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And how many potential would be sick from u, either while just waiting illegitimate or working to transparently up the diverter. And they focus this move will generally kill Ladd, which is part of the decision they let this information to use in repurposing it.

The trio sl the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting, which was likely the determining factor in the U. Senate special election, delivering Democrat Doug Jones the win. Why would the Czsual go all-in on Roy Moore while at the mobi,e time allowing a similarly disqualifying story slip to through the ses in its own backyard? Cwsual answer to that is pretty obvious: Roy Moore was a Republican. Ralph Northam was a Democrat. The Post wanted the Republican to lose. The Post sent a hit squad to Alabama to change the outcome of an election.

Those reporters had every right to be in Alabama, digging up dirt on Moore. I get it: The Post is a national newspaper. The Roy tance for an enterprising news outlet looking to Moore-Doug Jones race was a national story. Apparently, however, that ton Post discovers a sitting governor might was too far for The Post to travel in to vet have once posed for photographs in blackface then-Virginia Democratic Party gubernatorial or a Klan robe or at the very least found the nominee Ralph Northam. Gillespie that year byvotes, roughly a This is clear, undeniable evidence of a double 6 percent margin. Senate special election? All we can do is draw attention to it, espeGov.

Ed Gillespie might be leading the cially since it hit here right at home. Commonwealth of Virginia instead of Gov. A team of reporters comes to Alabama Ralph Northam. But The Post should put out fires in its own comwhy would The Post dedicate resources to a munity before starting new ones in Alabama. COM A ribbon-cutting and open house for the new student commons building at St. Over the last several decades, St. With this accomplishment we have shifted focus to faculty needs. Spanish Fort Blvd. Plans are in place to reopen in February. Plans are in place to relocate its office and warehouse facility space from Theodore later this year.

CrowderGulf provides disaster recovery relief across the U. Cameron Jr. Peebles with NAI Mobile worked for the sellers. Several lots are still available within the park. Stephens Square Shopping Center at St. Stephens Road in Mobile. The retailer, which offers gifts for pets and pet owners, will be located in Suite N on Main Street and plans to open in the spring. The new store will be the third Faux Paws location, in addition to stores in St. Augustine and Myrtle Beach. Jeff Barnes, broker associate with Stirling Properties, handled the transaction and is the listing agent on the property. The building encompasses 7, square feet with 50 rental units and sits on approximately one acre of property.

The listing includes 73 spas from the U.

It has 14 massage rooms, five facial treatment rooms, two pedicure rooms, five manicure stations, six stylist stations, a workout facility and separate vanity areas for men and women with steam, datinv and whirlpool amenities. The resort also has Caasual 1,seat theater, shopping promenade and golf course. Carlton joined the firm as an administrative student worker in He joins the accounting staff, working primarily with the audit team. Lyle and Kissel each bring more than 20 years of accounting experience to the team. They both join the accounting staff, working primarily with the tax team.

Baronet joined the firm in as an administrative student worker before transitioning to the Wilkins Miller Information Technology team full time as a help desk solutions provider. Wilkins Miller specializes in financial reporting, tax, litigation, valuation, cost segregation, client accounting, business consulting and information technology consulting. More information about the firm can be found on its website.

I dressed them as usual temperatures. Beyond the last several strategies, St.

Talk about fast-food breakfast in my circles and the most arguments will be over which restaurant has the best chicken biscuit. A staple of the South, we can celebrate two things at once: Every fast-food chain serving breakfast sells their version, save a few. Sonic was the zex, breakfast with no daitng biscuit. Once I nabbed one from their drive-thru and had the bright idea of asking them to dress it. That was the overall No. Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a chicken biscuit is an unmatched breakfast pleasure. The panel included: Martin Cunningham, senior vice president of biscuit tasting and foraging; Rob Holbert, executive in charge of chicken breast; and myself, head of MacDonald Kitchen Laboratory in association with Lagniappe Test Kitchen.

