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Derek Shepherdsuch as Rob Lowe but he turned down the role. When Patrick Dempsey read for the part, "he was just perfect," according to Rhimes. Miranda Baileywho is portrayed by Chandra Wilson. Her character was first described as a tiny blonde with curly hair, but when Wilson began speaking, Rhimes reported: Richard Webber in the series' pilot and first season. Izzie Stevens as a brunette but was requested to retain her natural blonde for the part. Preston Burkeinitially read for the role of Shepherd but was cast as Burke, because the original actor to play Burke had to withdraw. Knight signed on for the pilot as Dr. George O'Malleyexpecting that the role might be short-lived, because he liked that the character was multi-faceted.

Alex Karev. They were initially cast as recurring characters, but both were given star billing at the opening of the third season. Addison Montgomery Kate Walsh also joined the show in season two, after making a guest appearance in season one. At the conclusion of the third season, Walsh departed the show to pursue the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practicebut continues to make guest appearances. Lexie GreyMeredith's half-sister. Leigh had appeared as a guest star in the final two episodes of the third season. It felt like she could be Meredith's sister, but she had a depth that was very interesting.

Erica Hahn Brooke Smithwho first appeared on Grey's Anatomy in the second season, returned as a series regular in the fourth season. Owen Huntwho was signed as a series regular after originally being cast for a specific story arc. Arizona Robbins was originally introduced for a three-episode arc, but received a contract extension until the end of the season; and then was made a series regular in the sixth season. Did we mention they did so next to a skeleton? Whether or not it really is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, their misfortune continued well into the big day.

Wilson revealed to Alex that she was accepted into a fellowship in Boston, Massachusetts, which he shared with Meredith. Meredith couldn't stand the thought of her best friend leaving, so she offered Wilson a job as an attending in Seattle, which Webber didn't like. Wilson then accused Alex of asking Meredith to give her a job so they wouldn't have to leave. Bailey wasn't at the wedding and ran into trouble, but lucky for her Teddy was on hand to help. After she assisted in the operating room, Teddy asked Bailey for her job back and she got it. We feel a sense of poetic justice working against Paul. At the same time, his accident likely spells out trouble for whoever's responsible for the crime.

So who hit Paul? Putting on my detective hat, I've come up with a few theories. Jo or Alex Things don't look good for Jo and Alex. They're watching Paul from a close distance when he's getting treated for his injuries. They have the strongest motives for hurting Paul. In the promo for the next episode, we see Jenny talking with the police. Later, she tells Alex and Jo not to worry, that she didn't tell them they did it. We also see Jo telling Mer that she and Alex didn't hit Paul. They were just doing a procedure to cut the connection between the mass and the baby.

She'll be awake the whole time. She wants her baby and wonders why Amanda didn't tell her. Amanda says it's the best, safest way to get to their goal: But there's still a very small chance she'll have the baby today.

Kristen says she once saw a movie where a girl got to keep her baby in prison. Bailey makes a face, which Kristen sees and gets upset about. Bailey says it's just a movie. Kristen knows that. She's in maximum security prison. Things don't always happen like they do in movies. A guard comes to tell Amanda there's a call for her. Kristen says she still gets to be her baby's mom even though she doesn't get to see her all the time. And the baby will know Kristen's her mom, no matter what. Amanda comes back in and calls the doctors to the hallway. Outside, Amanda says she has to leave to go downstairs for an emergency with another client. Bailey's worried because she thinks Kristen will kill them without Amanda there to keep her calm.

Amanda says a client pulled a knife on a doctor in the ER, so she has to go, but they'll be fine. Bailey says Amanda's the only person Kristen listens to. Arizona ignores her and says the baby's between them and the mass, so they need to move her to get access. Bailey is worried about them pushing on a violent inmate, but they have to. Bailey doesn't think she'll stay calm. Arizona is shocked that Bailey feels as she does. Arizona explains what they're doing to Kristen. Kristen asks if it'll hurt. Arizona says it'll hurt her a little, but Kristen's worried about the baby. Jo assures her it won't hurt the baby. Arizona explains what Kristen will feel before she starts.

Kristen flinches at the pain as Arizona works. The baby doesn't want to move, so Arizona pushes harder until Kristen tells her to stop. She wants them to take the cuffs off, but Arizona says it's not up to her. Kristen says she went to court to get her there and she's useless. Arizona starts again and tries to distract Kristen by asking her about her adoption plan with her mom. Kristen refuses to talk about it, so Arizona says she'll tell Kristen something about herself. She says that her own daughter lives on the other side of the country and so isn't with her all the time. Kristen asks if she's making that up and Jo confirms that it's the truth. Arizona prepares to go back to work, but Eldredge comes in and says they need her downstairs.

She asks if it's urgent, but Eldredge doesn't know. Arizona tells Jo to continue the rotation while she goes. Kristen mocks Jo's excitement. Bailey waits in the hall and hears a woman calling out for a doctor's help. She decides to go into the room and finds Leewho is called Needles and has an oozing abscess with a smell. Bailey grabs gloves to help. Jo tells Kristen she once helped a guy she liked robbed a convenience store. She had a bunch of crappy parents. Kristen thinks she's trying to act like they're the same, but they aren't. Jo says she also lived in her car, which was stolen. Kristen says she doesn't get it. Kristen grew up on Bainbridge Island, with a great mom.

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She went to all-girls private school. Owen says they need to use the heart monitor's battery and the license plate in his chest to crack the patient's sternum. Owen asks Teddy what she meant when she said no one wants him to do anything. She says them being together is off the table, so he and Amelia are free to be together. Teddy then says she's staying in Seattle because the baby deserves two parents and she deserves her friend.

Devaluation's worried because she hates Kristen will approve them without Amy there to keep her broker. She adoptions him she was in particular and needed him to do the most because she was impacted.

Owen then cracks the sternum. As they open the chest, Amelia comments that she loves brain surgery. There's usually not much blood. Betty tells Richard she feels that if she could get clean for a few months, she could get things together, get Leo back, get her life back. He tells her to take it one day at a time and never make the mistake of thinking she's cured. He says having people help makes it easier. He gets paged and she asks if she can go back to the ER to help out more and he says she can. Jackson and Dahlia check another elevator and find Bailey and Taryn. Jackson calls Link to help them open the doors. Jed finds them and says it's dangerous to access a stalled car. Link then uses an IV pole to puncture the door.

Jackson says there's a woman whose life depends on them getting into the elevator. When Jed learns it's Cece, he gets on board because she introduced him to his girlfriend. In the elevator, Bailey and Taryn back away from the doors. Jed finally gets the door open just as Alex arrives. Owen asks Teddy how far along she is. She says sixteen weeks and he asks if she's been to appointments. She says she has and the baby's fine. She doesn't know the sex yet.

Andrew is holding up Meredith, but she's not getting anywhere. She drops down into his arms, and he asks why it's so bad. She says she's an attending and he's a resident. She says datong trying to learn from her midseeason mistakes. She tells him to os back to speaking Italian. He says when she finally lets him kiss her, she'll anatommy. want him to stop. She then reveals that she took Italian in college. He leans in to kiss her, but the elevator opens and they both run out. Amelia and Teddy are arguing, but then the elevator opens, so they rush out with their patient. Phoebe is out of the elevator.

Taryn's next, but she's worried until Bailey reassures her. Everyone's out but Jed. He starts climbing up and tells the others to go on. Just then, the elevator turns on and comes down on his legs. Jackson, Alex, and Link get Jed out and check on his legs, which are a bloody mess. He asks if they're gone. Levi and Nico are worried they're going to get fired because they were caught by the Chief.

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