several dozen people ask for a copy, perhaps they will rethink their analysis on this document which, after all, is more than 32 years old. If you are interested, just send a simple letter requesting a copy of Information Report B, under the Freedom of Information Act, to: Bastyr University in Seattle, an accredited institution of naturopathic and natural medicine, was chosen last July to be the lead agency to operate the clinic. The establishment of the Natural Medicine Clinic, and the decision of the Washington state legislature and Office of Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn in to require insurance companies in the state to cover licensed practitioners of alternative medicine, have catapulted Washington state into the forefront of the growing national movement to legitimise and make more widely available myriad credible, complementary alternative medical options.

In Canada, British Columbia's largest hospital has established the Tzu Chi Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, an ambitious project aimed at integrating Western medicine with the traditional therapies of Asia. Peter B. Chowka and Michael S. Evers, Natural Health Village, http: This story has never resurfaced. Weathers did not explain what this meant, but obviously an army of FBI were to enter the city, at least after the bombing later the next week, to destroy and fabricate evidence.

So the question is, how did the FBI know this beforehand? Key also points out that bomb squad employees were seen in front of the building at 7. Key has conducted his own investigation and was so shocked with the evidence he uncovered that he has compiled it into a video presentation. This was reported by the Associated Press. As much as a try to save everything, alas, I failed to save this AP report, but I assure you it exists and I'll find it as soon as I can find access to an AP article archive, or if we hear about it again.

It was reported widely on CNN and local news broadcasts on the day of the blast. Rescue operations were called off each time a bomb was found i. The bombs were found by bomb-sniffing dogs, which indicates that the bombs contained explosive material. A terrorist expert, Dr Randall Heather, then spoke, saying, "We have both of the bombs that were defused at the site and they are being taken apart. The news coverage went on to say that another bomb was found strapped to a column next to the daycare centre. It is important to note that such a column-strapped bomb is consistent with the blast pattern damage seen, which Brigadier General Partin, one of the top munitions experts in the world, says is not consistent with an ANFO truck bomb.

He says that demolition charges had to be placed on the columns—and, sure enough, one was found that failed to go off. But, like all these bombs, they just seemed to disappear into oblivion along with any continuing media reports or serious enquiries about these bombs. We are to believe that the building was gutted by a lone nut with a magic ANFO bomb—case closed! Ian Goddard, igoddard erols. Episodes depicting hunting, the Ku Klux Klan, and even war were all made with friends and paid actors. The pictures were too good to be turned down. A friend of Born posed as a cat hunter. He was filmed shooting a cat acquired from an animal refuge a few days earlier. Another faked 'scoop' featured drug-users licking 'addictive' glandular juices off the back of toads.

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Yet another was supposed to have depicted fighting along the Greek-Albanian border. Born admits that blood spattered on the ground was tomato ketchup and that the fighters were acting. But the German TV news reporter didn't Casual sex dating in marty sd 57361 there. Mr Born had his mother help him sew sheets into Ku Klux Klan robes, and he then filmed actors burning crosses and chanting anti-Semitic slogans. In the end, Mr Born's success was his downfall. German police began an investigation over the racial incidents. That's when they noticed the same person in two different reports!

Virginia McMillan, jinks u. Dr Bergrun said that streamers could actually be seen along the length of the cylindrical object, implying the existence of exhaust ports. Now, independent confirmation has been published in Science News Februaryvol. Two other very big and very bright orbiting objects were photographed on 22 May '95 and 10 Casual sex dating in marty sd 57361 '95, but they disappeared by 21 November ' Dr Bergrun believes that the cylindrical object is intelligently controlled and has attributes qualifying it as a space vehicle. When asked why NASA had not managed to get a photograph of the huge vehicle before, Dr Bergrun said that "they have a tendency to hide in their own exhaust".

The former NACA scientist said that exhaust from the length and ends of the vehicle appears as the material constituting the ring. When asked why NASA and other governmental agencies haven't released this information before, Dr Bergrun answered that the Space Act provides that space data can be withheld if something is found that may constitute a threat—and that a vehicle of this size would be considered a threat and would be deemed to have great military significance. As such, it would fall under the "top black-budget military intelligence agencies". Richard Boylan, rich. The annual brands report, compiled by A. Nielsen, ranks Australia's top product names for the past financial year, based on the value of grocery store sales— and if brand names are anything to go by, Australia is a health fanatic's nightmare.

Out of the five best-selling brands in Australian grocery stores, four were cigarettes. Number one position went to CocaCola. Using sophisticated software, the cameras will read the numberplate of every passing vehicle, and automatically check it against a police database of known or suspected offenders. As the network expands, it will be possible to find or follow any vehicle in Britain simply by typing in the registration number. The cameras will also be used to detect unregistered vehicles, enforce road laws and monitor traffic congestion. Starting in springCustoms-operated cameras at ports will log the numberplates of every vehicle entering the UK.