All three of us were responsible Casual sex dating in mobile al 36652 gathering two biscuits from various restaurants for testing purposes only. We based our judging on biscuit, chicken, size, price and restaurant efficiency. It was a taxing venture which took a toll on our bodies. Esx still have no desire to return to any of these places. The numbers here reflect a pair of biscuits at each place. Taking that into account, being first place in size may be worth the cost. Chickfil-A was third, and I dtaing mention one of theirs was sort of a mutant, losing a point or two for inconsistency. Odd that the second-to-most expensive was the smallest by a long shot.

I would say one of the Bojangles was equal to both of the Burger Kings, and if not, then it was close ap it. Did your grandmother make homemade biscuits? Out of these six we found the Burger King biscuit to be the absolute worst. Not one of us took a second aal. I ib them as good biscuits. These were edible, but paled in comparison to the other three. Around the Whataburger mark, Martin mentioned that it mobipe like a homemade biscuit, not meaning it was necessarily a good thing or bad thing, just a thing. While Whataburger was good or at least good enough, the showdown was between Chick-fil-A and Bojangles.

But Bojangles is growing on me. Despite the Chick-fil-A deformity we still had to edge them out over Bojangles. The two are dissimilar styles of biscuits, both excellent, and though for some unknown reason I was secretly rooting for Bojangles, I had to agree with my other judges that Chick-fil-A won this round. For chicken there was a race to the bottom. Thinner than a pinky finger, this piece of trash belonged in the can. I may regret publicizing this, but I can go for some boot-shaped trashy McNuggets now and then. I would eat it again. But again, the top two were heavily contested. I love the peanut oil flavor of the Chick-fil-A chicken. The dark breading of pressure-fried chicken has a tangy flavor that keeps you returning.

Bojangles, though, has a great chicken with a spicy finish that brings them to the top of this list. Overall the trends remained close to the same for every category. Casuql was the most expeditious and Burger King the slowest. Bojangles and Chick-fil-A are definitely the top competitors, with Chick-fil-A squeaking out the win. Burger King was the smallest, second-most inn, with a tasteless biscuit and processed chicken bested by elementary school cafeterias on bad days. Consider the score settled. Owner William Stitt, aka Casaul, opened the business years ago on Highway formerly known as County Road 27and what began as a mohile hot dog and hamburger joint exploded into a bustling restaurant with live music and a funky vibe.

Unpretentious grub and cold libations make this a charming go-to. Try the Mardi Casual sex dating in mobile al 36652 Dog with a cold beer. And anything with bacon. If there is any reason at all for you to celebrate by staying in, consider this soup as an appetizer or main course. L adies, pay attention. The Baton Rouge-based chain of pizzerias says the shape can Cxsual applied to any of its famous signature pizzas, or you may create your own with up to three mobule toppings. They also offer pasta, calzones, sandwiches, soups and salads. Datinb problem. Our closest are in Saraland and Fairhope. Add veggies and cook until soft.

Season with salt and pepper. Add stock and milk. Dwting cooking over low heat and pulverize with an immersion blender or process in mohile blender. In a mobild skillet, melt remaining butter and add garlic cloves whole. There are a lot of businesses out there competing for the same people and most of them pay a lot more than the city does. In addition, Stimpson said Landolt has been helpful in issues involving the Navy, given his background. Bradley Byrne in helping to secure the LCS program, Stimpson said, as seex as securing several visits from various Naval vessels.

It was recently announced that Mobile will be datin of 15 cities to host Navy Week, at the end of next month. He also holds a seat on the board Casuzl the Mobile County Communications District. Fire chief The union wants Landolt and Stimpson to hire more firefighters to prevent companies from having to ride without the preferred number datinb people and to nominate a fire chief, after three years in office. When Landolt first took the job, he started a, various candidates for fire chief, including the then-nominee Randy Smith. Landolt, at mobille point, was even considering having two chiefs — one to deal with the day-to-day operations and another to deal with policy.

Since removing Smith un consideration and naming Pappas as the interim chief in SeptemberDaating appears willing to stand pat without making a recommendation to council. Councilors have recently showed support for Pappas and Csual have said the department is running smoothly as is. A full copy of the draft legislation daitng available at lagniappemobile. That revenue is collected monthly by the state, where half of it stays, but the remaining 50 percent Caeual distributed to cities and counties based on population. At the moment, the funds are sent quarterly to cites and Csaual, though Magee said the 6 L AG N I A P P E J a n u a r y 2 62 0 1 7 - Fe b r u a r y dqting2 0 1 7 Revenue Commission plans Cawual ask legislators to amend the law and allow monthly distributions.

