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But what she found was the job consisted of working for tips in exchange for sex.

Advocates for victims of sex trafficking say from the moment victims respond to advertisements like the one Shao read, the organizations behind recruiting these victims will often use boarsd, force, and coercion to keep them working in the massage parlors. Polaris is a national organization formed with a goal of disrupting human sex trafficking. Yalin Shao said she used to work for a massage parlor in San Diego and provided outcall services to hotels across Southern California. The non-profit organization was then able to get Shao out of the criminal justice system and into a shelter and therapy program.

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Pritzker is vocal dievo the need for escot to recognize that many of the women in this industry are victims, not prostitutes. Even their money. Polaris found often times, the women working for these parlors end up living escodt the building where the business is run out of. This service is a debt the victims must pay off by working in the parlors. Before she even had a chance to call her employer, arrangements had been made to bail her out. Soon she was on a plane, perhaps heading to Orlando, Fla. She probably didn't even get to see the Gaslamp Quarter. Sullivan said an interview revealed that Perry had been anxious to see San Diego's downtown entertainment district.

In her case, Sullivan went to an online message board, perhaps Bigdoggie. The response from gentlemen in northern florida [sic] and Detroit has been that she is nothing short of spectacular. Sullivan needed to know.

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Following the website's instructions, he had a detective contact Miami Companions. The detective agreed biards the agency's detailed protocol and arranged to meet Perry at the hotel. Every sting operation begins with an ad posted by either the escort herself or by the escort's agency. The vice team answers the advertisement by either phone or e-mail. Fees and services are arranged ahead of time. The Internet has made the task so much easier, Sullivan said. But theirs are equal-opportunity operations. Using female cops posed Sna prostitutes, they also nabbed a bunch of boardds, roughly twice as many as the escorts, the vice sergeant said.

Those numbers are in line with a typical week's worth of prostitution busts. Last week, Sullivan said, vice arrested 18 prostitutes and 22 johns. Edward Tabash, a criminal defense attorney specializing in prostitution cases, said sting operations like San Diego's are common among police departments throughout California. Prostitution advocates have tried to counter the stings by providing online advice aimed at minimizing the potential for arrests, such as advising clients to avoid discussing payment and refrain from handing money directly to the escort. But silence during the exchange of money won't protect against arrest. In the eyes of the law, once any exchange of money occurs, an arrest can be made.

That begs the question: All it takes is some heavy petting, Tabash said: CityBeat's request for a ride-along on one of the vice squad's undercover sting operations targeting circuit girls was denied. Sullivan said the vice squad conducts ongoing operations against circuit girls even in absence of large conventions or big entertainment events. Since one of the vice detectives happens to be in military reserves, Sullivan faked documents saying the detective was about to ship out.

Even its accuracy. Almodovar, the former cop and building, said that when she ended the Super Inform in Los Angeles-as an error-literally hundreds of attorneys undermining the city.

To Miami Companions it does. He cut the boarxs short, but not before giving his legal opinion: The escorf defense is only available to someone charged with a crime when the crime was not contemplated by the defendant but rather planned and induced by police officers, and the defendant's participation in the crime was the result of persuasion escot fraud by the police, noted attorney Tabash. When assessing whether or not entrapment exists, one need only to ask this question: In that light, prostitution is exempt from entrapment defense. The bottom line is that because his clients were prostitutes, they are presumed under the law to be already predisposed to soliciting.

The second arrest means a mandatory 45 days in jail plus a fine. The third arrest requires 90 days in jail plus a fine. Because Perry worked for an agency, making bail was a lot easier for her than it is for independent escorts. The representative from Miami Companions said Perry had declined to comment on her San Diego experience, but the agency rep did explain how the company protects its girls when they're traveling: We actually had paid the bail and filled out the paper work before [Perry] was even allowed to call us to say she was arrested. We keep very close tabs on the girls-we knew within 10 minutes of her not calling out that she had been arrested.

The Miami Companions representative said little good comes of these arrests: In any arrest the lawyer appears on their behalf, and the case is always dropped.

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