The soya beans come from soya plants bred by the Monsanto chemical company for resistance to its Roundup herbicide. Dr John Fagan, a professor of molecular biology from Fairfield, Iowa, has spoken out against such genetically-modified foods, claiming that they are a "significant hazard to public health" and should be withdrawn until tests prove there are no unwelcome side-effects. Soya beans are particularly under fire, as approximately two-thirds of all British supermarket items, including breads, pastries, vegetable oils, ice cream, chocolate, cereals, margarine and processed meat products, contain soya. Dr Fagan said: GL of global proportions. Doctors have expressed concern at the latest studies in America which show that the virus, SV40, was found in several tumours.

It is estimated that between 10 million and 30 million Americans were given the contaminated polio vaccine. The vaccine, cultured from monkey kidney cells, was used in mass vaccinations until After that, a new vaccine using human cells was developed. Barthelow Classen, of Classen Immunotherapies Inc. Dr Classen also warned in his letter: How about the "senior administration officials" and other sources "speaking on condition of anonymity"? If you found an unsigned letter in your mailbox, you'd probably have doubts about the contents. But news stories often include statements by people who dodge identification—yet manage to get quoted and paraphrased with utmost respect.

Those nameless sources are rarely whistleblowers trying to give suppressed facts to the public while avoiding retaliation from their bosses. No, the sources who routinely shape the news are officials eager to promote current policies—but unwilling to stand publicly behind their words. Early this month [September '96], Newsweek reported on "what a senior US official said was one of the largest Iraqi military buildups since ". The magazine quoted "a US official" who declared, "We have warned the Iraqis And as long as journalists play along, they can claim that it's the only way to get officials to speak on sensitive topics. Sometimes, unnamed sources say the darnedest and most outrageous things.

But, unlike you or I, they won't ever have to answer for what they say. So, there's still no way to identify the "high-ranking Western diplomat" who made light of political murders supervised by Gen. Augusto Pinochet during the Chilean dictator's year rule. Last Februarya New York Times article quoted the diplomat's comment about charges that Pinochet had ordered the assassination of a prodemocracy commander in Chile's army: The phrase drips with authority and objectivity, but it should set off alarm bells. When officials don such masks, they're usually trying to obscure the specific agendas they're pushing.

In fact, a "Western diplomat" cited in the American press is commonly a US government official posted overseas—an embassy staffer or perhaps the ambassador. We'll never know. The reporter knows but has promised not to tell. Meanwhile, journalists based in Washington are also in the habit of relying on anonymous sources. It was nothing out of the ordinary two weeks ago when the New York daily Newsday quoted "a senior US official" who condemned Iraqi attacks on Kurdish areas as "a very bold and very aggressive move that cannot be overlooked or ignored". The same American official supplied the last words in the article, proclaiming that Saddam Hussein "is as clever as he is ruthless".

It would be difficult to quarrel with such an assertion. But why did it have to be made behind a nameless cloak? One of the main problems with media reliance on official sources—named and unnamed—is what they don't say. This month, hundreds of news stories have touted White House concern for the wellbeing of Kurds. Official sources are hardly inclined to remind reporters that President Clinton has been shrugging while the Turkish government repeatedly bombs Kurdish enclaves. With the help of massive US military aid, Turkey's fierce attacks on Kurds occur on both sides of the Turkey-Iraq border. News media are supposed to provide us with a window on the world, but much too often it's tinted red, white and blue—as if faraway events matter mostly because of how they affect US government strategists.

That's how the world looks when journalists see it through the eyes of American officials. For more information, send e-mail to: But it all takes time and practice, and the military has a head start! We have all had moments where we've known what was in another person's mind, though the telepathic episodes have been transient and nonreproducible. As a scientist, I have been researching the biological basis of telepathy and extra-sensory perception ESP in an attempt to understand the phenomena. The military has long been interested in ESP, for the ability to read the enemy's minds has tremendous strategic and tactical value. However, the military experiments that were undertaken within the USA to demonstrate ESP and telepathy had an ulterior intent which has never been revealed.

In military jargon, telepathy is referred to as "scanning". Pathetic snippets of information about ESP phenomena filter into the scientific community, but the leading parapsychological institutes in the UK and Europe are staffed by nothing more than glorified social scientists who mistakenly think psychology will open up ESP—if it exists at all—to scientific analysis. While telepathy and ESP, like UFOs, do not exist as far as the Western scientific community is concerned, insiders in the US secret government have long known that these phenomena are real, while in Russia the military uses of telepathy and ESP have been well-researched. However, US Government agencies' failure to duplicate Russian advances in the biophysical field, prompted them to develop synthetic telepathy.

This is the electronic scanning of a target's brain by monitoring its electromagnetic EM emissions and using, among other things, the P brainwaves as measured on an EEG to read that person's subvocalised thoughts. The answer is that 'the powers that be' wish to use this ESP research for military purposes and for civilian control. As an independent researcher in the field, I have no such aims. To begin my story of the scientific basis of telepathy and ESP, I choose to start the discussion with the more prosaic subject of language. Dr Noam Chomsky, a leading authority on language, has put forward the idea that "the language organ was not an adaptation but Please be in decent shape yourself im not shallow but i do want to find you attractive.

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