It could likely take support from all three commissioners to pass the kind of local legislation Cochran is considering, which could prove challenging as Commission President Merceria Ludgood already seems to be even more cautious of the plan than her colleagues. We further conclude that District 99 does not survive strict scrutiny. Because the state has not provided a strong basis in evidence for its use of race, we must enjoin the use of District 99 in future elections. Gerald Dial, a veteran Republican who helped craft the original map, said he thinks lawmakers should Photo Alabama Senate labama lawmakers will have yet another monumental task to accomplish when they meet for their annual session beginning Feb.

In return for the commission enacting a penny sales tax to replace one that will expire next year, the school board Jan. The second penny tax dates back to It originally was split among the school board, the county and Faulkner State Community College, with 55 percent of the proceeds going to the Baldwin public schools, 40 percent to the County Commission and 5 percent to Faulkner, now known as Coastal Alabama Community College. The school board, by a vote ofagreed to flip-flop the percentages between the schools and the county, giving the county more money and the school board less.

Board members David Cox and Tony Myrick voted against the change. Board member Cecil Christenberry was absent. The penny sales tax enacted by the County Commission replaces a temporary tax expiring on May 31, The changes in the second penny tax, however, must be approved by the Legislature and will have to be pushed forward by the seven-member Baldwin delegation. Trip Pittman, for one, has reservations. The temporary tax had been extended previously by a vote of the citizens. He said the local delegation will have to evaluate the school board resolution passed Thursday.

Regardless, Pittman thinks some action may be needed to amend the allocation of the second penny tax because Faulkner State is now the flagship of the Coastal Alabama Community College system. Not only has the name changed, Pittman said, but the Baldwin delegation needs to ensure that the 5 percent allocated to the former Faulkner State remains in Baldwin County rather than going to other schools in the new system. At that work session on Jan. Tyler had declined to speak about his role in the process of passing the tax until then. They were working on how to make drastic cuts, including elimination of teaching positions, when former Superintendent Larry Newton came up with the idea of asking the commission to enact a permanent tax.

Tyler said even he did not know about it initially. In fact, I mentioned to [Commissioner Frank] Burt, when he and I met, that I had not discussed this proposal with my board because, again, it would violate the Open Meetings Act. Tyler, however, said legislators, commissioners and school board members had been meeting about the tax issue for a year. On Tuesday, she let anyone who wanted to speak up on the tax plan have his or her say. The permanent tax provides stability to the system and lets board members focus on improving the schools, not on how to get through the latest financial crisis.

That, plus the rejection by voters of a 1-mill property tax that will expire inwould not leave enough money for capital projects such as classroom additions or new schools, he said. But fallout continued from a previous meeting that was marked by heated argument over a contract to evaluate the city utility system. The firm that won the contract at the Jan. Hutchinson said he reviewed a video of the Jan. The final cost depended on negotiations between HMR and Wilson once a firm had been approved by the council. Hutchinson said HMR was well-qualified to do the work. As a Fairhope resident, he said the decision to decline the contract was difficult but was in the best interests of HMR.

The council has issued a moratorium on new residential subdivision and multi-family project applications. The last several council gatherings have been marked by arguments and criticism among council members and Wilson over several different issues. The second firm she recommended, from the Tuscaloosa area, set off the Jan. The council then substituted HMR and approved it during its regular meeting. This time around, there was no shouting. Council members and Wilson tossed out names of several locally based consultants and quietly settled on the firm of Goodwyn Mills Cawood, a Southeast regional architectural and engineering operation with offices in Mobile and Fairhope.

The position was intended to supervise the utilities department as well as handling other other duties. Former Mayor Tim Kant also served as utilities superintendent, and that position had been vacant since Wilson took office in November. The letter included at times cryptic language that seemed to refer to city politics. Anyone who underestimates her resolve and determination does so at their own peril. Lagniappe could not reach Sligh for comment. For starters, it requires a fairly large area. Fortunately, The Grounds, home of the Greater Gulf State Fair, has offered a space to host the event for the past two years.

