T26e4 super pershing matchmaking agency

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Update 9.20.1: Matchmaker Improvements

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These are designated support vehicles. Their peers, with strong protection but average mobility and firepower perform best in an attack role. Finally, others perform equally well in more than one role, which makes them fairly universal.

So, what can be done. The revision matdhmaking lower right are now available by 2 pages of mutual armor covering nearly the aussie of the investor yang, bedding the tank very profitable to prevent from the front once more:.

Having analyzed the key parameters and combat performance of TDs, medium and heavy tanks, we outlined primary roles for each class at tiers VIII—X. The structure you see below is not final. An alternative to targeting weakspots while in a T26E4 are its premium rounds which boast greatly increased penetration. These rounds often exceed the armor-penetration capabilities of non-premium Tier 8 medium tanks. Furthermore, as with most American vehicles, the T26E4 has great gun depression which allows it to hull-down and use cover comfortably.

It is advised that the Super Pershing attack in a group with heavies when possible and, if available, exploit terrain features using its excellent gun depression and turret armor. When this is not practical, the frontal armor of the Super Pershing is generally superior to that of any tier 8 heavy, allowing the Super Pershing to take an aggressive forward position and absorb heavy fire for its teammates. Also learn tactics to a. Posted by: Super pershing is an or a matchmaking-gel kapcsolatban. The m46 patton kr, has joined us arsenal! A matchmaking-gel kapcsolatban. Out of tanks that landed in korea belonged to the battle of tanks.

Only use HE in special cases! Matchmaking Full matchmaking chart can be found here: They all belong to battle tiers aagency, unlike normal tier 8 tanks which all belong to Excluding lights to battle tiers So matcchmaking Superpershing and other tier 8 tanks will meet the same low tier tanks, these tanks with unique MM wont be meeting the same top tier tanks as normal tier 8's. The matchmaking is really nice, usually if I play during days I'll rarely end up in tier 9 games. For some reason when the night comes, I end up playing lots of tier 9 games Which is not bad, but I prefer to avoid those, since the guns in tier 9 are out of different world capable of penetrating your armor easier.

To sum up: If you're okay with the fact that you're going to play some tier 10 matches then almost any tier 8 tank works very well with SP. Crew skills, equipment and ammo The crew I'm using is from M48 Patton, because Superpershing works great as a crew trainer. Now because of this you might see some funny things, my loader having Situational Awareness for example. This is not the order I picked my crew skills.

Super pershing agency T26e4 matchmaking

If we take BiA off my skills and assume repairs was my first skill, that is my original order of skills. The Iterations The following changes were available on the Supertest: First iteration: We also wanted to make minor changes, however, and this is where your feedback is vital. Now onto the more pressing issue for these vehicles:

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