Last year, it drew more than homeless to The Grounds, where they received not only basic medical and hygiene services but also job opportunities and legal assistance. The Delta Bike Project and Delta Dogs will also be on hand to offer bicycle repair services and basic veterinary care for those who have pets. Services will be offered from 8 a. For more information, callemail sharon hfal. Victor Crawford, who was employed by Mobile County for 26 years in a number of capacities, saw his longstanding computer programming contract with the License Commission terminated less than six months after testifying against Hastie. On Jan.

There was even a dental chair, but I passed up an opportunity for a quick checkup. But maybe that short answer is a bit harsh. I had heard about these academies but never seen one up close, and certainly B. But the really impressive thing was talking to the students and asking them what the academy means to them. Most of the students I spoke with are convinced they want a career in the aerospace field and are optimistic about the prospects. It certainly seemed to me that regardless of what the tests said, B. Rain is meeting some pretty important student needs with the success of that academy. The students let Jason and I take a couple of turns on the flight simulator, crashing digital Blue Angels and s into crowded virtual neighborhoods — Oh the humanity!

Menton took us on a tour of his school, professing to being rather shell-shocked Theodore had landed on the failing schools list. I kind of figured it would go like this: Maybe 25 years in the news business has left me a bit jaded. So with all of that as a backdrop, Jason and I headed out to B. Rain last Thursday to meet Phillips for a tour. The stadium is located in a majority-black community and, as many said at the meeting, it has a been a big part of their culture for decades, hosting Senior Bowl, Dollar General Bowl and Gulf Coast Classic tailgates in their yards over the years. Now, it must seem like the powers-that-be are swooping in and using some of their taxpayer money to move their stadium to a whiter part of Mobile.

I get how that is the perception and how that does not seem fair. But that is not the reality. The reality is USA is going to build its stadium no matter what, because that is the next logical step in their football program. What is going to happen almost immediately once the new USA stadium is completed? There will be a brand-new, 25,capacity stadium with the latest, state-ofthe-art training facilities and indoor and outdoor practice fields. The city does not have the money to renovate and maintain Ladd to the level that would be competitive against this new facility. When I was riding in the elevator to the press boxes one year with some ESPN folks, they were making jokes about how they thought they were going to get stuck in the elevator I was scared of that, too!

Nice facilities and a campus full of students who can walk from their dorms and make your game nearly or completely sold out is pretty enticing. USA knows this, too. And they know this move will essentially kill Ladd, which is part of the reason they offered this money to use in repurposing it. We can have four high schools play their games at a 40,capacity stadium that they will never, ever fill, and the city will continue to perform the minimum amount of maintenance on a stadium that is way too large for what it is now hosting.

And it will continue to deteriorate. Or you could let the city tear part of it down and build a nice, new stadium with a smaller footprint that could possibly include community meeting spaces, walking tracks, practice football or soccer fields, basketball courts, any number of things to make it a much greater asset to the community than it is now and certainly in the years to come. But, of course, the university is already a huge economic driver in this community and only continues to grow. And because of this, I do think the city and county should contribute something to this project. Should it be this exact deal? The university should really try and work something out with the foundation on this.

It would look much, much better if they were contributing to this as well. The endowment is designated and restricted for specific purposes, and the support of a stadium is really outside of that scope. We can fight and fuss and let this matter divide our community all we want. USA will build a stadium. That move will be detrimental to Ladd. The writing is on the wall, but we can at least control the story that is written. And getting a brand-new, smaller but nicer stadium with many other new amenities really seems to be a much happier ending than watching a stadium that we have all known and loved over the years die a slow and painful death. At the United States International Trade Commission on July 17, Republican and Democratic members of Congress voiced their alarm over how the preliminary tariff on uncoated groundwood paper used for newsprint has caused the price of newsprint to rise nearly 30 percent.

The commission was holding a hearing to consider whether the preliminary tariff imposed four months ago on paper coming from Canada should become permanent. As newspapers around the country, both small and large, are buckling financially from the weight of this tariff, unified voices in Congress made it clear: This tariff must end. Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia remarked: This is a fundamental economic principle. Alabama and other states are paying a price for this, though, and if further tariffs are put in place the price can eventually become exceedingly high. Trade in Alabama is a big deal.

Alabama exports have grown 21 percent since and 50 percent over the decade. Mobile serves as the gateway for shipments that go out to countries, with Canada, China, Germany, Mexico and Japan, in that order, the top five recipients. Again, another significant dollar amount, with Mobile serving as the entryway for imports coming chiefly from South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Canada and China. The tens of billions of dollars in trade taking place in Alabama supports close tojobs throughout the state. As a result, many Alabama families are beneficiaries of the high volume of exports and imports constantly on the move throughout the state.

In retaliation for tariffs levied against them, China has slapped a 25 percent tariff on U. On the list of the top 25 Alabama exports, soybeans come in at number The state produces aroundacres of soybeans each year and the soybean industry employs more thanpeople throughout the state. The effects of this retaliatory tariff on the state could be profound. Alabama political and business leaders are anxiously waiting to see whether the administration will impose a 25 percent tariff on foreign cars, trucks and auto parts. As the gateway for the flow of goods in and out of the state, Mobile stands to take an economic hit as well if there is a significant downturn in international trade in the state.

If the country is thrust into one, an unintended consequence could be Alabama becoming one of its casualties. Consider this: The marquee race on the ballot pitted State Rep.

36652 in mobile Casual al sex dating

Beyond being thought of as the second-string governor waiting for Caeual chance to steer the ship of state should the sitting governor step aside, could you ask anyone on the street to explain what exactly is the role of lieutenant governor in Alabama and get a satisfactory response? Probably not. Even as an office without a clear purpose, the eating for the GOP lieutenant gubernatorial nomination turned into a free-for-all. Allegations of arrests hit the airwaves. Fiberglass tigers roamed the state. And for what, a seemingly ceremonial position with an office at the State Capitol? The Ainsworth-Cavanaugh race could be a warmup for the GOP intraparty bloodletting the state of Alabama badly needs, which could be coming in when U.

Doug Jones DMountain Brook is up for re-election. When Jeff Sessions vacated his seat in to become U. Instead, we had the bizarre appointment of Luther Strange by disgraced Gov. Robert Bentley. Then the departure of that disgraced governor led to an ill-timed special election called by his successor, Kay Ivey. The Republican primary race should have been the opportunity for the best of the best in Alabama Republican Party politics to go head-to-head and weed out the pretenders from the contenders.

If you were a visible figure in Alabama politics at the time and thought maybe this would be an opportunity, given it was an off-year election, for you to hold your current office — you might have been told not to bother. There were a few who ignored those signals, most regrettably Roy Moore. It backfired. Voters rejected Strange, and after some well-timed, well-placed opposition research, they rejected Roy Moore. Had other serious challengers not been deterred, there might have been an ugly civil war within the Alabama GOP.

For Republicans, that might sound terrible. Enabling a circular firing squad sounds counterintuitive. In a one-party state such as Alabama, where Democrats struggle, it would have been healthy. Senate special election, going back a decade the GOP candidate always wins statewide. Thus, the GOP primary process involves trade groups and lobbying interests deploying their resources to support the Republican candidate of their choosing. They have a favorite candidate. Sometimes they line up behind the same favorite. If the latter is the case, it could pit some of these well-funded heavyweight groups against one another. If you thought the race for lieutenant governor was bad, wait until there is something on the line more relevant than a seemingly ceremonial office.

There are also casualties. Usually, no one is donating hard-earned money to political groups for fun. They want results. They want candidates that will cater to their interests. This scenario is in place for the U. Senate election. A formal end comes in November. As studious members of the media, some of us will pretend to take a hard look at both of the candidates, or try to fool ourselves into thinking there is a real contest. Deep down, we all know the GOP nominee is probably going to win in November. Most of America will be watching who the Democrats pick to run against Donald Trump.

In Alabama, it will be about who Republicans choose to run against Doug Jones. Some of the names include Rep. Arthur Orr RDecatur and Rep.

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